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  1. It's the best. Everyone who hasn't seen Arrested Development should be ashamed of themselves.
  2. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    Right now it looks something like this...
  3. I'm in #cube-europe :P I've like been there for a couple of years.. Uhm, I stopped being there for some months now or more, but I've started using mIRC again. I have allways been in the chat instead of the forums, that's why most of you probably don't know who the fork I am. ^^
  4. URLmaker.net - My useful new site

    Big thanks to you Shorty, now I don't have to answer some people in this thread. And I appriciate your kind words about me... =) Funny that this half-year old thread was bumped. XD On topic... I was planning on not paying the domain bill next time because if you pasted an URL into Google's search field it had exactly the same effect as URLmaker.net (like, it said "visit [the URL]" or something like that and the URL was made a link you could click on). But some weeks ago when I tried that in Google, it didn't work anymore! So now my site is useful again and I think I'm going to continue paying for the domain, haha... Not many people use the site because most of the people don't know about it, but I've seen it being linked from japanese sites and weird forums etc, so it gets a little spread after all, yay. There are few people who come back regulary and have big use for it and really appriciate my work, and that makes me happy - and maybe that's why I think I'm going to continue pay for the domain. =)
  5. Happy Birthday Stefkov!

    Thanks everyone. =)
  6. Awesome game. I just finished it some weeks ago. There are not many games I play 10 hours long sessions, but this was one of them. =)
  7. Beyond Good & Evil Geist GoldenEye 007 The Legend of Zelda (ZCE) The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask (ZCE) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (ZCE) Metroid Prime 2 Echoes P.N.03 Super Smash Bros. Melee Viewtiful Joe Viewfiful Joe 2 XIII Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (ZCE)
  8. Happy Birthday Stefkov!

    What about me?! I'm turning 18 today. =P Happy birthday stefkov! =)
  9. URLmaker.net - My useful new site

    I have a good reason for bump! I have improved the site alot. An all new design! Valid XHTML 1.1 and valid CSS. I made a Firefox plugin for even more easy URL making. Copy the address when you've made an URL to share the made URL with others (for example: http://www.urlmaker.net/url.php?url=http://www.revo-europe.com/images/pge/header.jpg) What do you think of the new improved URLmaker.net? =)
  10. URLmaker.net - My useful new site

    Yay, I'm a super hero! ^_^
  11. URLmaker.net - My useful new site

    Shorty: No, not you posting the resulting page to the guy who you wanted to send the song to, but the one that got the link to the song. He copies it and pastes it into URLmaker.net to make himself the clickable link. I'm thinking of making a flash animation with a series of screenshots of a scenario where it would be useful, and voice acting the persons involved in the scenario. Or just a series of screenshots and explaining text, but that isn't as fun for the visitor as the flash. ^_^ And thanks for the suggestion, I'm gonna think about it! =)
  12. URLmaker.net - My useful new site

    Thanks to the people who liked the design and idea. =) What exactly do you do with Firefox? =O For example, when I click on an MP3 link, it opens in Firefox and starts to play there (with the QuickTime browser plug-in), without me being able to save it... Yeah, I know you can change the settings so it ask if you want to save it or open it but not everyone want to do that, or know how to. =P And that download manager thing is buggy to me. O_o Really? Is it faster to open Notepad, write "<a href="http://www.revo-europe.com/foo.mp3">foo</a>", press Ctrl + s, choose location, change file type to "All files", write "foo.htm", press Enter, go to where the file was saved, open it and yay there's the clickable link.... compared to: Click the URLmaker.net button in your bookmarks or write the simple url in the address field, paste the click on the text field, press Ctrl + V (if you have copied the URL, which I guess you have) and then press enter? I think the URLmaker.net way is faster and it should load instantly when you go to the site, since it's not very heavy. ;P
  13. Hey everyone! Don't you think my new site http://www.urlmaker.net is just great? ^_^ I do. And those who understand its purpose do too... ;D But why would you wanna have a site which just makes the URL you paste into the text field clickable? Well, I'll tell you. Let's say a friend on your instant messaging program sends you a link to a music video, in the QuickTime format .mov. If you're using MSN Messenger, you can just click on the link, not right-click and choose to save the file to your hard disc drive. So when you click it, it opens in your web browser and your web browser may be configured to play the movie inside the browser. And if you don't have bought the Pro version of QuickTime, you can't save the file to the hard disc drive... So instead of the file starting QuickTime and starts playing in the browser, you just copy the URL, go to URLmaker.net, paste it there and press the button. Done! You're no able to right-click on a link to the file which enables you to save the target to your hard disc drive! The IM friend/QuickTime/.mov scenario was just an example. You can paste links to all things that you want to right-click on! If you don't understand why it's good, then you will understand sooner or later when you need it. I hope you will remember URLmaker.net when that time comes. =) There are other methods of making links clickable, like starting notepad and writing the a href code for the link, saving the file as html, open it in the browser and then use it. But URLmaker.net is still faster... If you have bookmarked it, just press the button, paste the URL, press the button and you're done! So what do you think about the site overall? And the simple design? =)
  14. Don't die without trying this!!!

    That was cool. It gave me the shivers when it was near and behind me to the left. ;D