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  1. Photography.

    Only: Digital, Still and Scanned, Lomo, Holga, Polaroid, Medium format, SLR and disposable photographs. Rules (yes we need them and they are not negotiable.) 1. One photo a day. 2. Don't go overkill with the resolution.. I wont be prescriptive because anyone who works with digital images will understand that a line has to be drawn someone- if you aren't willing to compromise use a thumbnail link. 3. No heavy photo manipulation. 4. No webcams (sorry emo kids but we don't want a new self portrait of you every day holding your camera above your head in purple with high contrast from your webcam) 5. No photos of your desk or the surrounding environment of your computer chair. FAQ. Q. What is a photograph? A. Go away. Q. Where can I upload my photographs? A. http://imageshack.us/ or http://flickr.com/ are two of the best sites for hosting images for free. These services also offer various resizing facilities as Shorty pointed out. Q. How do I get my digial photos on the computer? A. Read the manual that came with it. Q. What can I use to fix my photographs digitally? A. Adobe have a wide range of photo software but they come with an extremely high price, free alternatives include Google's Picasa and The GIMP which is an open source alternative to Photoshop. Q. Does my photograph need an 'arty' title? A. Not at all, you don't need to be an artist to take photographs and definitely not to take a good photograph. If you prefer just let us know some background information you'd like to share about how you captured it and where. Q. What is an example of a good photograph format for this thread? A. I'm glad you asked Double exposure taken, digital blending in photoshop. Lumix FZ20
  2. Lost - Series 3 [spoilers]

    I am a slave to ABC for the next 4 years basically. What a turn of events. My theory was working out well.. sociological experiment from the University of Minnesota gone bad, people turned corrupt by it's ways. I think that each of the hatches has a particular task to test a certain type of intelligence/sociological principle based on fear (of the button and the quarantine) or responsibility (watching them push the button and documenting it) I am hooked but that weird statue with the toe, the medical hatch and the outfits? Could it be something higher? Only the other hatches will tell I suppose.. if they don't kill each other first. I love the parallels and influences.. but this is spiralling out of predictability. I also love this rivalry between Locke and Echo.. white black, faith and knowledge. The symbolism is a bit in your face but I think there is something about this island.. which will make Lost one of the coolest shows in history. So many thoughts flying around.. be back in an hour.
  3. SSX Blur

    YOUTUBE LINK (BETTER) stop reading here. --- Spike TV has the world exclusive of SSX Blur, expect a barrage of news, screens and stuff over the weekend. I've not played SSX since the original.. but it was a laugh. I just think it's been a bit tapped dry (4 games in a generation!?) Click episode 26, part 4 to skip through right to the footage. Or you can see some arse licking between Peter Moore and Reggie earlier on regarding the Wii60. Reggie just comes out and says "No don't buy a 360.. get a DS if you have a little extra money" If there's anything this series needs to rejuvinate it- it's a new control scheme. Can't help but think that this will be one of the motion sensing games that the PS3 really outdoes the Wii version. 1080 the standard has been set.
  4. Emergency Mayhem

    To be honest nobody likes Colin McRae anymore, and TOCA will get owned my GT5 and Forza 2. Codemasters are fucked.
  5. Racism: Your View.

    i agree with it.
  6. New Capcom Wii project - Keiji Inafune involved

    Your logic is as such He worked on Dead Rising, which I didn't like.. then he worked on Lost Planet which I don't like which means he will be working on this title, which I probably won't like because A leads to B which will probably lead to C. You know nothing about the game but you have assumed 2 things. He will work on it. If he does or does not work on it, the game will follow a similar style to the games on a different system. Capcom don't make bad games. Also don't word things like you read the review and that changed your opinion- all reviews of these games have been mostly shining. You don't need to read a review to have an opinion or a taste. Even mentioning reviews does not bolster your opinion's authority on these titles the slightest. It's such a myth around here that you can't have an opinion unless you've played it, read a review or think optimistically about it.
  7. Harker: New Game for Wii

    They worked on the Da Vinci code game? ahahahahahahaha.
  8. New Capcom Wii project - Keiji Inafune involved

    What is to be confused about? Dead Rising and Lost Planet are completely different games, they are not comparable in the same sentence. Not just that, but how can a link be made between the 360 projects and his Wii project? It's is completely false to assume they will follow a similar style. Not just that but they are great second wave 360 titles that are really showing what the 360 can do- I don't know what reviews this guy has been reading but unless it is some shitty Nintendo rag then I don't get it. 1up gave it a 6.5 but that is only because they calibrated their review system recently to make 5 average- it's a good game. While Dead Rising has a few flaws it is still a solid game. I think it was a fucking stupid comment basically. Further more the article intrinsically states that while he had involvement with LP and DR- there is no distinct link with him and this project. Ban me please.
  9. Kojima Interested in Wii?

  10. Emergency Mayhem

    I'm glad that shit, and Micro Machines DS bombed. if it is even out yet.
  11. Kojima Interested in Wii?

    I think he will go on the extreme end of the spectrum, if he does a remake or reworking of Snatcher he could be opening pandora's box- the world might demand sequels or whatever. I think he will want to do a throwaway title that gives him some room to experiment with old ideas he's been kicking around. I wouldn't mind seeing a concept game from him.
  12. why cant i sleep?

    1. bad diet or eating habbits, breakfast before 9am, lunch before 2pm, dinner at 6pm. 3 square meals nothing huge inbetween. 2. not enough exercise? 3. medication/stress/external factors? (noise pollution, anxiety) 4. uncomfortable matress, try moving your bed or sleeping on the floor.
  13. Emergency Mayhem

    The point of Crazy Taxi was that it had no depth, it was an arcade game. It doesn't need depth in the same way that Tetris doesn't need a plot. Graphical touches will probably be minor because porting from the Wii (GameCube) to the PS2 is an absolute bitch as I'm sure the Capcom port team will tell you. I would say that it will go from PS2, downgraded to PSP and upgraded to Wii marginally each way. Codemasters are not the kind of people who will bother- they didn't even make a GameCube title as far as I know.. so they're going to be pretty new to the system (eg. Lazy/reckless)
  14. Anyone read GameCentral (on teletext)?

    "GameCentral gets digitised" A dig, or a homage to the previous 4 games service 'Digitiser'? I'm not so sure. I like the features and the comments thing, the reviews basically mirror whatever EDGE say and because they're a fairly small organisation it seems that many publishers don't even bother sending them games for review. Not so reliable. Low points? The charts, the news. Always 2 days out of date and boring.
  15. Emergency Mayhem

    EA have done a fucking fantastic job so far- while they are not to my taste I acknowledge this. Stop trying this au contraire stuff. The Godfather on the Wii will be the definitive version probably.. it is a shame that the 360 and Wii versions came so late- because everyone has played it on the PS2. The Sims JP will use a completely remastered style to be more compatible with the Eastern market- that is a very tactile way of making sure their biggest franchise doesn't bomb in the East. The Tiger Woods game isn't for me for other reasons.. but it will probably be the best golfing videogames experience in the World- it is not a port. Finally SSX Blur is a Wii exclusive title- showing EA acknowledge that the Wii is not a dumping ground for titles, it uses the control scheme in a very thoughtful way. Again not to my taste but this is much better than making Raving Rabbids for every damned platform. (I do realise that this was originally intended for the Wii) While EA are running the launch sprint off their bad foot, they will have a much greater quality to quantity ratio- especially when Spore Wii comes. Basically your comparisons to Ubisoft and EA are wrong.
  16. Emergency Mayhem

    Assasin's Creed + Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter + Brothers in Arms = Rayman Raving Rabbids + Prince of Persia port from the PSP + Far Cry Wii. Yeah, you're right. How absolutely foolish of me. If you're going to do the whole 'smart' thing then please spell it correctly. I won't quote to embarass.
  17. Emergency Mayhem

    It's not the visual aspect- it's the fact that they're not willing to invest new ideas in a console- it is a desensitised play it by numbers decision. They know Wii is going to be hot with the same kind of market that the PS2 has, very casual.. new and older gamers. They aren't making particularly educated decisions and they'll pick stuff off the shelf and take risks. As newer gamers they have lower standards than us, they have a higher tolerance of bad game design.. and as older gamers they can afford to spend £40 on a shit game. It is going to destroy the market that I want to be varied and provoking.
  18. Wii proven weight loss tool

    news just in, when you move you use energy. which is converted from fat when you haven't eaten. this computer game system does not compare to a full exercise, it is not a substitute or even a suitable or balanced compliment. do not believe this shit. go swimming, cycle to school/work and go for a run.
  19. Emergency Mayhem

    I am very chilled. Codemasters would go apeshit if someone copied the Micro Machines formula.. what makes it okay for them to take a Crazy Taxi formula and merge it with some GTA mini games? It's a stolen idea, which will be a shitty port.. and I don't want these kind of games to thrive on my Wii. People who support this are basically saying to developpers I want shit games on Wii. Please give us the sloppy seconds. See UbiTrash.
  20. Emergency Mayhem

    Codemasters are dicks, they only support Nintendo when they're ahead. I am not buying this shovelware.
  21. Code Lyoko in development for the Wii

    GBA says hi.
  22. Most Annoying Video Games Fans?

    With Sony you often pay the premium for the design and some of their patent tech. Back when they had the Trinitron system that makes images 3 times sharper on a SDTV they were kings. I got one and I like it to the day- but the new Bravia brand hasn't really got anything above the competitors. While LG has become quite stylish with their phones in the last year or two- they used to be quite a generic brand. I have a LG monitor that doesn't even have an LG logo, proper cheap.. proper good quality. Sony you typically pay for design, engineering and the name- laptops, PlayStations and old TVs excluded they don't have much on their competition.
  23. Nobody actually knows, they just like to whinge that whatever it is- is not turbo. To be honest, they're both so refined, and so balanced that there is very marginal differences. Knowing that Turbo is a long way off.. who really cares? If you know the difference you've probably played it before which means buying it on the Wii is not only retarded but whinging about it is even more retarded. Just get the damned world warrior one- I remember it being a laugh.
  24. Component looks better huh?

    Well I'm not here to argue- but PAL Zelda does not support 480p. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=5217513&postcount=6321 So you're component cables at present, can't improve the quality of Zelda. You were all so bothered about getting official component cables you wanted to believe that they improved. Don't try and argue with GAF's members- they get banned if they are wrong.