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  1. Aaaaaaah, I'm melting...etc.

    Sweat Inducing weather in brum; good job I recentley upgraded my wardrobe for the summer; 3/4 lengths, t-shirts and such are much better than jeans and jackets in this weather.
  2. Anime and manga discussion

    Easy for the male: Kuchiki Byakuya from Bleach. I'll get back to you about the female.
  3. Bleach Announced [Scan]

    The Bleach series has been licensed by Viz and will appear on american screens late 06 early 07. The series is excellent, and even the filler arc at the moment is pretty damn interesting. The game could be one of two things. A Fighting game like the GC, PSP and DS versions, or a 3D adventure game. like the PS2 games. I'm hoping for the latter if it gets an american release, or the former if it is a jap only game.
  4. Wii Camera

    No camera has been confirmed, and no shitty drawing software has been confirmed either, so you too are in the wrong by trying to pass off the latter as accurate while the former is undoubtedly wrong.
  5. Jump Superstars for the Cube!

    If only it was B(leach).D(ragon Ball Z).O(ne Piece).N(aruto) and had Bleach characters in it as wel....ah well.
  6. Jump Superstars for the Cube!

    Yeah; no offence meant, but slightly old. I Will probably buy it to go with my ever growing GC collection.
  7. Wii Camera

    Nintendo already made cameras before Sony, the GB camera, remember.... <_< >_> ^_^
  8. Those seeing X-Men 3 MUST READ!

    I'm going for the hardback versions of USM 1 and The Ultimates 1. Ultimate X-men is 10-14 days shipping at the mo.
  9. Those seeing X-Men 3 MUST READ!

    I can't be arsed to go back and catch up on everything I have missed from the marvel universe(haven't been reading for 7/8 years), so I've decided to dive into the Ultimate Marvel Universe, as there is less backstory to catch up on, so it is a lot easier for new/returning readers.
  10. Those seeing X-Men 3 MUST READ!

    The Weapon Plus program is the name of a clandestine Government funded project in Canada that turns subjects, both willing and unwilling into living weapons. The X in 'Weapon X' is a Roman Numeral, so Weapon X is the 10th version of the 'Weapon' Project, with the first being Captain America. As noted, the X refers to the order in which the project was created. However, once the members in weapon X were created, they split off and formed their own group, also called Team X/Weapon X, after the process which created them. Finally, the program was known to have implanted false memories into the subjects. Hope that helps.
  11. Those seeing X-Men 3 MUST READ!

    Weapon X was the process of giving Wolverine his adamantium skeleton. The group he joined in the comics/series was Team X, so imo, at least the weapon X inicdent Occureed. However, I think it could just as easily be set up as in X3; Jean states something along the lines of
  12. Your GameCube collections

    Power Tennis is awesome imo. Been playing it regularly since I got it a week or so ago. I usually turn the power shots off in exhibition mode though.
  13. Those seeing X-Men 3 MUST READ!

    Haven't read origins yet; any good?
  14. Those seeing X-Men 3 MUST READ!

    The first one wasn't that good you know; in fact, looking back, it was pretty cack as well. On the topic of the single character spin-offs, I'm hoping the Wolverine one is basically the whole weapon x thing showing his adamantium origins then moving onto Team X and introducing Omega Red. Unfortunately, I have heard that Vinne Jones will be in it as Juggernaut again, so this is unlikely.