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  1. How was your day?

    I haven't posted on these forums for a year or so, but anyway, today was a fantastic day for so many reasons, some more fantastic than others. So here they are: - My teacher said my Personal Statement for my uni application was "fantastic" and I got predicted grades of AAA - I got a Politics exam back and got full marks. - One of my best friends who has been ill for a while is better and in school again. - I thought my computer was horribly broken but it turns out it isn't. - I got Portal. - I deposited the money I need to book my Gap Year into my bank. But probably the best thing EVER. By pure coincidence I ended up sitting with a group of girls who I don't normally to sit with. However, we got talking and I was feeling good, conversely freely, having a good talk which ended in me being invited and urged to to go on holiday with them next Summer! Now this would be good just on the fact that it'll mean going on holiday with friends. However, what it makes it so so so much better and way more exciting is the fact that it'll be going to Japan and that the group of people consists of: +a girl who is a really good friend of mine, +a girl I am have been in love with (or as close to love as I felt in my life so far) for a long time and who I thought I had missed my shot with, +a girl who is the nicest person I know and who I wish knew better, +and a girl who is so clever and is just amazing to talk to and who shares similar interests as me and in my eyes is the hottest girl in my year.
  2. PS3 or 360?

    My point precisely. Now, if a PS3 had been bought maybe this extra 200 and something pounds would have been saved.
  3. PS3 or 360?

    The same could be said about PS3 deals though. The prices are consistently dropping. You can buy one today for £360. Or £370 for the PS3, Click, HDMI cable. Oh, and on the issue of price, judging from recent examples, over a 5 year period (which is generally considered to be a consoles lifespan) your 360 is more likely to fail than it isn't meaning another purchase of the console for most people, so in the 'long run' that would be an extra extra big expense.
  4. PS3 or 360?

    I'm in a similar position and one factor which I've found is that overall a PS3 is cheaper than a 360 in the long run. My Sums: PS3 (400) + Headset (12) + Component cable (10) = 422 (Free=online, built in wireless, 60gb, blu-ray player) 360 (250) + Wireless adapter (55) + Online (140=35x4) = 445 (Free=20gb, headset, Component Cable) As you can see for around the same price the PS3 boasts 40gbs more and a Blu-ray player.
  5. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Sony have started a new PSP ad campaign, dubbed "Dude, get your own". While the name sounds bad, the advertisements are actually probably the best Sony ads in a long long time, although that's not really saying anything after the mess that was "This is living". View them here, I laughed at a few of them. Reminds me of a kinda The Office style humour.
  6. Playstation Discussion Archive

    But I have a DVI port, so it's all aces right? EDIT: Wait what? So is the only difference between HDMI and DVI the quality of sound?
  7. Playstation Discussion Archive

    I was debating about putting this in the tech thread, but I thought I'd put it here, as PS3 owners might have had the same problem I do, and rom what I've read, it seems you guys in here know a lot about the tech side. OK, I need help as I'm in a bit of a muddle about the whole HDMI stuff, and I just want some clarity before I order a PS3 as I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I'd really appreciate some help OK, first of all to clarify, HDMI is the best right? I'm lead to believe it looks a shade nicer than DVI, and Component However, the problem is that I have a HDTV that doesn't have a HDMI plug. Now if I was to buy a PS3 with a HDMI cable, and use a lil DVI to HDMI adapter thing like this: Would that be the right thing to do? Would the image still be better than a one through a standard component cable? Thanks!
  8. Football Season 2006/2007

    "she dated Charlton striker MARCUS BENT, 25 — who later two-timed her." Indeed. She says "I says she can't stop seeing him because he's so good-looking" He doesn't seem that good-looking to me.
  9. Football Season 2006/2007

    Yaysus. I read in the paper that Danielle Lloyd is dating around Armand Traoré!!! Only N-E Gooners will probably know who he is, but to those uninformed, he is a fringe Arsenal player who got a run in the Carling Cup this year, and more importantly, he's just seventeen!!! That's my age, and he's getting a piece of Danielle Lloyd. God Damn.
  10. CSS in Manchester tomorrow

    One of their songs was the song of the week about a month ago on iTunes. I downloaded it, thought it was fairly average.
  11. Anime and manga discussion

    I accidentally stumbled across the first episode of the Diamond and Pearl pokemon anime in Japanese with subs and I quite liked it. The new character is cool, and the way it focuses on her beginning her adventure reminds me of when I watched it for the first time ages ago and Ash was beginning his. Then I went a searching for the second episode and found it in the American dubbed form and it was horrible to watch. I never thought I'd be one of those guys to moan and whine about dubbing and who wishes for the subbed version, but that's what I am now. I really find it is like ten times better with Japanese voices and subs.
  12. I saw it on Saturday. Really really enjoyed it. Sure it was cheesy as hell in some parts, but it made me grin nonetheless, the dancing in the street bit was pure lolity. I thought it was funny how he went all emo hairstyle with the black spiderman power. I found the ending with Sandman dude a bit stupid as well, I mean there and then it seems all nice and warm and fuzzy way to end it, but thinking about it, I mean the guy is still a wanted criminal and he still hasn't got the money for his daughter's operation. I couldn't believe though in the cinema I was sitting behind a little girl of around 6 years old, that whole 12A system is ridiculous, it's basically means PG now.
  13. Playstation Discussion Archive

    So if I bought a PSP with a 1gb would I be able to play Final Fantasy VII on it legitimately? Or has that plan still not come to fruition?
  14. Rate the last film you saw

    Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle Pretty simple film, but very very funny, pure comedy in that it didn't try to be too clever with itself. Laughed out loud quite a fair bit too, can't wait for the sequel. 9/10
  15. Playstation Discussion Archive

    Which magazine was this from? I was extremely irked upon my reading of this month's GamesTM cover story on a profile of Square-Enix to find that it was exactly the as this article, bar a different alignment of text boxes and a modifying of the screenshot captions. Grrrrrrr - extremely annoyed as I bought GamesTM this month for this feature, only to find it was a cheap copy and paste job of an article I'd read weeks prior.