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OMG Sony did it

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I laughed at the crowds reactions.I'm surprised he went on.Reggie you better kick ass and take names here.


What was the reaction? -links to a video?

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What does Sony now lack?

- A 5 year head start with regard to ideas and philosophy.

- Advanced motion sensors.. most of the Wii's cost has gone into the controller.. it's not suprising graphics had to be compromised.

- Developper support

- Hardware designed from scratch to handle such activities

- Miyamoto

- One handed controller (though I wouldn't put this past them)


Sony has an edge, it's coming standard with the system.. which means it will probably not end up the same fate as that gimmicky eye toy.. people will be more inclined to buy something with motion sensor if it comes as standard.


I would rather see Microsoft obliterated by not having this standard than see such an awesome idea not adopted as the standard for videogames.


It's for the better of the industry.. but at the end of the day:


The idea of the FHC is to simplify games, break barriers.

What has Sony done? Complicated what Nintendo saw as an already overly complicated system.


Apart from a few bad copies of Nintendogs and Pilot Wings I really don't consider Sony to be a threat to Nintendo's new potential market.

And it's still £359? Who can afford that for something they might use an hour or two a week.


Casual my ass. Nintendo has no reason to be worried, it just means the ball is in their court for the next 28 minutes.. and they will be smiling, and very confident.


Nintendo will no doubt have a joke or two for the crowd- mark my words, they'll laugh.


Radio 1 Newsbeat- "we've just had a sneak peak at the PS3 which has been unveiled in L.A but from the texts we've been recieving you don't sound that excited"


Price, price price.

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