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  1. Yeah I'm paying for it all myself, I've been saving since last years E3 I have $857. My step dad's getting a PS3 where going to see which one gets played more here.
  2. Hard ware: Console 4 controllers (I've got 7 brothers) 4GB SD card Software: The Legend of Zelda :Twilight Princess (Wii) Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Wario Ware Red Steel Elebits Excite Truck Either COD3 or Trauma Center
  3. While searching the IGN boards I found a a new thread from Nibris: The Licho looks awesome Source: http://boards.ign.com/nintendo_wii_lobby/b8270/122035361/p1/?43
  4. I fpund the water temples easy, the one I had a bit of a problem with was the shadow temple...I played throught it agian a year later and was ashamed of myself for taking so long with that one. I loved the Stone Temple in MM.
  5. I said wow to Super Mario Galaxy, SSBB, and Twilight Princess mostly for the water effect in the fishing demo.(Also th smoke effects from the missles in MP3:C). But back on topic I hope the game will look like the trailer when completely finished if not oh well. If it doesn't this wouldn't be the first time Ubisoft has done that; Cod2 for the 360.
  6. Source- http://www.cubed3.com/news/5357
  7. Okay after Retro studios is done with MP3:C what should they do next? A new Metroid taking place after the prime games or a completely new game? Should they breathe life into an old forgotten franchise or make something original? I think since they did such a great job on the Metroid series they should make a new Kid Icarus game, to flex their game developing muscles and escape the FPS style. What do you think?
  8. No the power charge bar is the white one (I think) directly beneath the healthe bar. It's barely filled up in that photo. Edit: At first this game looked kinda meh to me, but know I'm starting to think I might buy it.
  9. Okay I know that Project HAMMER is an action adventure game but in this phote:http://www.n-sider.com/media/news-2006-05-09-nintendogame03.jpg There is a health bar-orange and the charge bar- white right underneath the health bar and the one under it looks like an experience bar- yellow. Also under those it says level 2, perhaps talking about the players level, or maybe the current level your playing. Does this mean that thery'll be other RPG element in it such as upgraded moves or stength, stamina, etc.
  10. Well the boots are made from iron so obviously they'll be attracted to magnets, but maybe his sword and shield are made from a strange Hyrulian metal that isn't attracted to metal. I don't even think about logic in most games anymore anyway, I just play to have fun and these magnets seem like an interesting gameplay twist.
  11. Same place I always do, Gamecrazy they're only about a block away from my house.
  12. I'll be there the day it comes out, whether I have to skip school or not. I've already got the money and after E3 I'm going to pre-order it.
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