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  1. No Retail Support For Nintendo

    just for the record, game bought gameplay either summer 2004 or 2005. time flies cant remember for sure. hmv in most stores have dropped the cube in the last month.
  2. Happy Birthday Dabookerman

    yeah, happy birthday to you.
  3. Limewire

    or you offer files you do not have the rights over. most people so far chased by the record companies have been uploading
  4. hmv

    have they cleared the gamecube from their shelves? i went to two of them this week and while one had nothing where the cube games had been, and no sign of the cube anywhere else, the other had no sign of ever having stocked it they could at least have sold the games off cheap
  5. New NOM

    they printed about 57000 didnt they? thats quite poor when you think the cube market used to be over 100,000 mags 2 years ago. ngc gets a relaunch in a few months too. so if there are all these ds/gba around, why does xbox get a bigger selling mag than a nintendo one?
  6. What if the worst happens?

    too right. nintendo is held back by its tv machine hardware side. ninty really wants to keep it because it remembers the days it controlled the market and everyone had to do what they wanted so as to get access to their platform. the cost of chasing the return of that dream has been huge. however. if the hardware doesnt come off and it only eats into its savings, it is still the best software house by far, and if it was honest they know they could have sold 5x the number of games if they had been on the playstation2. so let nintendo gamble a bit. if it fails, they can be sure that who ever is left making the hardware will be calling on nintendo with buckets of cash to secure their machine nintendos games.
  7. not bad at all. no more crazy than any other collection. i collect money, so any one with any they dont want, send it my way.
  8. Universities Universities...

    and have a good look at their student union website pages. might give you a feel for how big a student area each is. yeah, thats the problem with london uni. you are stuck to the student bars as unlike student cities most of the normal bars dont have student discounts. go to a smaller city and suddenly all the bars and clubs want students.
  9. Xbox360 help

    europe is meant to have standardised its power over the last few years to "230v" and as such all electrical equipment sold in the eu is meant to be able to run on that with a margin of natural fluctuation. so 220-240v is likely to be the output in every case. all that normally changes now is the shape of the plug. however if you plug something in with advice you read on the net alone, you deserve to be flung across the room in a flash of light and a cloud of black smoke!
  10. New NOM team confirmed

    nom did try to "grow up" but the nintendo target market did not. so they scrapped their mature changes and went all pink and fluffy again
  11. Rapture TV - Channel 288

    the original rapture was great. especially their close down night.
  12. Japanese Cooking

    ramen miso noodle soups are wonderful.
  13. take down your xmas decorations!

    how is that a spamming thread? perhaps i dont know the meaning of spam then. tell me what you think it means? is there an advert for viagra in my post? is there a link to where you can get laid for once in your life in my post? no. its a topical chitchat post pointing out that the day had come and past where xmas decorations are traditionally down, and the revoeurope ones were not. moron
  14. Has C-E + R-E = gone

    i like the new speed. as the weirdo in the phones4u advert screams "yeah!"
  15. take down your xmas decorations!

    wow these forums are super fast today!