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  1. Help a non-boozer!!!

    havana club rum and ginger ale and tell them to squeeze the god dam limes into it, as it makes all the differance...........dont drink vodak especialy if you dont drink................or just go for wine its much more lady like and its great for social banter, just dont drink too fast........or you can just go all out and order taquila but dont blame me if you end up in a strange bed or the gutter in the morn......lol i love that shit
  2. Favourite Day of the Week

    wednesday break beat night at the audio,plenty of fun to be had
  3. Rate the last film you saw

    blood diamond............................thought this was a very food film best i have seen in a while apocalypto...........................REALY REALY GOOD well don mel gib....car chase through the jungle
  4. Another ridiculous BBC article

    ha i love this i have had an argument about this before.......more like a taunting session with close mates not randoms on the street. as this would be rong. demonmike04 that banner hurts me up as i have a very bad throught...probably through smokin but your banner just makes me want to smoke as i can see the pixles enjoyin that cig soooo much
  5. All Your Fears Rolled Into One Thread

    im mainly worried that i may fall asleep and wake up in the future a bit like that erick cartmen kid......im worried that santa may not actualy be real and be draggin his fat booty through my non excisting smokey joe house pipe but mainly im most worried about the fact that i have no pre order console and that im going to get burnt on release as the stats for the release date in america makes me wince. im worried that theirs no rumble in my pack.
  6. First UK Wii ad

    oh my oh my oh my. im tryin to hold it in but i swear im gona piss my self soon with all this susspence. i mean first the zelda feeds now the advert. i havent been this excited in a very long time i dont just stay in all day geeking it up on the computer and it still turns me on. it came as a total suprise for me and the others in the room they didnt share the same enthusiasim and i think sojme one shat their pants when i burst out in uncontrollable glee WII SHALL BE
  7. Saddam sentenced to death!

    just because some one has an extreamist view does not mean they have extreamist actions. for every thing that is their is every thing that is not. we need to start learning that we need both sides not just one as it is the way of the univers and excistance as we no it even in the unknown knoledge. if you follow me. and no, people do not learn from the past they just find better ways of getting away with things. if we truly learnt from the past we would all have to accept war and meaning less death as a part of our lives and excistance on this planet. as the coin has two sides im sure many people would have a problem with this. but does also maintain a little truth. any who these are just ramblings of a mad man, a mentalist, one of those who belives we dont excist.........so nothing realy matters if you like it so in your reality.
  8. We Have 10 Years To Save the World

    bottom line is i learnt about this just after saddam had finished gassing people. so how the hell is it a big issue now. surly we could have started work back then to change things other than not using spray on deodarent eerrrr! blairs just tryin to paint himself in a better light thats why hes jumped on the band waggon. im sticking with branson. only he can save us now. woooooooooooooooould yoooouu, like to swing on a star, or carry moon base home in a jar. eeeeeeeerrr think i will take star bob and no i dont need to phone a friend and who ever the american is GUNNA is a word. if shizzel has enterd the dictionary i think you should let gunna slide to be honest go to manchester and you will see it being used like water with tea because i am going to..................naa just doesnt work GONNA thats better and faster.
  9. Saddam sentenced to death!

    ha ha your funny.. as for me hangin some one anit a problem as long as every one is treated in the same way...............i have two extra nusses for blair and bush...shit i can wait another 10 years to see it happen just as long as it does. if one should die for war crimes then so should all:idea:
  10. North Korea Test Nuclear Weapon

    i just ment they couldnt bomb any where if they wanted it was just the first place to pop into my head. like i said before korea china iran. that could be a formidable force. america has played this game before with the same results china taking controll as america are deep within chinas pockets. iran does what it wants as long as they play the americans at their own game and china would kick ass if anything is launched at their general direction witch would be korea. japans scared of china and even with america protecting them they wouldnt be so silly to attack korea. nor can america embark on another war. check out sun zue art of war the basics are in thier. plus they would have to go to china for yet more money see where this is going plus today china said their would be no millatery action................america must obay again becuse of the money:bowdown: and i think russia would be easyer swayed to go the china root than the stars and stripes road and if america do fade out of power i dont think anyone will be cryin for them to come back. DO YOU HEAR ANY ONE CRYIN OUT FOR THE REBUILD OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE NO NO NO NO WAY. BECAUSE IT WAS WRONG WRONG WRONG china is on the side of korea and iran they just get pissed off with them when they dont talk befor they act but it dosent mean china will abandon the two. you realy have to read between the lines with all this its not all so straight forward like most of you may think it is. look at the progress from afgan to iraq theirs plenty of things in that that tell you one thing is conected to most things. THE END:zzz:
  11. North Korea Test Nuclear Weapon

    did they do this with a n war head sorry long week end as i said already. i shall try harder to gain your english spelling wizzardry respect
  12. North Korea Test Nuclear Weapon

    im looking at a chart but it aint telling me anything. are you saying russia has bombed more than america eerrrr you might have to spell that one out to me as its been the week end for me since wednesday and my brains being a little slow. maybe not necesarry!!?? ARE YOU HAVIN A LAUGH MATE. NECESSATY WAS NEVER AN ISSUE IT WAS ALL OUT WRONG WRONG WRONG and you no it even the americans no it the fish in the sea no it. so you would put trust into some one that has done something wrong and distrust the person who aint done a thing. er thought police. oh crap yeh thats right your the masia as your gender is jesus. you should come lock me up because i thought about killing my parents as a young boy.
  13. North Korea Test Nuclear Weapon

    errr america im sure they should be at the top of the list seeing as their the only ones to deploy an active nuke on to someone elses bonce:shock: twice for that matter. i saw in the papper the other day that a man was arrested and sentanced for thinking about rape. he never acted on this nor did he try. and in another storey a man got less time for actualy killing some one. sounds like your mate is hand in hand with the dark side letting thes kind of things happen are our selves as god aint coming to save us we have to save our own
  14. North Korea Test Nuclear Weapon

    dont be silly why would i say korea bomb hiroshima:woops: that wouldnt be very nice now would it............you must realise thair talking about any kind of nuculare capability well they were with iran.
  15. North Korea Test Nuclear Weapon

    a mad man dose not need a motive you little detective you. nor dose a sane man for that matter. but you are kind of right their is no real motive for them to attack any one. lets considder this all the fighting with israle palistine and now lebbonon. iran providing cash for israle to get smashed and inbaris america. america providing israel with funds to do their dirty work just like saddam all over again. china stepping up on the world podium and havin more say with america as it has been lending masses of funds to the great usa even tho their human rights is outragouse with a blind eye provided by the rest of us. usa wants iran to stop but their not showing any sign of retreat. now lets throw korea in to all this things are looking bad for america if more powers with nuclulare capability are against them and their polacies. like you all no americas army is scaterd all over the world leavin the home land quite vunrable. korea dont need a motive the rest of the world does bring on the china as the next supper power thats what i say:horse: