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  1. So I got an email from Nintendo saying I could get a 7 day Nintendo Online test membership. Obviously this is my chance to finally get the apples and pears for my town. However, the problem is that I a) don't know how to use AC New Horizons online and b) I'm currently living in the tokyo timezone (UTC+9) and I'm always playing late after my son is in bed (around 9pm), so I would need someone who has both fruits and would like to invite me at such a time, or would like to visit my town maybe.
  2. Nintendo Switch - Happy Switchmas Everyone!

    I don't know... I've bought all Nintendo home consoles and handhelds day one since the Gamecube, but as both the 3DS and the WiiU had quite terrible starting periods and their first good games where only released after 8 to 12 months, I think I will hold back this time. At least until we know more about the games. Without good launch games, I'll wait. Maybe there'll even be an price-drop until good games are released (as with the 3DS). BUT if Zelda is a launch title, then yeah, that's enough for me. :P OR maybe the console reveal event will be so cool that I'll be mega-hyped and I'll buy it day one anyway... :P
  3. Tales of Zestiria ( PS3 )

    I played and platted ToZ on PS4, and while I had some issues with it, I overall loved it. It doesn't beat Symphonia or Xillia (which is my personal favorite), but it's a good entry in the series. The story was overall okay, it doesn't have as many unsuspected moments as ToS had, but it's still nice. I especially found many characters (Edna, Rose, Zaveid) very likeable. What struck me the most was the soundtrack -
  4. Let's talk about this place.

    As I guess you're talking to me, I'll respond:You didn't get my point at all - I was saying people should accept that they are stuck, not stop arguing. Maybe I just can't express what I mean so well, as I'm not a native speaker of English. What I mean is that both the hating and the defending side have stopped arguing, they are rather not doing anything else then fighting the other side, never accepting anything, thus being stuck. And it applies to both sides, really.
  5. Let's talk about this place.

    Hey guys, I have been a very long time user of N-Europe, even if nobody of you knows me. :P In fact, I have been visiting this site and its forum for around 4 or 5 years now, don't know exactly. I've registered for the forums 2 years ago, and haven't posted much since. But I did constantly read on the forums, nearly on a daily basis, for all these years. In my opinion, the general hating and bitching around the Nintendo forum has just recently gotten worse, maybe sometime around last year. And the reason for that is the grief felt by many around the whole Wii U issue. I mean, this is after all the Nintendo Forum, so people around here are basically all Nintendo fans, right? And we all aren't very happy with the Wii U, as it just isn't used very well by Nintendo themselves. Sure, there are some great games for the Wii U, but many of us agree that they could be even better, if only better advertised. So with this grief some people started making points about Nintendo and what Nintendo did wrong, how to solve it, and so on, and some other people disagreed. Basic discussion, everything normal so far. But now comes the problem: Nothing changed. The same people are still on the "hating site", and the same people are still on the "defending site". And now these people have started to fight against each other, taking out their grief with sometimes very harsh words. And since the overall Wii U situation has not gotten better, people on here have been constantly arguing about the same stuff, for a year now, if not even longer. And nowadays everyone is just exhausted of arguing. And when you don't really want to argue about the same stuff over and over and over again, you start badmouthing and dismissing the other side. Actually, that's pretty normal I'd say, though that doesn't mean it should happen. So actually, if everyone would just accept that they are just kinda stuck on their sides, then maybe we could all calm down...? Though I don't think that this will happen so easily... so I think we all just gotta wait for the NX, or whatever Nintendo's next home console gonna be, so that everyone can finally be happy about Nintendo again and thus also start being friendly to each other again.
  6. Yooka-Laylee

    When I heard the soundtrack right at the beginning of the trailer, it immediately felt like Banjo-Kazooie! Backed the whole project with 15 Pound, so I'll be getting my console version. I guess we'll soon see more stretch goals, as I suspect the 1.000.000 goal to be reached very soon.
  7. Do you still complete games?

    I always try to 100% games! Back when I was a kid, some tasks in some games where just to challenging to me, but nowadays I always strife to complete all collectibles, sidequests or whatever. I especially love playing JRPG like FF or Tales of, as these games give me loooooots of content 'til completion, which makes these games even more valuable to me. In my opinion, even little things are enough to make an 100% playtrough valuable. Like the 96 in SMW, seeing all Heart Containers on your savefile in Zelda games, same for energy tanks and missiles in Metroid. It's even better if you get some really cool extra scenes like in Tales of Xillia 2 or if you are able to face one of the hardest foes ever in Final Fantasy X. But for me it's not really about these specials, I just like to get everything out of my games - at this point I should also mention that I carefully choose the games I buy, to be sure that I'm not going to loose interest in them. And well, then there are also trophies/ achievements. Since these little fellows came into my life, and really can't stop to 100% my games anymore. Too bad I can't get 100% overall completion on my PSN profile due to some LittleBigPlanet2 DLC's which require extra hardware. :P
  8. Mario Kart 8

    So I guess some sort of cheating is now possible in MK8? Cause I just had a very strange experience in MK8. I was playing with a player called SR-Shadow (from Luxembourg), who has 41600 points. I was really impressed by this number. (I haven't played this game regularly and I have 9300 points.) Anyway, our overall group was quite strange, with him being the player with the most points, then me, and the rest all had something between 1500 and 3000 points. So anyway, his behaviour of driving seemed quite strange to me, so I thought he had some serious lag. Then I won and I got only 9 points, while he got 10 points on the second place. Quite strange I thought. Then next round he was fourth, while I was first again. He got 10 points. After that he already left. So either the pointing-system had some serious problems today, or this guy found some sort of hole in the system. Anyway, has one of you ever experienced something like this?
  9. Hey guys, been reading much in this thread (I really am reading most threads of this Forum every day, but I'm not really the writing-person. :P) and now I wanna list my top 5 Zeldas too. ^^ 1. Majoras Mask It's just the whole package. The dark atmosphere, all these personal stories how the people of Termina handle their upcoming doom, the world, the masks, the transformations (I especially loved Swimming in the ocean as Zora-Link) and this totally unespected twist that your final battle is with the mask itself inside the moon, which is a green landscape - everything fits perfectly. Can't wait for the 3D version. 2. The Wind Waker Well, I started late into the Zelda series and TWW was the very first title I played. Maybe that's why I like it so much. The overworld is just huge, even though there's much ocean, you'll always find some enemy towers or boats, containing some hidden chests, so I never got bored. And discovering all these unique islands was just awesome. The story was also great, when you discovered the sunken Hyrule Castle... =) The only negative point might be the triforce quest, but since this has been corrected in the HD Version, everything is perfect to me and it's very close to MM in my ranking. 3. Skyward Sword Yes I know, many people don't give much love to Skyward Sword, but I do. It has many references to other Zelda games, like the timeshifting stones or Zelda's harp later being Sheik's harp and so on. This is one of the main reasons I loved Skyward Sword: It fits perfectly in being the first Zelda in the whole timeline. But that's not all: The Motion control was perfect, it has quests given by the people of Skyloft (which gave me a MM-like feeling of more interactions with the people) and it also had very likable dungeons and quests in my opinion. Negative point is only that the map isn't connected. 4. Ocarina of Time It ain't one of the best games of all time for no reason: It has much content and for both young and adult Link, an interesting world, a good Story and so on. So why isn't it one first place in my ranking then? Well, maybe because I didn't play it when it came out, but after TWW (I had the Special Edition of TWW containing OoT and MQ). Somehow OoT feels "too classic" for me. The whole setting gave me classic areas like a desert, a lake, a volcano, a forest, a green landscape, but there was nothing special on top of it. Don't get me wrong, I love OoT too, and all these ranked titles are still very close to each other. ^^ 5. A Link to the Past or A Link Between Worlds ? I can't really decide the fifth place. Over a year ago I clearly would've chosen A Link to the Past, as it's the biggest classic 2D Zelda game, with a great world and great dungeons and great items and so on. But now we have A Link Between Worlds. The whole map is mostly the same as in ALttP, only the dark world got slightly changed into Lorule. So while ALBW gets a negative Point for being such a copy-cat game of ALttP, it also has a positive point for having Yuga, Hilda, Ravio and the whole great story around them and Lorule.
  10. To me Nintendo is a brilliant developer - of games, that is. Since the generation Wii, PS3 and XBOX360 I have converted to being a multiplatform gamer, as a Nintendo console alone is not enough anymore. And we all know why: Even though Nintendo themselves are making some decent titles every year, they have lost their good third party support since the times of the Wii. And they are always one step behind, grahically at least, and many modern developers tend to make their games to graphic-wonders. So in my opinion it would be a wise step for Nintendo to stop making hardware and to start being a software-only developer. And I say that as a lifetime Nintendo fan. Heck, they could net millions of dollars if they'd make an exclusivity agreement with either Sony or Microsoft (I'd prefer Sony though). And they could put all their hardware development teams on software development and we could get even more of this brilliant Nintendo software! ...but since all this will never happen, I will always buy the next Nintendo consoles, even day one. It's all about the games!
  11. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    Hey guys, I have preorded the "A Link Between Words Nintendo 3DS XL Special Edition", but I also want to have the game as a physical copy, so is anyone interested in my Download Code? (But not for free. :P) (But to be true, I have no idea about the language...)
  12. Hey guys, what I mean with the title is this: Back then, to the time of the NES, SNES and Gameboy Nintendo had a clear pattern of naming their Mario games. There were Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 and Lost Levels, after that Super Mario World came out (the first Mario-game with a connected over-world and the first game to feature Yoshi), it's successor was SMW2: Yoshi's Island. And all Mario games on the Gameboy were the Land-Series. After many years Nintendo finally got back to creating original 2D Mario games with New Super Mario Bros. on the DS. After that came New Super Mario Wii, after that New Super Mario Bros. 2! I mean seriously, why is the third NSMB installment called NSMB2 and not 3 or maybe 3DS? Or why didn't they use a subtitle and called it Super Mario Bros. 6: Coin Rush? I personally think this would sound 100 times better. ^^ Yeah and after that we now have New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U, which is even more dumb, because we never had an "Super Luigi" before. But yeah I know, the name NSLU is a pun on NSMBU. ^^ Nintendo is even doing the same with Donkey Kong County Returns now, and even there consoles don't get new names, but only a upgraded name of the predecessor... Just to make it clear, I still love all the named games, they're great, and the name is not as important as the game itself off course, but still I personally think that creative names like the Zelda series has are way better than that... ^^
  13. Sadly I can agree with that, but at least NSMBU got a bit deeper into my memories. ^^ True, and that irks me as well. But at least there's the logic that only the titles with a new asssassin are the next ones in the numeration. ;-)
  14. True enough, but it's kinda strange that they're taking the 3D, which was standing for the 3D technology on the 3DS and not for 3D graphic, over to the Wii U now.Confusion for casual gamers is predestined with that.
  15. True... okay, maybe I used the false word by saying creativity. It's more that the games back then had a numeration at least, and they used subtitles more often (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, the DKC games).I like when a game has a title that itself makes you think about what you might get from this game, like when Metroid Other M was announced and people made speculations about that name, or like the Zelda games give you a hint about a main story element. It's really sad that Nintendo doesn't use this on Mario titles as well. Sunshine and Galaxy were nice names, and now we get Super Mario 3D World. This title gives you nothing.
  16. Sorry, not interested. Do you have any Nintendo items?
  17. Yes they are. What can you offer as trade?
  18. Hey Rummy, when do you have time for our trade?
  19. Cool, I'll visit you in a minute. ^^
  20. How about a Super Mushroom or maybe Hero's Boots/ Trousers? Money? Are you collecting a special set? ^^
  21. Here! Me! Please! What do you want as trade?
  22. Iun just got Heroes Cap and Rummy wants to have the Fire Bar, so I have these three left: Super Mushroom, Heroes Boots and Heroes Trousers.
  23. I'd like to get the S.S. Dolphin.I've got time the whole day, so just tell me when you've got time. ^^ I'll open my gates in 20 minutes, okay?
  24. Very cool, I'll add you too. When do you have time to trade? Okay, I'll give you money for the sapphires and for the blue wardrobe. Is that okay? And for Nintendo items, well, I can offer a Super Mushroom and a Fire Bar for trading, do you want any of these?
  25. Cool, what can I give you as a trade? I can give you lots of other crystals, gyroids, or I can order some furniture you like. ^^ I'd like to have the Fire Flower. Something special you want? I could give you a Super Mushroom or Fire Bar. Would you trade the Mario Floor and wall?