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  1. Wii Stock Update Thread

    looks like both gameplay and GAME website have wii's in
  2. SSX Blur

    anyone got this running it on a hdtv? cause it doesn't quite seem to widescreen properly in hdtv mode for me, anyone else seeing this?
  3. Blazing Angels- Rumoured to have online multiplayer

    anyone getting this? Its out friday and I'm in two minds whether to get it or not, anyone seen a review? no wifi logo by the way:)
  4. SSX Blur

    its the 16th of march, looking at most web sites. I'm after eledees, trauma centre and super swing golf, give us release date!!!!!
  5. Rechargable Docking Station

    GAMES making a docking station and battery, from the image I've seen of it, it looks quite good, will have to wait and see, it should be out 7th march.

    SSX blur is looking good, out 16th march
  7. About Official Japanese Wii Component Cables...

    we just got some official nintendo component cables in, at the GAME I work at, if you want to try that before importing.
  8. COD3 problems

    I had a similar problem but I never did figure out what it was, might have been the glass tv stand it was on. I moved the wii upstairs and had a similar problem but I found that that was caused by the wii mote getting confused between the sensor bar and my desk light, see if theirs anything that could confuse the wii mote. ps higher the sensitivity the more likely something could screw with it.
  9. One last Wii delivery!

    just a quick note to anyone looking for wii's, that the GAME webpage had updated and alot of shops have limited stock available, check it out, most will have gone, my local shops have, but might be worth trying. good luck.
  10. vc stars?

    it does say that these benefits will be in the near future.
  11. European Wii Preorders

    any of you guys and gals work for GAME??? Cause we found out today that our staff are not allowed the machines until the first and second phase pre-orders have been completed, I am so angry, it's unbelieveable, we only found out because the manager rang up about some missing machines and was told that:(
  12. 1 day to go!

    i'm really excited now as well, we just got the wii demo unit in today, 30 minutes before I finished, lucky:), we can't turn it on until wednesday though:(, got a quick hold of the wii mote though:) its really small and sweet! PS. we also got a small number of call of duty 3 for the Wii in today and I think we can sell them, like play.com has already.
  13. Game deal

    for the UK, management have told us nothing and I don't expect to hear anything till probably launch week, I'm hoping for wii + wii play for £200, but it all depends on what deals they've got hold of from nintendo etc.
  14. PAL RedSteel Prog-Scan ONLY??

    the box's are for display only, so typo's are possible. Full games can have this problem, Reservoir Dogs for xbox had to be recalled because they forgot to print the age rating on the disk, lets wait and see!
  15. European Launch Question: Number-cruncher

    the GAME i work in will be getting about 160-180, if I remember correctly these are just pre-orders, then any extras will go to the second phase of pre-order customers.