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  1. cube version of zelda

    http://insider.ign.com/teasers/751/751307.html Feel free to supply the article, Insider members. :P From a personal level, I don't see myself being able to play with the old control scheme after getting used to this. Sure, the sword swinging isn't as 1:1 to the Wiimote movements as I had hoped, but the aiming with projectiles works like a dream, and having gotten used to the sword controls to no end, I still would imagine them to be much improved come the true "Wii Zelda". That said, I'm almost tempted to give the GC version a twirl when I finish playing it on the Wii; I do imagine myself playing through again, and having the mirrored world will give it extra edge for replay value.
  2. Voice-acting in the next Zelda game

    I'm thinking a start-of-Fellowship of the Ring-film sort of voice would more than do those scenes justice. In my mind, at least. I can see great potential IF Nintendo do it properly and don't give Link a voice; and I'm quite sure that The Big N won't actually do it unless they know it works/will work, so full confidence in that- no mater if they use it or not in the next game, I'm sure it would have been the right decision.
  3. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Anyone, at all? Or.. hlep plxplxplz
  4. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    I'm taking my time and restricting my playing to make it last.. about to start the third dungeon, but trying to spend as much time as I can doing side quests. And, well..
  5. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Indeed, although I really wish they could have made the quality just a little bit more bearable, methinks the effect would have been much much better then.
  6. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Hmm, right. I've managed to access my wireless connection floating through the house, and have managed to download the two system updates it wanted me to do, albeit it did take quite a while. Still, whenever I try to access the Wii Store it tells me to sign this agreement so I can access it and Connect24, but as soon as it tries to establish a connection for that, it tells me the service is unavailable. Any idea where the problem is from? My first suspicions were the country, seeing as Hungary as always been rather behind on these things, but surely with it being purely internet I should be able to access all them features anyway? Is it a console problem? Or is it just my internet? Cheers in advance for any help.
  7. Something tells me that some people don't quite get the meaning of the flogging-dead-horse smiley. :P
  8. Wii in the Colbert Report

    Looks like Gabriel Batistuta in one of them rather old Fiorentina shirts, yarr. It is quite old though, hardly think they're being made any more, eh..
  9. <3. My thoughts exactly..
  10. Sorry to flog the dead-looking horse, but.. thats a bad thing? :P
  11. The Reviews Thread

    As much as my little fanboy living in me likes them, those NOM scores are a teeny bit ridiculous. The Zelda one is fine, looking at what everyone else has given it, but Wii Sports/Play, and Red Steel sound like they've been rated a notch higher than one would ... think feasible..
  12. European Wii Preorders

    <3. Of course, thats perfectly understandable. To be honest I wouldn't call myself new exactly, I used to post occasionally when this place was known as Cube-Europe, as "Omi". Doubt any will remember me, though people like you Fierce_Link still ring a bell in my head, heheh. But then I went off gaming for a while, especially console gaming, and so stopped going. (Things such as World of Warcraft, and even [gasp] non-VG related stuff got in the way). Really happy to see how successful this site has become actually.. and well, now I'm once again into Ninty and hyped about the Wii, I've remembered this place and started lurking a little. Decided to "break the deadlock" and post too.
  13. European Wii Preorders

    acc.umu.se/~zqad/cats/1160972893210.b.jpg Just the cat for the job! Bah, hang on- its discriminating against me because I have less than 15 posts! I say. Add the http and www to that to see its true beauty.
  14. European Wii Preorders

    No.. yeah.. I am a little slow in that respect. *grin*. Its all part of the charm.