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  1. OMG Sony did it

    "The next-gen starts when we say it'll start." That's one helluva arrogant and stupid line even from Fony. The whole Fony press conference was extremely lame with nothing new to offer besides some rip-offs. I hope this truly is the beginning of the end for Fony.
  2. OMG Sony did it

    Better start saving bitch, the price for popularity is 599€ and games 60-70€. With these prices I'm very happy to go outside and play with sticks and stones.
  3. OMG Sony did it

    Ha ha, Sony's marketing idea with PS3 seems to be pissing on the customer's eye real good... What else does that great rip-off motion-sensing system bring out? No Rumble effects at all!? Ha ha, Dual "Shock" my ass! With the cheaper, 20Gb 499€ priced set you WON'T get: -WiFi -HDMI -Memory Card Reader/port What does this mean? No WiFi = No netplay? No HDMI = No HD-picture in movies? So basically you are forced to get the more expensive version, the one with 599€ price tag. 600€ for a fu*king game console!? Fony, you are doomed and I'll be swinging my Wii on your grave and peeing all over the place. F U!
  4. OMG Sony did it

    You are so right with that one. And yes, there are 12 angry players ready to smack your face. Just get lost.
  5. OMG Sony did it

    I found the fu*king picture I was looking for earlier... Imagine, I was laughing at this one when I saw it for the first time almost a year ago. FU*K OFF FONY! Do you know what is the shell? I bet you don't. Crawl back to the hole where you came from f*g.
  6. OMG Sony did it

    OMFG... I'm speechless... How could they..? Someone post that pic with a Sony's black "Wiimote" in it and a text: "What Nintendo creates, we take. Sony." Or something like that. Then there's also text: "We stole analog controller, We stole rumble pak etc etc." Anyone know what I'm talking about? FU*K Sony! Die Kutaragi. You are a big fu*king bas*ard. If the biggest "innovation" in your "all new console" is again a rip-off from a competitor like many times before then DIE AND BURN IN HELL!
  7. TIME magazine cover Wii!!!

    Here's the cover of that particular TIME magazine: It's out 15th may if I remember it right...
  8. E3 2006 Hype/Discussion

    This is my 15th post, now I can finally post links. Nice little movie to watch now when E3 is just 2 days away: The Last Revolution Might be old but it's great anyway.
  9. Anybody getting concerned?

    I'm a bit worried to see how everything works out after all. I mean it is quite a bold move to stay at only slightly better hardware than current gen has and focus most of the efforts and innovation into a controller. But when you think about it, who out of the three big (MS, Sony, Nintendo) would have courage to do that? No one else but Nintendo. Who has been giving biggest innovations into console gaming over the years? No one else but Nintendo, there's absolutely no word against that fact. As I see it, there are a lot more 3rd party developers coming back to Nintendo after N64 times. For example Konami (very few and crappy GC games) and SNK. It's great to see developers have faith in Nintendo's strategy about bringing out the innovation in different forms than just better graphics and physics. I played my first Nintendo games about 16 years ago and I have had so much fun while playing amazing titles on its different consoles, so I trust 100% Nintendo knows what they are doing. And it almost gets a tear (of happiness) into my eye when I know I'll be playing those classic Nintendo titles all over again on Virtual Console. Go Nintendo!
  10. EA loses Bond to Activision!!

    Make it double.
  11. Gamespot recieve a postcard from Kojima...

    Now when I watched that Twin Snakes promotion video I wouldn't be surprised if it were MGS game. Oh, it was fan-made... Nevermind then. I don't think it is MGS but something else. Before that I was thinking about Castlevania. For example "REturn", there was no Castlevania game on GC etc. I'm very curious to find about this one.
  12. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    I liked it when I heard it first time, now I like it even more. The name is very unique and different, just like the whole console is, and it fits like a glove. Those wee-wee jokes were fun about a while, but it's getting very dry. Same joke in different forms. And talk about Nintendo-fans being childish, while all the bash from Sony and MS-fans are something between a wiener and urine. LOL And seriously, if your first thoughts when you hear the name "Wii" are a wiener, urinating and golden showers... GET HELP!
  13. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Do not... underestimate... the marketing people... of Nintendo... Taken from codenamerevolution.com
  14. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    You ppl just don't get the many levels of that name, do you? First: It's unique, very different than any other console name out there, just like the whole console concept. Second: This is Nintendo's fifth home console, number 5 in roman numbers is V, pronounced "wii" Third: Very easy to make nice marketing ideas, like "Wii will rock you!" etc. Fourth: Think about DS, now what the hell is that? Oh, dual-screen. Now think Wii, what the heck is that? Wireless Interactive Interface maybe? Oh... Fifth: Think it also this way: the two ii's are like two remote controllers, and the big W is like a receiver. Like this: W i i Get it? The more you think of the name, the more depth you'll find from it. Just my two cents...
  15. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    No, you are not the only one. I like it too. ^^