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  1. I am, albeit separated by several generations... sadly I missed the opportunity to celebrate though, what with not being employed by the water industry and all...

  2. It would seem so... thanks!

  3. Nope, I'm afraid not!

  4. Thanks! And yes, although all too busy right now, with talks and so on. I'm looking forward to a bit of a summer respite soon though!

  5. I've stopped failing to be in the chatroom again...

  6. Yeah, I guess that could work too. Either way, let me know how it goes! I'm going to have a go at fish-flavoured aubergine tonight, although will be following this slightly better-looking recipe - I'll try and post pictures on N-E!

  7. Hmm, that's a pity, but bear it in mind for another time... and let me know how the Wellington goes! I think you can always make mushroom wellington and the like for vegetarians, but maybe she wouldn't like that either. Maybe just put chicken in it or something?

  8. Yeah, it wasn't bad thanks! Sorry not to reply sooner, only just regained interent access - see you on IRC tonight?

  9. The time is ripe to chat once more.

  10. But maybe I will die! Anyway, I look forward to good characters for once. :) And Jason, or whatever he's called.

  11. But I actually need it for Wednesday... I'm far more cunning than you realise.


    Although the expected arrival date is Thursday-Saturday, so that kind of ruins my cunningness.

  12. I still have to wait for it to come first. Stupid cheap Amazon. :heh:

  13. I just ordered Mass Effect 3.


    I hope you're happy.

  14. I mainly linked it for the amusing value. :heh: But yes, the neogrammarians are cool.

  15. Sadly all didn't go to plan, but at least I managed to get up. :heh:

  16. It's

    . Crazy stuff.
  17. I'll let you know when the joyous day comes. (the watching of Alien, not the eating of my family)

  18. I know, it's terrible. And I've seen Aliens and Alien 3. Every day I vow to watch it soon.

  19. That's good too, although not right now as I'm going out in about half an hour - tomorrow sometime?

  20. Sorry, was busy last night, but will be free in the daytime today if you want to play. I may or may not still have the app, if it doesn't work shall we use Yahoo?

  21. Lol at how you put yourself in the Wikipedia article for Illeism. :heh:

  22. Well, I just thought you were saying linguistics was a social rather than natural science, when it's really a hybrid of loads of stuff. But yes, everything should get lots of funding, although experimental sciences inevitably require far more because of all the equipment and so on involved. But that doesn't mean social sciences should get nothing.

  23. With respect to natural v.s. social sciences: the natural sciences are the sciences of the natural world, and so include physics, chemistry and biology. This contrasts with social sciences which study the emergent phenomena of social interaction and so on. Linguistics can be approached as a natural science (e.g. language being an aspect of biology), a social science (e.g. sociolinguistics), a formal science (e.g. the formation of mathematical models of grammar regardless of ontology), or a humanity (e.g. philosophy of language, literary and discourse analysis).

  24. Lol ok. I never understand those who spurn the foxy joys of this browser.