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  1. Nintendo Wii Star Issue-250 or 500?

    The GC was originally 500 stars actually, and then at one point they decided to raise it to 1000, even for people who originally registered it.
  2. Wiivaluation

    There isn't much wrong with the price. 179 includes internal memory, a game, and wi-fi compatability and the controller is wireless. The 360 core at 199 requires you to buy a memory card, buy a game, buy a wi-fi adapter and the controller is wired. Although it does play DVDs.
  3. The Sweet Irony that, and hope that TR: Legend doesn't get canned for GameCube in the UK, - that it will be the last 'good' Third Party game on the system. Is anyone interested in buying? I haven't been into Tomb Raider games before but may be willing to try this, the first time Lara's been on a Nintendo home system. Now if it ever gets released... watch this space.
  4. Wii GameCube play

    Do you think, or hope, the Wii will have some kind of "Force Progressive Scan" option or setting so PAL Cube games can be played in Progressive scan on HDTV's? Im assuming that the progressive options are hidden and not entirely removed on PAL games as there are modchips that can force progressive scan. Of course for NTSC games It won't matter... Even if there is no progressive mode though the games will still look better than RGB with the component cable.
  5. First game played was something like Arcadians or Hopper on the Acorn/BBC computer my parents had. Console game, it was Outrun on the Sega Master System II, as we bought it just before the console which had Alex Kidd built in.
  6. Gamecube RGB cabel on Wii Question

    i doubt GC component cables will work, as that used a different connector.
  7. I went to the Madejski, what a gig, first time ive seen the Chilis play live and being one of my favourite bands it didnt disappoint!
  8. Gamecube "Essentials"

    Unmentioned ones Resident Evil Star Fox Adventures Viewtiful Joe
  9. NGC reborn! - NGamer

    Rubbish. The Magazine's always been good.
  10. NGC magazine

    Kittsy is the god damn EDITOR, he didnt leave! Mark Green and Jes are there right now. Geraint and Paul and Tim aren't there currently, though.
  11. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    So when is this site becoming Wii-Europe?
  12. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

  13. Grabbed by the Ghoulies 2 days after finishing Conker... finished the other Rare Xbox game after playing it sporadically for the last 2 years. My file was only 7 hours long but it felt much longer due to the repetition of the game and feelings in Chapter 3 of "when's it gonna end??" and the last boss was one of the most annoying ever. It was an amusing concept but pretty average effort from Rare. 6/10
  14. Prime is my only Player's Choice game, i had the original on release but back then I didnt have a Job, didnt like the game much, and sold it so i could get Zelda. Later when i had money i got it again and finished it.
  15. Conker: Live and Reloaded Found it a bit more enjoyable experience to the original which I finished two years ago when it was graphically dated. Still got ChapterX to do, however. 8/10