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  1. Björk - Biophilia

    http://mif.co.uk/event/bjork-br-biophilia/ So I am working but I do have a break in between so I could go either the 7th, 10th and 13th concerts. But I have no idea where I will be and if I would be able to get to Manchester. Do I take the risk or pray that she does more in the UK after the MIF?
  2. Björk - Biophilia

    "This summer, Björk introduces Biophilia, an extraordinary immersive project and her most ambitious work to date. The multi-media endeavour encompasses her music, installations and live shows, and celebrating the use of modern technology by utilising the internet. The project aims to explore ideas like how sound works, the infinite expanse of the universe, from planetary systems to atomic structures." http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/10006/1/bj%C3%B6rk-unveils-live-residency A bit speechless at the moment, probably caught in the hype but omg. Dates are June 30th, July 3rd, 7th, 10th, 13th and 16th during the Manchester International Festival at the Campfield Market Hall. £45.
  3. The Android Thread

    I would say the Orange San Francisco is the better buy.
  4. The Android Thread

    From what I have heard the flipout is awful, the best blackberry style qwerty keyboards will be the Motorola Pro or the HTC ChaCha...
  5. The Android Thread

    I personally would wait a bit, as there are the new S versions of HTC phones, Sony Ericsson Arc/Pro... coming out in April and the Samsung Galaxy 2 coming out in May.
  6. The Android Thread

    What do you want from a phone? Keyboard? Excellent Camera? Large Screen (4 inches +)?
  7. Apple Media Event

    This is what my homescreen looks like. I love it, gives me everything I need to know, upcoming appointments, unread texts etc at a glance.
  8. The Android Thread

    The market (on a pc) never loads for me anymore. It did for the first few days but none nothing
  9. Twin Peaks

    Thats odd, I too bought Season 1 like 2 years ago and then my girlfriend bought the Gold Box for my birthday and I finally finished it yesterday. Strange.
  10. The Android Thread

    So facebook contact sync isn't working, basically it has sent to the phone 44xxxxxxxx numbers instead of +44 or 0xx. Is there a fix for this? Also the battery life is pretty poor, there are quite a few apps that are running in the background that just seem to not be doing anything, some are useless like a sony ericsson clock widget that runs even when it is not being used and there are useful ones like Skype on 3 but I don't see why that has to be on all the time. I did buy the San Francisco yesterday, I am doing exams at the moment so I got it sent home but I should have it on thursday or friday, so I'm pretty excited. I just need to stop going on Modaco and get on with my revision.
  11. The Android Thread

    Thanks, installing GTalk again worked. The standard SE launcher is pretty sluggish but I installed Zeam and it seems to be a lot better. I think I will stick with Zeam, at least untill Launcher Pro gets it's rewrite and Go Launcher is more mature. I keep playing on it and its getting quite the distraction for revision but I am going to order a San Francisco and just pop in my sim card. I don't have internet on my contract though and its an extra £5 so i'll need to see how it is on just wi-fi.
  12. The Android Thread

    Yeah she got it for £15 for 2000 minutes, 5000 texts, 5000 3-3 minutes and 'unlimited internet'. Hopefully SE change their mind about upgrading it to 2.2 but thats unlikely. Thanks for the help, I'll give it a shot.
  13. The Android Thread

    My girlfriend got a SE X10 Mini Pro the other day and it came with tons of crapware on it so I rooted it and got rid of all the junk that was on it, including google talk. Now I can't seem to download from the market, the download just hangs at download starting. I've cleared the cache and restarted it but that doesn't do anything and when i've searched online I find that you need google talk? Also i'm having problems finding apps on the market, fxcamera and epicurious result in market saying it can't find anything. I don't think they require 2.2 so i'm not sure whats wrong.
  14. Higher Education Cuts

    Its not really anything to do with the Barnett formula though is it? The Barnett formula has been around longer than the policy that made university tution fees free for scottish students. But yeah I hated the scottish system last year, but now because of my family is earning less I get a lot more this year.
  15. How Can People Be So Mean?

    I think its more 'mean' that your co-worker didn't talk about the homeless guy he walked by. There are a lot of things wrong in this world and I'm not saying animal cruelty isn't awful but I find it ridiculous how its in the news and the public eye more often than the homeless or orphans etc. Though I guess cats with sad faces sells more than scary looking faces.