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  1. Google+

    Pm sent. :-)
  2. Google+

    Anybody able to send me an invite? :-)
  3. Vancouver 2010 (Olympics)

  4. EA Sports: Grand Slam Tennis!

    I seem to be getting worse at this... Thought it might be more fun to play against real people online but currently have a 1-13 record...
  5. Rate the last film you saw

    It's not really very funny at all - I think one or two moments may have raised a smile from me but the majority of laughs from the audience seemed to come from jokes from Seth Rogen's voice that weren't especially funny but people laughed because it was Seth Rogen! The only decent voice acting came from Keifer Sutherland mainly down to the fact he seemed to be the only one actually putting some effort into not being Keifer Sutherland's voice. Plus he's Keifer Sutherland. I also don't go think Pixar films are meant to be comedies (although obviously have comedy elements) like Dreamworks films are trying to be and are all the better for it. A lot of people found Wall-E depressing which isn't something common to comedies. I'll agree with you partly about Insectosaurus - he was one of the only decent things in this film. It wasn't the worst animated film ever. It was just very average. Bring on Up! But yes, I am completely mental but that's unrelated to my opinion of this film.
  6. Rate the last film you saw

    Monsters Vs. Aliens Very meh film. 3D effects were mildly entertaining for about the first 10 minutes but couldn't hide the fact it was a very weak film. Nowhere near the quality of anything from Pixar. Big name stars doing voices in an animation always seems a bit pointless too... 3 out of 5 (at most)
  7. Rate the last film you saw

    Eh? It was wrapped up - quite clear what was going to happen...
  8. Brands That Won't Be Beat

    They're only the best for those that don't know any better...
  9. The Dark Knight Discussion (Spoilers)

    I got one from the US that does:
  10. Bands You Couldn't Live Without

    Rick Astley.
  11. The Dark Knight Discussion (Spoilers)

    Yeah - having watched it the day before, it made Batman Begins feel like a small-scale, low budget film in comparison. I think Gotham City felt more real in this film - Batman Begins' use of the Narrows and the futuristic rail system didn't quite seem real. Despite Batman's role in this film being reduced, it was a far better film than Batman Begins and really makes any of the previous Batman films seem like a joke (dancing to Prince in an art gallery...?) and in fact any other superhero movies...
  12. Rate the last film you saw

    The Dark Knight Absolutely fantastic - lived up to and possibly exceeded my expectations. Plus I got a lenticular poster thing due to it being a preview... 5 out of 5
  13. Rate the last film you saw

    Nah - that's Nuns With The Runs. Things get prettyyyy messy...
  14. Rate the last film you saw

    Nah - saw it at the Edinburgh Film Festival on Saturday...
  15. Rate the last film you saw

    Wall-E Great film and beautifully animated. Possibly my favourite Pixar film... 5 out of 5