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  1. I would have to say that for a Halo game, it's actually very good. The now established developers 343 have really put their mark on the series while keeping most of the things people like about the series, I've almost finished the single player campaign in Legendary solo over the past week - I tend to take my time with FPS titles - and it has proved to be solid even though the story element is clearly overblown in the promotional videos... it's still decent enough with enough fan-pleasing elements.


    As for the multiplayer? I haven't touched it yet but again I hear that it's solid and a bit more refined than Halo MCC which is something to be thankful for.


    Overall... perhaps not the definitive entry in the Halo series but then again what is? Worth the price of entry if you're playing through the single player and at least twenty-plus hours of multiplayer but avoid the micro-transactions like the plague as they represent everything which is wrong with the games industry these days.

  2. Thank You! :D It has been a good day, I spent most of it playing Paper Mario so it was certainly enjoyable. :)

  3. I've only just beaten the prologue, literally just about to start Chapter 1!


    Thinking about it, this probably is an impossible task, but still... I shall try. :)

  4. That should have been "Thank You Mr. Jonathan Stanley" I have no idea why I called you by just your surname, I'm so used to everyone's forum persona's. :indeed:


    Also I meant to say, you did a cracking job on the Woolly World review, just managed to play some it myself recently :D I think you and I along with Yoshi & Sonic are safe from the creek. ;)

  5. Thank you Stanley. :)


    It'll be a good day I reckon but yes, Hero and I were just saying the same thing, we're all getting old, time seems to be slipping away! I have loads of games to play yet... :heh:


    I'm going to play Paper Mario for the majority of the day, hopefully from start to finish. : peace:

  6. Haha! It most certainly is. :D Thanks Adam :) check the Wii U VC thread, I think you'd definitely approve of how I plan to spend my day, of course it involves playing games ;) It has been a pleasure knowing you over the years my friend and I'm proud to now join the ranks of the 30+ gamer as I have no intentions of stopping any time soon. : peace:

  7. Ah right, an easy mistake to make, no worries though. :)

  8. That's odd... I wasn't aware that I had a boat for sale, perhaps there's a problem with the site e-mail?

  9. Thanks Adam :) its been a fantastic day. Yes, only one year left now then I'll hit the legendary three decade mark ;) ah well I'm still going to keep gaming whatever happens, bring on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! :D

  10. I've just added you on my 3DS Ash :) - in the middle of a mass fc-adding for Pokemon - feel free to add me back, 5412-9881-2109

  11. Thanks -Dem0- :D its been a great day so far and I'm sure it'll get even better later. :)

  12. Thank you! :D


    Should be a good day with any luck :) and yes, definitely... I've been meaning to get into the online in Animal Crossing but there's just so much to do as it is in the single player.

  13. Cheers for that Blade. :)


    I'm sure it'll be a great birthday, just gonna chill and play some games; just for a change! ;)

  14. I sure am, so I look forward to seeing you on AC but yes you should definitely get back into the hunt as well, I'm working on getting the final piece I need to make full Alatreon armour - need a DevilJho Crook, will probably take me forever - but I'd be happy to help you in Monster Hunter when you're on again. :)


    I've now added you back on my 3DS. :D


    Oh and congrats on becoming staff, Idk if it's just for E3 - hopefully for longer - but it's good to see you with a green name.

  15. Thanks -Dem0- :) I'm glad you enjoyed the review, I've corrected the error, that one must have slipped through the net so thank you for your vigilance. :D

  16. Oh I already have the game but I wanted to get a copy for my brothers birthday as I'd been looking for a reasonably priced copy of the games with the CPP for a while so thank you. :)


    I'm sure he'll be more than happy with it. :D

  17. RE: What have you done to trend on twitter?


    Quite honestly? literally nothing, I'm as confused as you... possibly more so. :p

  18. Dyson! just thought you might like to know that this weeks Live Music Performance on Inside Xbox is from Elbow and it's worth watching if you're on/get the time.


    They play Fugitive Motel followed by Switching Off and then finish beautifully with Great Expectations, it's an excellent performance and I'm sure you'd appreciate it so enoy! :D

  19. Nathan! thanks for your belated birthday wishes :) and while I would be interested in reviewing Dragon Quest IX I understand if it's not available now - I did take four days to reply - if it is still available then I'd like to give it a go, who'd I be reviewing it with btw? as you mentioned there were two copies.


    Please get back to me when you can and if you've already offered the game to someone else then don't worry about it, I'm just happy that I was considered to review it. :)

  20. 1.8 hours? damn I used to 'own' at that game lol I'd get back into Steam if I didn't have so many games to play on the 360... >.>

  21. Rainiiiiiiing! *hugs* good to hear from you, was thinking to myself earlier 'hmm I wonder what Hannah's up to' spooky... O.o I haven't been on MSN recently as I just don't use it anymore :/ anyway, see you on the forum, I'll try and post in Gen more often. :)

  22. Thank you very much Nathan! :) I'll do my best to review the game as soon as I receive it.

  23. If you want it Jay you can has it :o just Paypal me something to cover whatever it costs to post an issue and it's yours.