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  1. Help with shoessss (girls mostly)

    Pumps are the devil!!! I used to always get cramps in my little toe from trying to keep them on my feet! Theyre awful for people with narrow feet, and I think they make girls legs look shorter. It sounds like you have your mind made up anyway that you don't like them. You could always tryyy and get a refund, flutter your eyelashes a bit! In regards to summer footwear, could you handle a low heel? Clogs are in right now. Sandals are rockin' anyway, and it must be pretty hot in Belgium!
  2. How do you like to relax?

    I think there is nothing better than sinking into the sofa after the day, and watching Masterchef* on iPlayer. With a cup of tea. And an occasional yoghurt. Maybe the odd stick of incense burning. *Masterchef can be substituted with Great British Menu, Heston's feasts, or Celebrity Masterchef, depending on the time of year
  3. What do you do for a living?

    I have 2 part time jobs that I alternate between depending on whether I'm at uni or not. When I'm in Shetland I work in a sort of disgusting take-away from 9pm to 3am at weekends, and 9-5 during the weekdays, where the primary customers are drunks and minks. I come out verbally abused and smelling of grease. The pay is also terrible. My job in Aberdeen is awesome! I work as a bartender in a Halloween/spooky themed pub! It can get pretty hectic, the pub is a 600 capacity building with 2 floors. The pay also isn't great, but the tips are. I'm also doing a degree in Fashion, which is full time.
  4. How was your day?

    Ok it was the weekend! I just really liked them!
  5. How was your day?

    I'm going to summarise my day yesterday in pictures.
  6. How was your day?

    - I got a huge tattoo in one sitting yesterday and my arm is actually killing me. Couldn't sleep, and I had to go to work straight after. Stupid idea! It looks awesome though even though its only half done. - Also managed to make a start on an essay due next week, even though I've had about 3 months to do it. Bollocks! - have been researching fashion industry and anorexic models and am feeling strangely curious because of it. Fucking imagery! - DHRUV WON MASTERCHEF
  7. How was your day?

    I decided to end it at the end of Febuary. He'd spiralled into depression after quitting uni and countless financial issues, and it had gotten to the point where he could barely even talk to me anymore We left on good terms though, and he's getting councelling now. Shame, I still miss him.
  8. How was your day?

    Yeah, but its just not the same >.< I got a tiny sample of my blood taken recently and I was reeling and horrified.
  9. How was your day?

    I knowwwww, ps I got my bridge done professionally now I don't know what happened to me, I totally freaked out though. Says the one with 17 piercings!
  10. Vroom vroom thread

    I'll just leave these here Yeah, not my car or me driving, but I was in it! Posted them before in HWYD but still can't get over it.
  11. How was your day?

    Sarka came to visit last weekend! Here's a montage of photos of his face. ALSO. I'm not allowed to give blood, but have always been fascinated by the process. Sooo, I went with my chum when he went to give some. Then I discovered I have some kind of needle/blood phobia I never knew about! I was practically fainting and he was totally fine with a massive needle in his arm! It was so sick. Just loads of people lying about with blood everywhere!!! UGH! I felt like a jelly! Could hardly walk or anything haha. I had to have a biscuit after. Traumatic.
  12. Self Improvement

    It does count! You don't finally get to 40 and suddenly realise your sick of it and got back to 20 again. I can't stop shavinhg parts of my head and I don't want to!
  13. How was your day?

    My day got deleted too! And I'm not gonna repost my boy troubles haha I do feel LIBERATED though! Whole day of drawing and getting dirty at uni. Nothing feels better than sitting in a studio from 9-4 and having an awesome result at the end.