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  1. Nope. I don't know if you knew, but your name is impossible to @-mention! :D

  2. Just checking if this works or not @/ nando /

  3. Think I'll go sleep now, pretty tired. Play with you some other time, have fun man :)

  4. Nice. If you check the N-E group, at the bottom you see the members grid. Anyone with a green border is playing something, should say the name of the game as well.

  5. Yay, steam working now, added you :) Btw, another good thing about TF2 online: there are all kinds of wacky achievements plus other statistics! Makes it more interesting as well :D


    Also, if you join the N-Europe steam group, you can instantly see if someone else is playing TF2. Pretty handy :)

  6. It's probably a problem in Steam, as I cannot find any players either, not even ones named "john" :D


    Yeah, no worry about that. It's pretty hectic and the players get switched from team to team all the time, so no-one really keeps track of how good or bad someone is. Plus since you're playing with different people all the time, there are always those who are better than you and those who are worse on your team. I mean I'm pretty average myself, but that doesn't stop me from experimenting with different things and having fun, even if I'm constantly getting my ass handed to me :D

  7. Hmm, can't find you, maybe the profile is hidden or smth? Anyway, yeah there's an N-Europe group, easy to find everyone from there. My user name: villevn


    Just jump in man, online's a good place to learn and fun! :) Sometimes I do good, usually ok, sometimes really bad, so it's fine really xD So many people playing at once that there's really no pressure...

  8. Hey btw, what's your steam account name? Not seen you in the N-Europe group at all... :o Haven't been playing TF2 for a while now, but if I should, would be nice to have you there as well!

  9. Right on, man :) Although, not been a very frequent traveller at any standards, but seeing you at some point would indeed be nice. Sooner or later ;)

  10. Heh, well that's a cover you're already using, right? :D

  11. Ok. Well, give it a try at some point if you like, see how it goes! :) Just need to give your name to h'stance in the thread, so he can whitelist you...


    And the multiplayer? Most of the time, I'm just minding my own business, set up my mine on an island, built a nice spire tower landmark and started digging. Still, it can be nice to chat with people while you're mining, or take a glance at how the environment is changing around your place :) And since your minding your own business, it isn't that super taxing performance-wise either...

  12. Hi there man, still playing Minecraft? Come join Happenstance's server, the more is merrier :)

  13. Hi Jim :)


    familiar with Guitar Pro or Powertab (freeware)? Great tools for checking out songs or creating your own...and much faster than playing by ear ;) I usually get the song files from ultimate-guitar, though it has plain text tabs as well:




    Btw, how long have you been playing?



  14. Awesome avatar pic Ashley, where did you find it? :)

  15. Wow, you've also been born in December, nice! :D Happy birthday!

  16. Nice date of birth you got there ;D Merry b-day!

  17. Never realised you had such an awesome date of birth, Shorty ;D Happy B-Day!

  18. N-E Minecraft server:

  19. Happy birthday man :)

  20. Wow, I didn't even know there was a collector's edition of OoT. No doubt it's pricy...I'll just stick with the versions that are easiest to play, i.e. GC / VC ones.

  21. Nice job! How far did you get earlier?

  22. :D


    Relax, O relax...just remember to take breaks every now and then, ok?


    Hmm, haven't actually listened the MNSG2 soundtrack as much as the MNSG1 one...Might take a listen at some point. Still, Goemon has weird tunes in a way: they're pretty complete, so harder to simplify...My brother started working on a Goemon cover at some point, but didn't finish it. Sounded awesome, but as he has a summer job now, he's busy...


    Btw, you have turned your visitor messages off, haven't you? We can't write on your profile...!