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    @S.C.G Just my thoughts on it. It can be fun, but in my opinion, if you're just running around and not trying to attack then that isn't fun. If you're using the stage but getting in attacks too, then I think that's OK. But just running away and not trying to fight is where I think people start saying that's camping. So by all means use all the stage, that's what its there for, but remember its a fight too. Anyway I had to save this from last night as it was one of, if not the best thing I may have ever done to win a match.
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    I have to agree with @Ike. I can laugh off a lot of things in Smash. But having to deal with camping tactics is frustrating. It's why I never play with randoms. You see it all the time there, and I just want to trade blows. There are obviously times when legging it is the smart idea. (Someone got a Golden Hammer? Ain't no-one gonna suggest you take that person head on), but those situations only last a few seconds, making it a fun, yet, temporary dynamic switch. Sorry if this sounds like I'm piling on here. But just wanted to get my thoughts across.
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    I mean you going to the edge of the stage and jumping away when you are approached. Either someone has to run around after you out it becomes a 3v3, or that second player gets attacked. And yes, Hyrule Temple its not fun (for me) to watch Glenn chase you round like it’s Mario Kart night. Ultimately you lost anyway (iirc, I stopped watching). It’s just not during stamina week either. I wasn’t sure if it was a lack of confidence which is fair enough. But if that’s fun for you then who am I to tell you stop?
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    At least it’s something practical? Though you need to buy the collector edition to get the knife & fork for a complete set.