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  1. [1 of 3] As a mod, that fact that most of your works goes unknown is, for the most part, a good thing. And I know your intention was well meant. My comment about you failing as a mod was me substituting the comments providing by another user as well as using their line about it being nothing personal. It wasn't meant as a slight at you. It was meant as jab at them. I thought that would have been obvious if all the posts had been read.


    And I kept it on there just so people could read it as a matter of public interest.


    I have no issue with Thread Ripping and I don't see why it would require another members permission for it. I know why this this happened, how it came about, but this has nothing to do with. It's to do with the content of the posts themselves - something I made very clear in my own posts.

  2. [3 of 3] You say you are pissed off at people flying off the handle at things that don't concern them. Difficult to think that's not aimed at me directly given I've been the most forceful in responses. But that's ok. I understand where you are coming from. You don't see this as my business because it was effectively between two other members or perhaps rather one member.


    My stance is, like I said in my first post in the thread, that too many people are all too eager to shoot down other people on the forum for having different views. And that's what I also said I may be guilty of the same in my response.


    Personally, I vote for Mokong because I do think he's achieved an awful lot, but notice how I never bring up my views on success into my replies. And why is that? Because people would mistake my agenda. They would think I'm "siding" with Mokong because I think he is successful. Whereas what I'm really doing is defending a person who is clearly being picked on by someone else.

  3. As good as the ordinary version looks, that one looks even better. I won't lie, I'm a little bit jealous right now :p


    Delivery is a bit steep mind but it wouldn't have stopped me if I'd known.

  4. Cool!


    I forgot I didn't even have my Wii when I said yes. I lent it to my brother as he's off work for 4 weeks following a trip to the hospital - I went and got back today.


    I'll set my alarm now whilst I remember. Not played in ages though so be warned - if I'm playinjg crap, I'm not being sporting, I'm being crap :p

  5. Globe trotting huh - pretty cool :)


    To be honest, I'd have to set my alarm to be up for any of those times but since you're making the effort, so can I, so let's call it 10 ok? 9 is just crazy talk mate :p


    Yeah, you get some rest - lazy student bums like me don't have to be up for anything and so we don't have to go bed for anything either :D

  6. Hey mate :)


    It's going as to be expected... just trying to organise my thoughts and straighen my mind out. Now I'm back at uni, I don't have much time for gaming.


    I'm trying to fit in play of Deus Ex (done about 3 misions in two weeks) and my mate has given me a code to get Batman for free when it's released next month on PC. I'll have to make time for Zelda though but there are some 3DS games looming too (Mario, Sonic, Tales of...) I'm interested in so I see a bit of a backlog forming. And then there is Skyrim.


    But as I said, not much time - too busy trying to make games to play them :p


    How's things with you?

  7. I shall feel personally insulted if you don't add me.




    Don't disappoint me :p

  8. If you hear nothing back, you don't have anything to even work on... though that isn't something relates entirely to work - but that's another story for another day.


    Are you applying for anything and everything then?

  9. Just call it how I see it man :cool:


    If people want to extol the virtues of Nintendo, then fair enough - this is a Ninteno forum. But it just annoys me when the only way they can lift them up is by stamping everyone else down and critising them for things that either aren't true or Nintendo are just as guilty of.


    And that's when I step in :p

  10. Maggers!!!


    I'm making a special effort to come here today and say happy birthday... so, Happy Birthday!!!!


    See, that friend request meant something to me even if not to you - I know you prefer Timbo over me but that's cool since he was there first ;) And no, I've still have zero interest in Minecraft before you ask :p

  11. No probs mate - Golden Sun it is!


    I'm not sure if I've seen PS2. My brother used to watch all those kinds of films and at various stages I've sat down and watched them with him. Even if I've not watched it in one sitting, I've probably seen it all :p


    I think my favourite will always be City Hunter!

  12. Not really thought about busing it. A direct train takes an hour and half but for a bus,well the best time is 3 and half hours - my 3DS battery couldn't take that and I think I'd go a bit mad too. It is only a third of price though... but I'd prefer to cough up the greens and save my sanity.


    I wasn't planning on staying over either, mainly because of the expense. It's not just the hotel/hostel, it's the spending in general when out and about - it soon adds up.

  13. Oooo weekend mornings aren't good since I go the gym around 10:30 ish normally so it would have to be after I got back in the afternoon...


    Things aren't too bad I guess - on a break from uni right now so taking it relatively easy until they start to ramp up the work load like the end of last year. Still, I got it done then (somehow) and i'm sure I'll get it done this time to.


    How about you - how's life in the services going?

  14. Oooooooo!!! Thanks for the heads up.


    The dimensions make it look as though it could be the same as the US book but with a hardcover instead of the paper one that used - the height/width ratio looks the same. The only problem with this is that it means using GAME. Oh well, if needs must.

  15. Ooops, typing from my phone and... well... you can see the result :p


    As I was saying, I went a bit easy in some areas but now I'm busting a gut just to pass. Still, its a darn sight more rewarding when you put so much in. Seeing my 3D rendered bring 3D models to life or watching my planets move around the PSP screen with lighting and stuff is pretty cool. I think we may get to play with a PS3 at some point too so it is actual experience of the real stuff.


    As for Saturday, hopefully I won't be too late bad and we can get an hour at least in there before you have to go.

  16. So what's wrong with the new Captain Falcon?


    Does he act differently? Speak differently?


    Or is it that he didn't vote you for Staff Member of the year and consequently there must be something wrong with him as the old one would never do such a thing :p

  17. So you are alive then ;)


    Things aren't going too badly though I never seem to be that far away from a hiccup or two either :p


    Saturday morning is alright with me... I'll just have to remember to actually get up in the morning. But name a time and I'll definitely be there!

  18. Still not too sure mate... I really need to make up my mind. I mean, it's not like I'll be doing anything that weekend anyway so I don't have any better offers. And £60 return isn't breaking the bank either.


    I am seriously thinking about...


    What about you?

  19. Thanks for the heads up about the demo... -Dem0- :p


    Not sure if I want to give it a go or not. I'm a big FE fan, as is probably apparent, but I'm not sure if I want to tease myself with the demo when the real thing is just around the corner. Unlike other games when you download demos because you aren't sure about their quality or whether they are really for you, this game has my name written all over it.


    I'll have to mull it over.

  20. That's awesome news mate!! Congratulations on so many hours a week!! Not bad about you and Becky either ;) How long you been together now? About a year and half is it? But when you know, you know right.


    The first year, I can say I slacked a little in some areas

  21. That's tough man. I'm not sure what I'd do if I suddenly had to go out and find a job again. I probably spend just as much time on here though as I do now.


    Have you even managed to get any interviews in that time?

  22. The announcement was made back at the end of last year, so you might already know but I only came across it recently, but I see the live action Gatchaman film is finally going to happen and be released this summer in Japan after previous movie attempts have failed. I saw some clips from it the other day but there were no shots of them in uniform sadly. Still not long to go if everything remains on track.


    Oh, and if you did know, why didn't you tell me ;)

  23. The Rayman games, both the original, Jungle Run, and the sequel Fiesta Run, are currently on sale on the Google Play store at 49p and 69p respectively if you're interested in picking them up.


    I have both and can strongly recommend them if you're curious. Plus, at that price, you can't really go wrong.

  24. Well I was never looking to argue with you but I couldn't help but notice that you were completely missing my point - which, as you now see is different to the others that were being raised. And I was a touch saddened by that if being honest... especially after you took the time to post 4 messages on my wall.


    So thrip, thrip, thrip away - it makes no difference whatsoever to me.


    Issues on freedom of speech and personal insults though, are a matter for everyone. That's what I was trying to make a point about... I'm just glad we got there in the end.


    You mentioned about people not speaking out for being "fearful of their freedom"... well that's my biggest concern.

  25. Well like the phoenix rising from the ashes, I came back stronger... a 1000 posts stronger.


    Unfortunately the death and rebirth of Captain Falcon was a necessary sacrifice. The new Captain can see things the other couldn't. Yes, I probably could have gone to specsavers and everything would have been fine but hey, that's hindsight for you ;)