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  1. Super Mario Galaxy

    isn't this your second time saying the same thing? and yeah the game does look gorgeous so far.
  2. Case Closed

    well i think that in japan it was called "detective conan" or something along those lines, so yeah if it is called case closed then it MIGHT come out in the US.
  3. Case Closed

    oh i've watched that before, thought it was pretty good but then they stopped airing it, i think it was in adult swim... can't remember.
  4. Wii Controller Prototypes

    you know what? that actually looks like a snes pad, has shoulder buttons and everything. except that apparently you can twist it around for some other purpose i guess.
  5. Firefox - Latest Update

    mine was doing the same thing but i just got an update for the theme i am using and everything is working fine now.
  6. Pokemon Battle Revolution

    what if the code thing is for the DS's instead of the game itself, you know if you're going to be using your DS instead of the controller? or has it already been clarified that the codes are for each game?
  7. General Wii Questions

    do you mean the system itself or the remotes??? if you mean the system then the only way you'll hear it is if you put your ear next to it, if you mean the remotes then they are a bit loud i guess, but you can even adjust the volume for each one so it's not a problem.
  8. Wii have a problem...

    i think its just stupidity on that persons part, this one idiot i live with got so into the baseball game that he tossed my controller across the room, twice oh and the controller works fine and amazingly there are no dents or scratches on it.
  9. Wii in the Colbert Report

    really? well maybe ebay can help
  10. Wii in the Colbert Report

    hey Max, sorry for my ignorance but i haven't been into futbol for a while now, anyway what team is that jersey from???(the guy in your sig) i so want to get that.
  11. Don't know if any of you guys know what this is but it's a news show with a lot of comedy in it, anyway i just found out that the wii has been featured in the threat down as the number one threat, you can check out the video in Comedy Central.com, sorry but i can't post URL's because of my low amount of posts. the video is called Threat down: Toys for Tots
  12. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    what really??? i thought they were great, specially the music, although that last one was pretty damn hard.
  13. Sonic And The Secret Rings

    Well since you played Rush doesn't the gameplay somewhat remind you of the minigame where you had to reach the finish to obtain the emerald??? That's what the gameplay kinda reminds me of and I'm in no way dissapointed about it, i absolutely loved those bonus stages, sometimes after i had completely finished the game i would go around filling up the charge just to get into one of those.
  14. Playstation Discussion Archive

    "Sony own Spiderman, so they're not actually stealing, for a change." wait Marvel own spiderman don't they??? so you must mean that they own the right to make the movie or something??? Sorry if I'm wrong.