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  1. Decided on the Switch version last night, mostly because i have a few more friends on Switch who'll be interested in co-op play than on PS4.  Played the first 2 levels, and i'm loving it.  Lot's of nostalgia.  Loved the notes where the boss flashes red when their health is getting low, as it was in the 80's and 90's games.

  2. On 10/06/2022 at 6:55 AM, Ashley said:

    Could try and force their hand by getting some quotes now and hope it'll scare them off. 

    We've had 2 builders in to look at what needs doing, and her Mum had one in to give a quote.  So we'll have 3 in (hopefully) in the next week or so.  I'm estimating £15-£25k to fix everything.

    On 09/06/2022 at 11:20 PM, nightwolf said:

    "Small" you know it's going to be a pretty penny given what you've said. Run! 

    I plan to, once the quotes have come in.

  3. Looks nice to see the game looking (graphically) as good as Last of Us Part II, but kind of a waste really.  Doesn't look like they'll have an upgrade path either for owners of the Remastered edition on PS4, so looks like it'll be £69.99 (or wait until it "might" pop up on PS+ 6 months to a year from now)

  4. On 25/05/2022 at 9:20 PM, nightwolf said:

    I don't want to sound too rude here, because I do understand the need to keep things "in the family". I've recently dealt with a similar thing with both my parents and grandparents properties. 

    However, there's literally no reason for the family to keep what is effectively a run down property in the family. Why can't they purchase it? They surely know your situation right now. It would be from the sounds of it, much better to do it up as a group effort, sell it to someone who will ultimately appreciate it and the proceeds go to all of you who worked on it. Yes you'd lose the property to someone you don't know (as I've come to terms with myself) but would anyone really benefit from you both owning it? Except to say that it's still part of the families property(ies)? 


    I've been keeping an eye on house prices recently, because we've been here now for gone 8 months, neighbour is selling their current property which is a match for ours and needs a lot of work doing for 10k more than we originally bought ours for. I almost want to say what ours would be evaluated at now we've done some work and repairs too it. 


    On 25/05/2022 at 9:49 PM, Ashley said:

    Yeah it does feel a bit like "well you buy it then?" I know it will be an emotionally tricky conversation but if there's no great benefit to you buying it you shouldn't be essentially guilt tripped into doing so. Maybe see if there's specific things from the house that they feel sentimental about and seeing if you can remove those, but if it's just "memories" then hopefully you can convince them that they will remain even if someone else has the house. 

    @nightwolf for a moment I thought you were going to buy the place next door and have two houses

    I had a walk around the house the other day, was allowed to raid the garden for plants to move over to my garden (it's our garden, but the Mrs doesn't care too much (if at all) about gardening).  We also "borrowed" the TV as ours broke.  I had only seen the downstairs, but ventured upstairs.  It's worse than i thought it was.  Two internal walls (luckily, not supporting) are like jelly if you remotely touch it with your hand.  The ceilings are dire (we're talking holes big enough to put your head through).  Few missing floorboards and one of the supporting walls needs fixing.

    However, the Mrs Mum is offering to pay for all structural work to be done if it means we buy it and move in.  There is a small catch, only if it's not stupid costs.

  5. So, the Mrs told me this morning that her Mum and Uncles want us to buy the house their parents lived in (recently, her Grandad passed away so it remains empty).  They want to keep it within the family.  And, as it's just me and the Mrs, they eyeing us up for it.  It's in a better location for getting to/from the railway station and for the Mrs to get to work than where we are now.  And the electrics and boiler are all brand new, only done 3-6 months ago.

    However, that's probably where the positives end.

    It's on a flood plain, which last year flooded (river is literally a stones throw away).  The bathroom is downstairs, and it's tiny.  The Mrs and her Mum (on separate occasions) struggled to fit in the shower/bath.  There's no back garden, only a front garden (but it's fenced around, so pretty private).  Structure-wise, possibly needs a new roof.  Needs damp proofing as there's mould inside in parts.  Bathroom would need moving and a new one installed upstairs in a bigger room (pipes would need moving, electrics redone in that room).  And a new Kitchen is needed, it's very dated and small at the moment.  So with the bathroom being moved, the room at back would be knocked through for the kitchen to be fitted.

    The other factor is,  the last time we listened to her side of the family, we got screwed financially with our bathroom installation and we're still waiting on the electrician to finish the work they started (he's no cost as it's being paid by her step Dad, but that's not the point).

    On the financial side of it, we probably couldn't afford moving again so soon.  We'd need legal fees and all that to cover the costs.  And as we've just moved, those costs would possibly be swallowed with what we'd get back so far.  Then, have to factor in the structural and cosmetic costs too.

    If we were still renting and didn't already own this house i'd probably be more in favour of it.  As it stands, i'm against it because it'll basically screw us over (the cost of living atm is insane).  She is more for it because of the family connection.

    The other thing is, we'd be giving up super fast internet (which is great for working from home) where we are now for something with an average of 30-50mpbs (and reliant on old copper BT lines), whilst we currently have fibre with speeds upwards of 200mpbs

  6. Why so many versions, i'd have been happy (and most others) with just 1 version across all platforms.

    Will probably get the Switch version, unless it's more expensive than the PS5 version (probably will be, Nintendo tax and all that)

  7. 14 minutes ago, Dcubed said:

    PS+ subscribers would presumably just get put onto the equivilent PS+ Essentials tier I would imagine.

    Sony can afford to give PSNow subscribers the free boost because so few people actually subscribed to that service to begin with; and they can hardly take away their current access to PS Now that they've already paid for without people (rightfully) rioting, so they don't really have much of a choice here since they don't have any other PS Now equivilent tier.

    Did read somewhere that current PS+ subs get upgraded to the Extra tier for no charge with what remains of the current PS+, but can't find a source.

    I suppose the next question is, and i know it can't be answered now is, will Sony offer a discount for those on PS+ as it is to upgrade to the Premium tier (depending on what time you have left on your sub).  I doubt Sony will be nice enough to allow those who've stacked PS+ for a few years to get Premium to run that long.  Nintendo did similar with NSO if you upgraded to the Expansion Pass

  8. Whoever fitted the kitchen in my house should be talked to.  The panels under the kitchen cabinets, usually they're hooked onto the legs holding the cabinets up from the floor.  Oh no, screwed in and the screw heads stripped and hidden under a glued piece of wood on top.  Spent this past weekend redoing the panels.  Think I have shares in Gorilla Glue now.

  9. 5 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:


    I started and finished this earlier in the month (PS5 version). I was a huge fan of the first game but I feel the entries after it have failed the recapture that magic. The spinoff was decent, the sequel rubbish and sadly this continues the trend. I admit, it was a little better than the sequel, mainly due to this game not being full of teenage, douchebag characters, but it was still a disappointing experience.

    I found the characters in the game to be likeable enough but the story itself seemed wafer thin and the powers that Alex had were pretty meh. I just get the feeling that a lot of the story in the game was forced and desperate, as if they were trying to recapture the big twists that the original game had. Sadly, a lot of the big plot points you can see coming from a mile off. Even if there was a little shock value, I wasn't that invested in what was going on and so it probably wouldn't have saved the game for me. To be honest I wouldn't mind if they just put the series on ice for a while and try to think of a way to freshen things up. Having a teenage protagonist with weird powers as your main character just doesn't cut it for me anymore with these games.

    I agree with you on this.  Yes, the characters were likeable.  I came straight into this after LiSII, which in itself was ok at best.  Wasn't a huge fan of how they did the 2nd game, but still.  This is about the 3rd one.

    Story-wise, it was not that bad.  Compared to the previous games, it felt weak in places


    Chapter 3, the one where you play that role playing adventure, felt waaay too short.  Felt like it should have been a part of the whole chapter, not the bulk of it.  As much of a welcome break from the story, it needed more to it.

    The story itself felt rushed overall, sort of like they needed more time in the oven per say.

    It had some nice nods to the previous entries in the franchise, if just through Alex's clothing available on storefronts.  There's more nods about, which I liked.

    The previous game had plenty of nods to LiS too as you'd expect

  10. I get free to play titles like Fortnite having MTX, that's understandable.  However, £70 games like GT7 cutting back on how much you can earn from racing in-game and pushing MTX is something else.  GT Sport had MTX in a way, you could basically buy a car you wanted with real money instead of earning credits.  I'm not a huge fan of MTX, especially in games where you've already paid (in this case) a premium to even play.  If PD had it in the same way as GT Sport, probably wouldn't be as bad (still bad none the less, but at least you know that £3.99 will get you a car in-game instead of credits towards a car/parts etc.

  11. Not as such DIY, but we're having the bathroom done.  I'll share some snaps when it's done, but it's been an adventure so far with a few issues.

    To name a few

    Electric blew twice when taking the old shower out, even with the switch in the fuse box switched off.

    Gas line was cut with a nail going right into it

    Water leakage from the newly installed pipes

    New shower tray cracked when installing

  12. Had my booster on 29th December, was an absolute shambles.  Got there early just in case there was a queue, which sure enough there was.  Probably getting on for a quarter of a mile at a guess.

    Appointment was at 1:10pm, didn't even get to the desk for the first "check in" until probably 1:50pm maybe later.  By the time I got to that desk area, the side doors were opened and they decided to let the 2pm onwards appointments go ahead of us, they reclassified the queue I was in as walk in.  Some people behind and in front kicked off a bit, didn't blame them really.  They had to change the queue again by the time I left the building.

    Did get a mild reaction this time, had a sore arm as before but had some flu like symptoms in top as well as my entire left arm aching

  13. On 19/11/2021 at 12:56 PM, Julius said:

    How's everyone feeling a year about the PS5 a year in? What do you think of the DualSense a year removed from Astro's Playroom? And what's been your favourite next-gen / console exclusive game or DLC so far? 

    It's been a pretty positive experience overall.  The DualSense controller does make the DualShock 4 feel like something that came from a Fisher Price set.  Only downside I've had is the DualSense that came with my PS5 broke after 6 weeks, however Sony's Customer Service was pretty good.  Took about 10 days from when I called in to getting a replacement, which is still going strong nearly 11 months later.

    Probably would have had a replacement next day if it wasn't for lockdown.  Would have gone to GAME and swapped it out.

    Having backwards compatibility to PS4 right out the box was ideal, it meant I didn't have to rush through and finish a game off or have to swap back across to the older system to play something.  Plus, the DualSense works for PS4 titles, so didn't need to swap back to the DualShock, however even these work straight away on PS5 without needing a special adapter.  Playing PS4 titles with a near solid 30/60fps was a great upgrade.  More so using the SSD to run the games from, I have since bought an external SSD for PS4 games.

    PS5 games, can't fault what I've played.  I'm not a huge fan of Sony's idea of upgrading PS4 games to PS5 versions at a small cost, when the likes of Microsoft with Xbox can offer Smart Delivery for last gen to next gen upgrades.  Thats not to say that all upgrades on PS5 cost, some games like Crash 4, Little Nightmares 2 and Miles Morales were free PS4 to PS5 upgrades, whilst Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima were £10-20 upgrades.  Playing Ratchet and Clank on PS5, that was impressive.  Astro Playroom, well that was nothing short of a highlight showing off what the console can do.

    Overall, it's been a pretty good 1st year for PS5.  2022 is shaping up to be better, just hoping that stock issues are resolved by then so more people other than scalpers can buy a machine.


  14. Sent requests to everyone who posted a code above, for others mine is 8553 5584 7495

    This weekend brings the first Pikmin Community Day.  It'll be different to other games CD, get a badge for walking 10,000 steps in a day, seeds will grow faster and more nectar from fruits.

    Been finding the game pretty decent, nice for it to record steps without the game being open.  Got an app on my phone which syncs my Samsung watch steps to Google Fit once a day.  When i'm doing stuff like Ring Fit or making a cuppa, i don't tend to carry my phone around, so at least i'll get a few extra steps in.