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  1. Do you have any siblings or friends that you play locally with?

  2. No problem man, I think it would be better to go for a CCP myself aswell. I use to play with the Wiimote + nunchuk controls until 2010, but after my hiatus it seems I can't get back up to speed when I play Wiimote|nunchuk, and I tend to make a fair few mistakes, and also I was thinking that the new WiiU Pro Controller is an enhancement to the current Classic Controller Pro so maybe it would do well for when the next smash comes around. But I think it would take a long time to get used to the new controls... decisions.


    How long did it take for the CCP to 'click' after you switched from the GC controller?

  3. Do you use a GC controller for SSBB?

  4. -Dem0-

    One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP 2 can be pre-ordered from Zavvi for £19.95



  5. -Dem0-

    Normally I watch One Piece on Watchop.


    But the thing is I haven't watched One Piece in a while now, and also the quality hasn't been good on watchop lately. (excellent quality during Marineford!)

    I think the subs are FUNImation because some episodes show the little FUNImation intro thing before the opening. How do I know for sure?

    What I will say though, almost every episode I've watched has been from watchop and the subs have been very good.

  6. Thanks! I've just added your FC too, cya online soon!

  7. Your new avatar rocks fused, I'm going to play Okami after I finish Skyward Sword. After reading the posts on the Okami thread, it really does sound like a superb game. can't wait!

  8. Your avatar is all kinds of awesome... just had to say it.

  9. Your welcome, I think you get the 'thanks' button after 50 posts.

    Just in case no one's said it, welcome to the forums! :)

  10. -Dem0-

    Wow, some of these shirts are really good! I think I'll order some now, thanks.

  11. -Dem0-

    Not a fan of AMV's in general but I Just came across this awesome one about Zoro. It's doesn't crappy music or words playing in the background. if you got time to watch it, it's only 3 minutes long.


  12. Ah well I'm up to the point where they just arrive at Merman Island. I think the time-skip designs are all right, but right now I want to hold off watching it for a while so I can watch a decent amount of episodes in the holiday.


    It's getting harder and harder to ignore the manga though.

  13. -Dem0-

    Where are you up to in the series?

  14. -Dem0-

    Do you watch One Piece or do you read the manga, or both?

  15. It's great to hear your back in the League!


  16. ah sorry, I didn't know about your situation, hopefully it'll work out for you soon! :D

  17. where were you for the MK League GP's last night? :(

  18. thank you, the only anime I've watched was the entire Dragonball series right through to GT, some Gundam Wing when I was a kid and at the moment Naruto & One Piece. I'm about 20 chapters and episodes behind Naruto.


    3 of my friends watch OP, but they told me not to read the manga, as it will ruin it... ? I mean I read the manga & watched the anime of Naruto and I really enjoyed it! infact after reading the manga, it made me want to watch it in motion!


    I haven't read OP yet, so what do you think?

  19. so im guessing your up-to-date with OP? I asked my sister for advice on other anime/mangas and she said eyeshield 21, deathnote & fairy tale. what do you think about those?

  20. ah Thank you very much, I didnt make it though! :D