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  1. Name Changes

    Could I get my name changed to kyletherobot please? This the only place where I'm red_shift and I keep forgetting that my username isn't kyletherobot on here. Happy New Year!
  2. Football Season 2009/2010

    Oooof, being 4-1 up away from home and the game being abandoned really hurts. I understand rules are rules but there should be some way of playing the rest of the game on a different day under these circumstances. I really, really hope we manage to win the replay whenever it happens to be arranged.
  3. Football Season 2009/2010

    Great win for Barnsley again today, two wins on the bounce. Bring on Donny please. Gotta say that I feel for Ipswich fans though, it doesn't feel good being on the wrong end of a 96th minute winner. I'm glad it happened to Keane though, he does deserve it.
  4. Football Season 2009/2010

    I don't see why not. Seriously, I don't think your team is all they are cracked up to be (get it?). The season isn't going to be as much of a walk in the park as your first 8 games seemed to suggest. Lets see how Di Matteo does now that the pressure is being cranked up. Anyway, good luck for the rest of the season, apart from the last game of the season obviously.
  5. Football Season 2009/2010

    Pfft. Preston are no bigger than Barnsley, I think you'll get beat again if your players go into that game with the same attitude as yesterday. They expected to get the three points without even trying. We were very good yesterday anyway, I doubt you would have beaten us even if you did turn up. The first home league win since March, and a goal for HUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEE!! Odejayi scored twice for Colchester too! Amazing.
  6. Football Season 2009/2010

    Don't worry, you play us on Tuesday and we have only kept one clean sheet all season so he is bound to score against us. Also, thanks for that Jeff, Liverpool beat Hull 6-1. Good Carling Cup draw for Barnsley anyway before a crap result against QPR. Manchester Unites Reserves at home, we can beat Man Utd, easy.
  7. Football Season 2009/2010

    Noodleman, you're a Colchester fan right? Got any thoughts on your signing of Kayode Odejayi from Barnsley? I'm so glad that our Robins has managed to offload Kayode so soon. As bad as he was has been for us (the Chelsea game aside), I really hope he does a decent job for you guys because you won't have a player on the pitch who will try harder for you.
  8. Football Season 2009/2010

    Don't get too carried away after beating us, the way we have been playing recently I'm surprised we didn't lose by a hatful today. Hopefully Mark Robins can get a few defenders in on loan, I think our strikeforce and midfield are good enough, but without a decent defence, we are dead certs for relegation. Do Man Utd have any young defenders that they could send Robins' way?
  9. I'm so pissed right now, I need your advice

    As he knows your details, explain to him that its only fair if you have his and then rob him blind.
  10. Football Season 2009/2010

    It's pretty smart really. I say well done Tottenham.
  11. Football Season 2009/2010

    Pretty good result for Barnsley this afternoon at Hillsborough. We were awful in the 1st half, and Wednesday were actually pretty good and they went in 2-0 up. We were a different team in the 2nd though, the boys actually started to play a bit (and we had a bit of luck) and we got a deserved 2-2 draw. We still need a few more signings though, Adam Hammill should be signing tomorrow from Liverpool, and hopefully Andy Gray next week too. I'm looking forward to the season now, certainly more that 3.45 this afternoon. We're 4th too! That'll suit me at the end of the season.
  12. The Movie News Thread!

    So, John Hughes is dead. He was involved in some of my favourite films from when I was younger. Most notably Home Alone and Ferris Bueller. I always hoped he would make a comeback. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,537696,00.html
  13. Football Season 2009/2010

    I think we are the same person mate. Goalissimo scared the crap out of me. (The Great Dane is well over-rated, just check out his fuck up against Barnsley in 98: , I'm sure it is in this video anyway, I didn't check, sorry )