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  1. Would you rather be ugly or stupid?

    Must. Impress. Female!
  2. How was your day?

    You absolute legend. Im in a fawlty towers mood now.
  3. Post Your Purchases

    Yup, nice and cheap, ordered well over £70 worth of manga there. 3-4 days maximum delivery time, with 1 day being the minimum ofcourse.
  4. How was your day?

    Im with this statement. From what Im hearing she may of been absolutely batshit insane, and I'l admit I havent heard the whole story, but ofcourse her boyfriend is going to see her side of things. After all, he loves her presumably. Some one mentioned she was vegan, was she one of those pushy types were if you ate meat your scum of the earth? Cause I'l admit, those are annoying and way too narrow minded.
  5. How was your day?

    What are you suggesting? I'm pure as fuck mate.
  6. How was your day?

    Oh I see! My bad, I had slight suspicions you were previously banned, forgiveness please! *bows*
  7. How was your day?

    Just did a bit of reading about whats just gone on, and it seems The3rd's last post was february last year, so how could you have wondered about it when you've only been registered since january this year? Sorry for being a nosey bastard, but your statement kinda stuck out.
  8. Post Your Purchases

    The second The World Ends With You OST. This one has the missing english tracks from the first sound track. Looking forward to having Transformation blaring in my mates car.
  9. Carol Vorderman quits Countdown

    That'd be awesome. "What did you get Countbot 6000?" "Sex lul lul lul" "Anonymous again..."
  10. Moderator Changes

    But before that, surely we need more females? We have an interesting array of females, but not enough. I'd say we'd have enough females when theres 5 of them to every male here.
  11. Piglet with Monkey Face

    What a foul trick. I too am suffering, you are not alone.
  12. Piglet with Monkey Face

    Highly doubtful, 4chan is down, /b/tards have gone outdoors.
  13. Hello spacedemented!

    That'd make sense, but when I first visited the image gallery, I noticed this: Post by user Ray Falling. Account deleted, post remains. There may be something different with this case, apologies if I'm wrong.