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  1. Rummy

    bob mate honestly I am just moderating. I hid your post from thread because I said to bring it to visitor walls. Not looking to hide in private happy to have discussions but if you wanna look back in public record I am moderating someone with almost max infractions.

    Again happy to have all discussions around this public here on these visitor walls so I am not hiding anything but not within the thread.

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    2. Goafer


      Whilst I do think it was a bit OTT in this instance, I think it's come from a certain member constantly posting things that they know to be inflammatory, but no so much that the mods can actually do something about it. This rubs people the wrong way and builds up until outbursts like this.

      It's happened before and it'll happen again. It's always the same person involved and it's made this place poisonous.

    3. Rummy


      I can't comment too mich on Goafer's comment but yeah I completrly understand your PoV bob thats why I posted to explain it. As a forum/community mod the PoV is not neccessarily always thread limited - so I can get where you're coming from and how it looks but that's also why I like to try and keep my own moderation open and public and have done since I came about(even if it did cause...uhh...some MILD controversy within the Nintendo sub-forum) because I think it is fair for all to see.

      I won't hide anything in telling you this either - when I have forced Ronnie(more than once) into a discussion about the issue still well within the public realm just like this but OUTSIDE of the thread he has ignored it. He ignored PMs. When these discussions were kept open and public in previous instances between me and himself - he subsequently deleted the messages from his own visitor wall. Do not mistake yourself in thinking I have not engaged this in multiple ways literally over multiple years because I very much have. Maybe it reflects one of the most perfect lessons of the whole thread and issue of it all;


      It is incredibly difficult for us to judge and evaluate those things that we cannot see. Should we be unable to see them we should admit our blindness and be led by the visions of others - far more rarher than invent our own fantasies and illusions before our eyes to replace the things we cannot see. Again I completely see and take your point(one no doubt shared by others) - but moderation is not as simple as a thread by thtead basis, imo.

    4. Rummy


      Public question for the former doctor but absolutely no obligation on public, or even private(tho feel free to PM if you wanna), reply.

      You got to the word haywire at the end of my post so you clearly read it all and comprehended it all - so why did YOU still post in the thread instead of on my public wall as I had requested folks to do?


      Again you don't have to answer. This isn't a mod and punishment question lol - genuinely curious to consider and discuss(because of course I have considerations too) the driving psychology behind it. I don't want you to feel on the spot or as if you're being blamed for doing something though - it happens and we all know it happens; but I'd enjoy you insight if you fancy offering it. I just enjoy human behaviour quite a lot I guess :p