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  1. 3DS Console Discussion

    I just bought a copy of Captain Toad for £7.49 on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07BPGYHFM/
  2. 3DS Console Discussion

    That's a shame if it does finish. Do you think there will be a replacement? I've no idea what the Switch does to know if that's any good! Having two young children has certainly curbed my game playing unfortunately!
  3. 3DS Console Discussion

    Hello! Yeah, I think it probably was you actually! Were is the bargains thread? Does it still exist? I can't seem to find many bargains nowadays apart from the odd cheapie at Argos or Smyths Toys!
  4. 3DS Console Discussion

    Ha ha, do you remember me? It's been a while! I haven't really kept up with 3DS news over the years. They seem to have brought out all kinds of random models for the kids! Is it on its way out now do you think? I'll have to start picking up a few games like WarioWare Gold!
  5. 3DS Console Discussion

    Nice selection! How much did they all cost? I haven't played with my 3DS for years! Must dig it out and find the charger – I've got loads of great games to play!
  6. Hello! Thanks for the birthday message, from last year!! Haven't been on here in ages. I'd forgotten about Tower SP! Where was it from? I can't find the thread now!

    1. darksnowman


      How's it going! You sniffed out The Tower SP from that Canadian website that marked games as presents to get them through customs-- VGP, VGA, VGC?? 

  7. Happy birthday! Forever indebted to you for the Tower SP bargain.

  8. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    Rhythm Thief (3DS) £4.99 at Argos Thsnks to elmoses on HUKD.
  9. I love getting a bargain and rarely pay over £20 - the cheaper the better! I've just got back into gaming after a couple of years off, so I've paid a bit more for some DS games that have become harder to find. I've also bought a few cheap preowned games from Cex, That's Entertainment and eBay. Generally though I keep an eye on HUKD and other forums to spot the cheap games. I've got a massive backlog so I can wait to pick up games when they've dropped in price.
  10. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 3DS

    It definitely was a special deal as all formats (except PC) were cheap. They must have capped the number of cheap copies at about 10 though!!
  11. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed 3DS

    I had the same email, which makes it sound like I asked them to cancel?! 'We can confirm that the cancellation for the products listed below has been successful.'
  12. 3DS StreetPass Plaza

    Ohh, exciting, I got five StreetPass hits today! I went to the cinema this morning and a load of kids walked past, then I popped into GAME later on so I assume that's where I picked them up.
  13. Changes and Opinions

    The reorganised boards look good and I'm already discovering new threads, which I wouldn't have seen otherwise. The only thing that concerns me is what you've mentioned above – I quite like it when threads get bumped so that we can discuss older games. I've only just bought a 3DS and hadn't played my DS for a couple of years so I'm discovering old games that I missed, so it would be good to chat about them.
  14. Tetris 3DS

    I just bought this for £12 from the Argos outlet on eBay. Thought it wasn't a bad price. I've got it for every other Nintendo handheld so may as well buy it again!!