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  1. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    I agree with you dazzybee. The people here who say they are happy with the game are absolutely justified to have there opinion. But chances are if they'd just made that little bit extra effort then you'd be more happy and we'd have more people interested in it. The fact that many people are saying 'I don't care - I'll still buy it' is the kind of attitude that video game companies love as it means they need to put in as minimal effort as possible. NGamer ages ago did a feature all about how they'd do another Animal Crossing game and it was beautiful and really exciting - and totally not impossible.
  2. Animal Crossing: Lets Go to the City

    But surely that's like watching the trailer for Mario Galaxy for the first time and saying 'This games looks awesome!' I think this game looks a little bit depressing. I mean, Animal Crossing is great and no doubt this will be good but just imagine what they could have done with it. With such a small gaming world they could have really made this something special - they've been talking about it since 2006 but looks like they started making it a week ago.
  3. I think they used to be, and that is what I was expecting, but I think the Tingle one has properly gone.
  4. Hi, I'm in urgent need of the Tingle themed Banner that N-Europe had a few days/weeks ago on. If anyone can help I would be very, very grateful.
  5. My Song About Soul Calibur

    Thanks a lot! And I love your avatar! Here's a picture of me in the Chax/Gloomy shop in Osaka~
  6. DeviantArt

    spune.deviantart.com My stuff is mainly my comedy Doctor Who comic, uWho as well as some Godzilla and Nintendo stuff and loads of my original concept art for my flash cartoons.
  7. My Song About Soul Calibur

    Thank you. The song was meant to sound pretty stupid.
  8. I hope you like it. (Contains mild language!) http://www.moon-town.co.uk/soulcalibur.mp3 The upcoming Wii game Soul Calibur: Legends will tell the full story about Siegfried turning into Knightmare. Well, there is no need to play that game, because here is the full story, in song. The lyrics: Oh Siggy Siggy, You stupid piggy, you've gone and picked up the Soul Blade. You've turned into Knightmare, Lost all your shite hare, And all your good looks will now fade. Your father is dead, Your eyes are now red, you've been kicked out of Venice City! Saddle up on your stead, You're no longer Siegfried and reflect on your life being so shitty. Opinions? I want to write one about Petey Piranha and Wesker from Resident Evil.
  9. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    I found this on the internet at a site I go to. Done by a girl named Tanooki. She says it isn't what she wants, nor really thinks, but wanted to make a character select screen that could be discussed in topics like this. If a square has two characters in it, it means they can transform (Zelda, Samus, Ganondorf, Bowser Jr. Vaati). The only characters that have been removed are Roy, Young Link, Pichu and Dr. Mario. She said that Ganondorf, Lyn (Roy's Replacement) and Falco have different moves. She wanted to get a representative from Nintendo's main franchises. Chibi Robo and Captain Olimar would grow when the match started. Also, in the top right is a Mii, she said a funky idea would be to import your Mii has a character and go on an Adventure/Mission mode and customize the moves from other characters. It's quite a fun list, don't exactly agree with all of it, but what do you think?
  10. Wii Release List

    He he. Super Paper Mario looks divine. I really wanna get Eledees. I want to see how expansive the level editor is. Level editors are great, only reason I still play Timesplitters and bought Mario vs. Donkey Kong II
  11. Doctor Who

    I loved the episode and all this series. Much better than Series 2.
  12. Write For N-Europe!

    I would love to do a weekly web comic for you guys! I already do a Doctor Who themed one.
  13. Wii Release List

    Argh! When is Eledees coming out?!?! It's release date is pushed back every time I check!
  14. Ocarina of Time 2D creator died

    Exactly like me. This is low. I remember in an issue of N-Gamer, they said how the game wasn't real. Those screen shots could have been easily made on paint,and I guess that he didn't expect his lie would become so huge. He couldn't tell those hundreds of people on his forum that it was faked, so ... he made them pity him instead.