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  1. Help me pick an HDTV... Please.

    Just thought I'd give an update, the Samsung TV arrived and it really is beautiful. Don't regret the purchase at all.
  2. Anime and manga discussion

    Wow, the Lucky Star OVA was awesome. I also watched Kemeko Deluxe ep 1, and it was pretty crazy. :-/ I mean it was funny, but, the crazyness is what has stuck in my mind. I'll keep watching though. lol
  3. Help me pick an HDTV... Please.

    In the end I got fed up with looking through shitloads of information and went with the Samsung. I read a couple of reviews on it saying it was very good quality for the price it comes at, but, at the time of writting it cost a good bit more so I assume it was a while ago. Anyway, I got it for a good price £299-shipping so I don't feel too hard done by. I may have looked into that Sony screen, but, the price is a bit high, it would have been near £400 with shipping. :-/ Oh and I can't really fit 32 " at all so that was out.
  4. Anime and manga discussion

    Hey, I just noticed, Eien no Anime have subbed the Lucky Star OVA. Can anyone give any clues as to the quality of there subs?
  5. Help me pick an HDTV... Please.

    I'm also looking into the LG 26LB75 as it's available for around £280. All the listed specs make it look like an awesome deal. It's graded though so wouldn't come with it's original packaging, but, is there anything else I should look out for? If it's otherwise perfect I wouldn't be bothered. As for the set itself, is there anything I should look out for?
  6. Help me pick an HDTV... Please.

    That's exactly what I want.
  7. Ok, I've been considering this for a while now as my TV is like 7 years old now and it's starting to show signs of aging. I decided to finally move into the HD realm, but, I don't have unlimited funds. I don't really want to spend more then £300-400 and was hoping some people here could point me in the direction of some good deals. 22-26" is the size I'm looking at as I can't really fit anything bigger. :P http://hdtvorg.pricerunner.co.uk/pi/2-1087188/TVs/Samsung-LE-26A457C1D-Product-Info This is something I've been looking at, but, if there is something comparable for a lower price it would be great if you could help me out. I'm not really bothered about brand as long as they aren't known for sets that frequently break within a short time period. :P Thanks for any help. edit: Damn, I thought I was in the Tech forum, sorry. >.<
  8. Anime and manga discussion

    Oh and it's from the director of Genshiken so I'm only expecting good thing.
  9. Anime and manga discussion

    Hadn't heard of this show until today. I really can't wait for the first ep to get subbed.
  10. London MCM Expo 2008!

    I'll be there, but, in general these expo's are really poor. I never really find anything to enjoy at them. I litterally just go for cosplay. :-/ I'll be KY Kiske. Not really my choice of character, but, the costume is alright.
  11. Gears Grinded: Carbon Footprint

    I don't give a shit because there is nothing I can do that will offset China...... *shrug*
  12. Why do we game?

    My baby ruined the chances of me really being into games like I used to be, but, my enjoyment started to fade way before. Personally I think it's down to the internet. With a game I have to make an investment into a game of a certain amount of time. Without that time I can't even start playing. I need a guarentee. With the internet I can just sit down and do whatever for any time period. Basically I find myself constantly on the internet now because it's easier to justify even if I spend hours sitting there doing nothing. With a baby though it's pretty hard to escape. You know you're going to be interupted apart from when she's asleep, but, when she is asleep it's too noisy. I can only play PC games now because headphones are convenient with a pc. lol I should probably just stop using the internet altogether though, it gets in the way of everything and I hardly enjoy talking to people on forums anymore either. That's probably why I decided I'd start to post here again, because everywhere else has been infected with 4chan meme crap and I haven't noticed it here as much. :-/ Anyway, went off on a different rant just then, but my point is that it's hard to justify time to gaming anymore so I don't play much.
  13. Anime and manga discussion

    Has any sub group even come out and said they are subbing it to your knowledge? :-/
  14. Anime and manga discussion

    Does anyone know of a group subbing the Lucky Star OVA? I mean, I could have sword this was a very popular show. What's taking so long?
  15. Anime and manga discussion

    I stoped when the fillers started. lol That's why I asked. I guess I should have checked the episode number. >.<