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  1. Which laptop?

    Nice do you reckon it would be good for Uni as I need one for university. Tbh Does anyone know the best performance (to play semi-old games Rome Total War etc) (around £300) laptop. Basically a decent machine thats not gonna break the bank. cheers.
  2. Church Sign Kissed a Girl

    To be honest I think most Christians with their sanity intact, think this guy is being a stupid Nazi too.
  3. Church Sign Kissed a Girl

    I'd love top know what he was really trying to achieve with this stunt. People like this make 'Christian love' seem like an oxymoron.
  4. Church Sign Kissed a Girl

    I know, its a shame that some people are such idiots.
  5. My swords

    I have no problem with that it’s the self-righteous attitude present in your posts that I have a problem with. Also your interpretation of 'art' seems to be too narrow minded with an almost scienitifc longing to classify and generalise.
  6. My swords

    Sorry, but I think you are talking a load of nonsense. Meaning is something that is created it is not some kind of universal constant that remains equal amongst all human beings. Meaning is something that is massively subjective and to say that beauty has no meaning is ridiculous. It may not have any meaning to you but to some people beauty may be paramount.
  7. Cadburys are at it again

    Would you really rather see them making chocolate, how fucking awful would that be. The whole point is it was supposed to provoke interest and commotion and the existence of this thread and the discussions taking place are evidence it was a successful ad. A shame they had to ruin the idea by 'cashing in' on their success though.
  8. My swords

    Ok, fair enough
  9. I think that's doing even Westlife a disservice.
  10. My swords

    Why the hell is it pointless to have swords as decorations. If we want to be pedantic about things everything is pointless (excepts swords they have a very obvious one:heh: ) I see nothing wrong in enjoying the craftmanship and beauty of a sword especially ones as nice as shown. Just because they cannot watched, read or listened to doesn't mean they cannot still be treasured and enjoyed.
  11. The University Thread 08/09

    Hey Guys can anyone recommend a laptop for Uni, preferably people at Uni or that have already started Uni life. I have a budget of around £300 and am thinking its probably best to get something cheap light and easy and avoid performance hungry monsters, (not that I can afford any) so any suggestions? Btw is laptop thievery really a problem at uni?
  12. GTA IV

    This is the first time I've really wanted a 360. Oh well! Might save up and buy one at summer time.
  13. What on earth happened to...

    I remember her! Caused many a sleepless night, with me stewing in rage and wondering how human being could descend to such ignorance.
  14. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    The level design in