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  1. I actually cannot remember if you have to shoot any in Unch 1, but you can reply chapters in the same save and it counts.

  2. Treasures are such a bitch. I was exactly the same, thinking I was thorough, but some are just RIDICULOUS. Like in 2, there are quite a lot you have to shoot down from places.


    Don't be sad that you are drawing to the end though! The gloriousness of 2 awaits.

  3. Oh god its just so good. Just wait till (everything) about 2,....including the delectable CHLOE. <3 <3

  4. They are not numbered, so it will be like "20 Treasures found" and....you've found 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 15 etc.


    Some of the treasures are a nightmare lol.


    How you finding it now?



    Very awesome.


    Yeah, the aiming is effectively fixed for 2. The combat generally feels a lot tighter. They explained the technical reason for the differences in gunplay in some video, something about bullets travelling in a direct, straight line (in 2) but it was over my head (lol, as your description) then and...whatever.


    And yeah, I know what you mean about the controller. Its something that will hopefully just sink in.


    You will find her soon. I find there is a good mix of shooting and climbing (moreso in 3, then 2, and less in 1) but I think you should find Elena very soon...UNLESS SHE'S DEAD?! :p


    Let me know how you get on.




    I would give Uncharted 9.1/10, Uncharted 2 9.9/10 and Unch 3 9.7/10.

  6. Oh you beautiful man, is this some kind of hint that you now have played and love Uncharted?!

  7. Haha, yeah its a little weird, but I guess I've never thought about it. You're right it is an interesting subject.


    I guess I hold the PS3 controller pretty/decidedly relaxed in comparison to a Wii/XBOX controller for sure. One finger up top is legit, you would rarely/never need two. Well not never. But rarely. Certainly on Uncharted, rarely.


    GET ON UNCHARTED NOW. Its such a cinematic game, you'll be drawn into it within 15 minutes and you'll be loving it.

  8. Somewhat relevant/might show how unstiff they should be/how pro I am/etc.


  9. I like the sticks on PS3 (I don't think I've ever had a problem tbf, but I did play some PS2 back in the day), are they stiff or something? One of my controllers has stiff sticks and its a bit of a nightmare (I think its an unofficial pad).


    And yes, Claire and I bought/brought baking stuff before we moved out so we have a lot. I haven't used too much yet. Apart from the cheesecake obv which is awesomeeeee. All you really need is a (think they are called) spring tin.

  10. Noooooooo. Do Uncharted. Uncharted gets you into the PS controller slowly, and its easy (just play it on like...easy or medium) then Uncharted 2 and 3 and the sexy goodness, so amazing, oh GOD. So good. Do it immediately. Like right now.


    And yes...bake off was goooooooooood. I am glad we didn't see John cut himself, I wouldn't have been able to handle that (love fake/gore/blood, hate real), and ....I am a cruel man sometimes....I really don't like Mary Berry.


    Is it evil that I said to Claire "I hope she dies before next series".

  11. What do you think of the Uncharted trilogy, now that you've completed them all.

  12. So. Bake Off has been excellent so far IMHO. There isn't really any one I don't like! (Not too fund of the mumsy blonde one) and the dumb fairly-attractive milf is a bit annoying, but its been great. Love Ryan, and the softly voiced northerner (can't remember his name) but I want him to win. I like the Scottish guy too and Brendan.

  13. Photos from Florida please.

  14. Would love to, but been so busy recently, I don't want to let another game down as I have in Peeps game. :(


  16. Fabric. Does your company do that white fluffy fur with black spots.



    Where is my script for our epic rainbow crude epic comic. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. I'm serious, lets do a comic about Rainbows and Penis'/Penises and Stuff. Maybe Lettuce.

  19. Beverage, there is not enough Amanda Byram here, you remind us that we need more.


  21. Lorraine


    0845 6402020



  22. I know it seems kinda cheap, but to be honest, his explanation, arrival, importance and his eye patch *lol* are all introduced as well as they could be IMHO. Give it a read.

  23. Thats Marcus Johnson! Lol, he is awesome. Battle Scars has been fucking cool to be honest.