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ipaul, what are your headphones? I want them. Your face is also adorable, naturally.


Why thank you :)


They're the Koss Portapros, got them for like £18 off Amazon. Their design hasn't changed from like 1984 or something. They do sound very good, easily the best value for a pair of headphones I've had. The build quality isn't the best though and if I could afford them, I'd probably prefer having a pair of iGrados again as they were more comfortable.

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I also approve of those sunglasses. Similar to a pair I want. Cool hair, Raining :)



Just chilling at the computer.


Too cute. I want!!


Here's a picture of me with some random people, Marcamillian, and Rob and Matt of Cyanide and Happiness fame.




Also, me in a wheelchair that someone had stolen from Asda.


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