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  1. England Riots

  2. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    sons of the internet rise arms we march at dawn
  3. How was your day?

    On the topic of awesomely bizzarre teachers. How strange is this. On my history teachers 58th birthday today, he said the following: "Unlike my birthday, I don't only come once a year.." Cue laughter and then an uncomfortable moment across the class. This teacher is a brilliant 58 year old gay welshman if that helps to improve the scene at all. It was quite classic.
  4. Rate the last film you saw

    I watched The Descent. It was pretty fun, massively silly but quite tense and exciting. Bunch of excitable women jump down a hole. Shit goes awry. Shit goes even more awry. Equilibrium. Some other stuff. I also watched Manhattan. There is something distinctly unsettling about Woody Allen. Nice, witty script with some wonderfullu sharp lines and the whole thing has a lovely feel to it. Also I love New York, so that helped. Main problem, The Simpsons has ruined Woody Allen for me, brilliantly, but still ruined. XD
  5. The Music Thread.

    FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTONS. Ahem. They are rather good, have to be in a fuck buttons mood to listen though. Not exactly easy listening. Quality though. Max Tundra, how is that? Meant to get the latest. A friend described them as being electrocuted in a silk bed, which I think is pretty apt.
  6. Rate the last film you saw

    I agree about the darkness, both points, kinda. Begins in particular, had some pretty poor fight choreography and editing. Like the most annoyingly shakey bits in hte Bourne films. Added to that, dark environments made it just seem like they were trying to hide the shortcomings in the fights, but shrouding it all in darkness. Dark Knight was much better. Also, on the ratingsness, Dark Knight should have been a 15. Some of it was pretty heavy. Although 12 year old me would have so so so pissed off if it was. XD 12A only seems to exist so they can release films that would be 15s and get revenues from a pre teen, early teen audience that wouldnt see the same film if it got a 15 rating, no? Also, next Batman, Don Draper from Madmen as Batman, and Mickey Rourke as the Joker. Both of those, would be, at the very least, interesting. Che Parts 1 and 2 today, back to back, 4hrs plus. Is going to be hardcore.
  7. How was your day?

    Greatest TV Show of all time. hyperbole is fun I too, am starting S4 soon. Should be brilliant. Which do you think is the weakest season so far? The consensus is 2 right? I think I preferred 2 to 3. The dock union owner character was great, and entertaining. On that note, you seen Generation Kill? The actor who plays Ziggy is in that too, as Ziggy again.
  8. Pokemon Transport and Vehicles

    Awessssssoommeee. That massive pikachu is a claustrophobes nightmare. Clambering inside a miniscule hole that seems to be swallowing in itself, only to be one of the thousands of asian children lost inside that monolith. On the upside, you get to be inside pikachu, which I can only assume contains dreams and fireworks and puppy dog stores.
  9. What Would You Call Your Spawnlings?

    Those kids would be boring. My kids would never hang out with your kids. They would be too busy playing with Charizard and Tron. Those kids cannot fail to be badasses.
  10. Rate the last film you saw

    I need to watch 2001 again. I watched it many years ago, and remember nothing other than it being amazing. I just watched The Wrestler. Was really quite good. Mickey Rourke was fantastic, and it was emotional without being smaltzy, thoroughly believable, and suitably depressing. He best get nomination for best actor, at least. Cos he really was sublime.
  11. The Movie News Thread!

    Yes! Post apocalyptic things are the best, and everything about this points to amazing. I guarantee it will be my favourite film ever. Hype and anticipation is bad, things rarely meet meteoric expectations. I always try to go into everything with low expectations, this when things excel, I am more impressed than I had any right to be. This film will be quality though. Any idea on when it will be out? And there is still no trailer, right?
  12. What Would You Call Your Spawnlings?

    Tyler or Jordan for a boy. Although both have connotations. Cassie for a girl. I need to change my surname first though. Oh, and Ashley/Ashleigh for either gender. Or Shroombear, that has always swung well with me.
  13. The Music Thread.

    Get Bon Iver. And Fleet Foxes. And TV on the Radio. I also liked Fucked Up - Chemistry of Common Life, The Mae Shi - Hillyh, newest m83 and A Place To Bury Strangers. And other ones. What is Girl Talk? I am not sure I get him. Is all mashups of various songs? Is that, good?
  14. Rate The Last Book You Read

    I need to get this again, or on audiobook. Got it from the library but I read awfully, awfully slow and some bastard requested it so I left it half way through. The bits I read were wonderful though, if a bit uneventful. Book has no chapters, or breaks either. I like chapters.
  15. Rate the last film you saw

    I keep meaning to watch this, but I don't think I'd get much from it on a single viewing, and I don't have the time to watch films more than once. Too much catching up to do. My anticipation for this film is immense. I have avoiding grabbing the screener to this point, but boy is it difficult. Would be so much better seeing it at the cinema first, for the experience and all, but the wait is soooo long.