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  1. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Am now on level 8, though I had to use a couple of hints along the way, such as level 7 -the was no way I would have ever gotten that by myself...ever.
  2. Christmas is great for getting those little things that I never got around to getting in the year, so a few books, a dvd bookset or two, a new micro sd card (will be 8GB one this year), and maybe a new mouse for my pc aswell. I normally get one big pressent for my birthday (ie a new monitor or games console) were as christmas is all about the lots of smaller pressents. As this will be my first christmas with a job, I will be getting my mum a sat nav, and maybe a ipod nano for my sister.
  3. He's parrents have done a pretty rubbish job at looking after him; who leaves a 7 year old alone? Would not want to meet that kid when he's grown up... hehe. Bet the croc was happy though.
  4. Mobile Phone Chat

    Yeer I'm thinking the same thing. I can upgrade my n95 in december, I am currently trying to make my mind up between the Omnia, the HTC HD and the the Asus phone. The iphone does look nice, but untill it has a camera of at least 5mp it won't get my attention/money; as after a year with the N95 I now rely on my phone for all my camera needs.
  5. Cheap shit that betters the premium brands

    QFT. 16p for a meal, you can't beat them for value (though you probaly could for nutrition).
  6. Join the Army? Or not?

    On a simular topic, did anyone watch the bbc documentry "undercover soldier"? -Some of the stuff seemed quite harsh, but they are training to fight wars so it's never going to be nice.
  7. Join the Army? Or not?

    Yeer sorry about that, is a really bad habit that I still haven’t kicked.
  8. *GB per month download

    BT used to have this thing on their website were you answer questions and it estimates your monthly usauge. The questions were stuff like how long do you browse the web for/play games/listen to a radio station(online) etc and it estimated how much you use. It was pretty basic but gave a good idea as to how much you may use. Not sure if it's still on thier site.
  9. Join the Army? Or not?

    There are clearly pros and cons to signing up, and I don't think it's something that can be done lightly. History has shown us the need for an army, and no one can deny how well our troops have done recently and how much they have sacrificed for us. It may be worth going to your local careers office, as you will be able to find out more about what would be expected of you, and get an idea as to weather or not it's right for you. They must be used to getting a lot of people walk through their doors who are unsure of weather it's right for them, and I'm sure they are good at judging weather or not a person would fit in.
  10. A decent monitor

    Have the same one, is a lovely screen for it's price, looks nice and has I fast responce time 2ms, though I havn't been able to test it on any games yet, as my pc is a dinosuar. Edit: Might add that it is a 1050 so can downscale from 1080 nicely, but sadly doesn't have a hdmi port, only has dvi and vga. Which is ok, but not perfect.
  11. We're all going to die....

    As interesting as the results of the test will be, I'm most interested to see how it's side products will benefit mankind. For example I heard something about some fancy computer systems all linked up (though nothing new), it may well improve the way these sorts of systems work, and maybe make applications like 'folding at home' (running protein folding simulations; something I’m keen to do when I upgrade my pc) more widespread. Also I believe I'm right in saying physicists invented the internet, but was it the people from CERN?
  12. Church Sign Kissed a Girl

    You raise some good points, there are many miss conceptions about sin, many of which Christians fall for. Basically there is a difference between being a "sinner" and "sinning". After man 'fell' (Adam and Eve in the garden), man (as in mankind) became corrupted, and we live in the 'flesh' (being lead by our soul and body, and not spirit). This fallen man needs redemption (needs to be made right), before he can approach God (who is Holy). This is what Jesus did on the cross, he died so our sin may be forgiven; but we must make a choice to take hold of that forgiveness. Also on the cross we are able to be "born again", in that instead of being corrupted, and living by flesh we can now life by the Spirit. So a "sinner", or more accurately put, someone who is living by the own mortal flesh, needs to be forgiven yes, but they also need to born again, being "raised up in Christ". Even so we have free will and a person, who is born again, still had a flesh and they have the ability to choose to live by the Spirit or by the flesh. So a Christian who has been redeemed and forgiven, wouldn't go to hell for just a single act of unintentional sin. They would be judged for all the things they did (with that which is forgiven not counted). As for those who go to heaven or hell; I and no one else here knows. As I said before; judgement is God's, all we are told is how to get into heaven. I think you may be wrong, as far as I'm aware the seven deadly are not in the Bible. They probably came around in the middle ages or something. Also I wasn't aware of wrathful being described of God (certainly not in the King James Version), you will find scriptures about his wrath though (kind of the same thing), the word is used in the context of vengeance/punishment. When Jesus came he had the right to judge, but he never did (in fact when he replied to the Pharisees he omitted the section of the Isaiah prophecy containing vengeance), because by his own admission the time of judgement is to come, and not for now, so even Jesus; the only person without sin who could well have thrown the first stone (at the woman caught in adultery), instead choose to forgive. Also I would like to add!!!! We are going to be taken over by pirates!!!
  13. Church Sign Kissed a Girl

    I think you are right. The bible gives the reason for this saying that "the lamb slain at the foundation of the world", so in fact God knew we would fall, and that his son would have to die, all before he made us, but seeing the end from the beginning, he considered it worth while. There is a lot of evidence that Jesus did claim to be God, examples include "before the world was I am" (from Johns gospel as well as other manuscripts both canonical and non canonical), in fact there is more scientific evidence that Jesus existed than for Caesar. He was a real man, and made claims, weather you believe him is another matter. And yes you are right he wasn't born on the 25th December, that was a mix of Pagan and Jewish festivals, I think it's now assumed that he was born October.
  14. Church Sign Kissed a Girl

    I don't see any problems with my above comments; in fact I don't even grasp what point you are trying to raise? I was merely pointing out one area in which I didn't agree with Nasir. Is it not true that people can born bias one way or another, or that they have a conscious ability to choose themselves? I felt in necessary to point that out, after writing in support of his first point. And I never pre-judged gay people to have spiky hair, in fact none of the gay people I have known have ever had spiky hair. Also I love reading, from the liberal sciences, to the classics, and many modern books in-between.
  15. Church Sign Kissed a Girl

    (Has been a while since I've been on here...anyway) I should first introduce my self as a Christian. Firstly I must say the sign is inappropriate and I just had to laugh at it being a blatant publicity stunt. In response of your comment (1.) I feel that you may not have grasped fully what Nasir was trying to put across. Firstly my views appear from what I have read to be similar to that of Nasir's, in that it's not the person that’s considered "wrong" but the act of "sin" (In terms of a Christians view of them, as apposed to “Gods judgementâ€; which as the statement indicates is Gods –not mans, of which; sadly mainly Christians have forgotten). These in of themselves are huge concepts, which don't have definitive definitions. I myself like the way in which the famous theologian st. Augustine put across sin; essentially, in simple user-friendly terms, sin can be defined as an emptiness or removal of God from a space. Essentially (without going into the doctrine of sin) this could be applied to a real situation; such as a removal of God from society leading to what Christians would call sin (as explained “that which is not of Godâ€). So for example devorce, although necessary in some cases, isn’t God’s best for those involved. From the way I have read the Bible, I personally in my own opinion, see a same sex relationship to be out of God’s divine will/His best for those invloved. With the obvious argument of a male being made to complement a female, with the results of children, this being one of the first things man was “tasked†to do (be fruitful). In fact God is always seeking a people who’s lives bear fruit (the term fruitfulness should not be limited to offspring). In terms of how I live my life; I see a homosexual person, to be no deferent to a heterosexual person. It’s my responsibly to show God’s love to all people; without applying my own judgment as to who is deserving of it or not. I believe that us Christians focus far to much on telling people what God doesn’t like, when we should be telling them what God does like, and that’s every single person; that God loved them enough to allow his Son to die on the cross for them, so that the “emptiness of Godâ€, might be fixed, or more accurately that our sin might be forgiven. I like reading Theology and Philosophy, but I by my own admission don’t have a great unstanding of biology. I think it likely that people can be born bais to homosexuality, I do also beilve that many people choose to ‘become’ gay; liking the gay culture, or possibily from bad experiences with men/women.