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  1. Crystal Chronicles This Year

    oooooooooo aaaahhhhhhhh
  2. New Reggie interview

    kind of annoying
  3. New Reggie interview

    so .....why do they have to keep some of the infomation till its release as well?
  4. another release dates speculation

    well you say the download prices are ridiculous but think of it this way. An N64 game from gamestation will be around 5 pounds, however they are 2nd hand whilst these ,probably improved in some way, downloads are being sold offically from nintendo. Then again we dont have to pay for the packaging etc. Now i don't know
  5. I know its a Osaka's Blog but....

    Hey guys remember this blog, osaka tasomthing well he has just posted an image of what looks like the "revolution's" interface. I not very good at this myself but if any of you can find tell tale signs of photoshop that should clear things up. http://onlynintendorevolution.blogspot.com/
  6. Help Convincing nintendo about Dolby digital 5.1

    Probably cause theres not much to talk about
  7. 2006 european release confirmed?

    I think what they are trying to get at is Jim Merick hinted that Nintendo is possibly considering launching a home console in europe first, but there has been no confimation (obviously).
  8. BBC New Year Live firework display

    althought they fired alot it was kinda crap cause they kinda fired as many as they could
  9. what games will you be downloading?

    Yeah actually why dont they let you download old gameboy games? Or are they considering it? It could even be interesting if you could download old Gameboy games then upload them to the ds to play on the go!
  10. 1- Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Reason: When i first heard the music for the last 6 hours before the moon would fall i realised that no matter how much you help the citizens of clock town unless someone stops the Skull Kid everyone would die. In perticular the woman in the inn waiting for her loved one to return but whom never came unless you went out and found him. 2- Tales of Symphonia , 3- Chrono Trigger, 4- Eternal Darkness, 5- Golden Sun.
  11. OK, Smash Bros R Characters?

    oh well the story is remarkably similar to roy's trophy i must say but i trust you
  12. OK, Smash Bros R Characters?

    actually roy is in fire emblem (1st one) for the gba but they changed his name to Eliwood. I noticed this when i read one of Roy's tropheys
  13. OK, Smash Bros R Characters?

    i know this is of topic but i have posted an opinion already but i have just gone throught a list of Mk friend codes so if you guys could add me too that would be great ( code in avatar)
  14. OK, Smash Bros R Characters?

    oh ok i suppose copying is the best form of flatery oh i just thought how about as one of the costumes mario in a tuxedo
  15. OK, Smash Bros R Characters?

    um i just said that