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  1. So far I've played 55 games. 

    Platform distribution:

    • Xbox Series S: 54.
    • PS4: 1

    Service distribution:

    • Game Pass: 50
    • Purchased: 4
    • Games With Gold: 1


    Some highlights for me:

    Sunset Overdrive: You can see where Spider-man started out here. It was massively overlooked but is a really great game.

    The Outer Worlds: A great space RPG. I ended up enjoying this more than the likes of Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Fun combat, extremely likable characters, great soundtrack.

    Tunic: Even though I turned the combat off, the puzzles were so good that I still enjoyed the game

    Horizon: Forbidden West: Even better than the first.

    Bugsnax: So much more than what I was expecting.

    Paradise Killer: A mystery game, not much gameplay other than walking around but still extremely interesting.

    Supraland: A puzzle metroidvania. I tried it because it looked dumb and wanted to play a silly game, but this was genuinely amazing.

    Sonic Origins: Three great games in widescreen. Plus Sonic CD.


    Some disappointments:

    Hollow Knight: I'm sure there's a great metroidvania here, but I couldn't get into it. 

    Weird West: You can see the potential, but it felt like an early access title with unfinished quests and gameplay


    And some bad games:

    Pupperazzi: A terrible photography game.

    Hypnospace Outlaw: Tries to be Papers, Please, but with immensely annoying and convoluted minigames. 

    Trek to Yomi: A combat game with bad combat.

    Black: I couldn't play more than a few levels


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  2. Finished the sorry mode, cutscenes are awesome and it was an absolute joy to play. I did have one issue where I fell out of a bonus stage and had to quit and continue - although what was nice about that was that it actually saved the rings I had at the checkpoint instead of being a normal respawn.

  3. Katamari Damacy Reroll


    Considering how this was ported to a new engine, I was surprised as to how little they did to try and improve it, even with some simple QoL changes like autosave. That said, it’s still a fun game of collecting objects and growing in size. The sense of scale is great, going from collecting tiny objects like dice to collecting cruise chips.

    Ryse, Son of Rome


    The gameplay in this is pretty fun. Good hack n slash action, although not a lot in terms of combos. The graphics are also still amazing to look at.

    The problem is that Ryse does not seem to know what sort of game to be. It starts off trying to be fairly serious in its story (despite some major inaccuracies), but then goes completely crazy half way through and feels more like an attempt at Pirates of the Caribbean in Rome. At some point you become a gladiator in the Colosseum (before it was actually built), and the colosseum is some amazing technology where the ground is made up of squares that move up and down and change to different layouts. You also face Boudicca near York (well before York was York and before the Romans even colonised it) and she later attacks Rome while riding an Elephant. 

    There are also some funny moments later on, but it’s difficult to tell if these are intentionally funny or just so terribly written that they come out as funny. 

    The gameplay is also often interrupted by terrible turret sections where you rapid fire at waves and waves of enemies.

    I think this could have been a better game if it either remained serious the whole game or just embraced its insanity from the beginning. 


    Donut County


    A silly but relaxing game. The concept is a bit similar to Katamari Damacy in that you control a hole, and as objects fall through, it gets bigger, letting you consume bigger objects. It’s very short, though, and could have done with some more puzzles. 




    A space fighting game. Starts off a bit slow, but picks up once you relocate your character’s actual ship (which has an AI), as it opens up more abilities and movements such as the ability to drift your ship and jump behind enemies. Combat is a lot of fun due to these mechanics and I was really enjoying it.

    That was until a big difficulty spike where you have to defend a bunch of ships while taking out others. Assaulting the big ship is actually quite easy, but the useless people “supporting” you kept dying - the game highlights ships that are attacking, but unfortunately due to my colourblindness, I can not see these markers, which meant I couldn’t prioritise the ships that were a thread, so I couldn’t get past this part.

    Hollow Knight


    I tried to get into this but really couldn’t. The frustrations I had reminded me of Ori and the Blind Forest, where enemies blended into the background, and were made even harder to see due to foreground elements and particle effects. I’ve heard loads of great things about it. I got past one boss and then a dungeon (with a second boss), but decided to drop the game not long after that. 

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  4. On 12/06/2022 at 3:34 PM, Hero-of-Time said:

    Which is still more than what is on offer here. Not to mention more stadiums and characters. The cups were also longer in the GameCube and Wii versions, with qualifying rounds at the start and more rounds as you progress. Some of the later cups were quite lengthy. Here you only play 3 rounds per cup, one extra if you get defeated in one of the matches. I bought both the previous games mainly for the single player and certainly got more than 5-6 hours out of them.

    The most annoying thing is that the Online Club thing could have been easily adapted to a singleplayer mode, where you work through it and unlock the customisation options. 

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  5. Highlights

    - High on Life. Looks like a lot of fun.

    - A Plague Tale: Requiem. Curious how it goes after the first. Hopefully the combat is much better as it was dreadful (making the final chapter of the first awful)

    - Flintlock The Siege of Dawn. Looks interesting. Mainly due to magic cat thing.

    - The Last Case of Benedict Fox. Looks a bit like a Metroivania

    - Starfield. Gameplay looks good. Concerning that they showed no dialogue choice stuff. Also put off by the scale of the game. The bigger it is, the less depth it usually has.

  6. 7 hours ago, Ike said:

    I’d say the biggest takeaway from that that they might make another Adventure game.

    Unfortunately, that part is heavily misleading. Its a quote from an interview and IGN were the ones to mention a possibility of another Adventure.  

    People don't often say "no" to questions like that.

  7. Strange New Worlds is amazing so far. Each episode has a different feel, but is really solid. I think people who want something closer to older Star Trek shows are going to be extremely pleased.


    Unfortunately, the UK plans are a bit rubbish. It will be £6.99 a month (or free if you have Sky Cinema). Star Trek Discovery season 4 will be available straight away, as are the first 10 episodes of Prodigy, but only the first three episodes of Strange New Worlds will be (instead of putting all episodes currently available in America), with the rest being available on a weekly basis, so it will be 8 weeks behind.


    The new director's cut of The Motion Picture will also not be available in the UK.

  8. Need for Speed Payback 


    I wanted to play a car game and this one seemed to have a good singleplayer focus. Despite hearing lots of bad things…I really enjoyed it. The silly rival crew designs are a lot of fun, and the characters are cliche but likeable. Handling felt really good, and handbraking around corners was very satisfying. The main game follows a story where a bunch of criminals who end up getting mixed in with a plot to rig races (and seemingly take over the world) and your goal is to win despite this. 

    I honestly liked this much more than Forza Horizon 5, it has a good structure and the cards felt more meaningful. 



    I only played this for a couple of levels as I did not get on with it at all. I heard good things about it back in the day but it just feels dated and not as fun to play as other retro FPS games. It was difficult to follow the story due to a lack of subtitles, and the atmosphere just felt completely wrong due to a lack of music (I’m not sure if that’s how the game originally was or if it’s a bug from backwards compatibility).

    Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion 


    An incredibly fun and silly game. It’s very short, but still manages to cram in a lot of fun moments. Loosely Zelda ish with a focus on doing quests for people. 

    Sniper Elite 5


    I’ve not played any previous ones, but this was on Game Pass so I thought I would try it. It really scratched the classic Hitman itch I’ve had.There’s a focus on stealth but if you get caught you can still fight - there’s a ton of difficulty settings to make it how you want it to be. The kill camera (with an X-ray view of organs being punctured) is very satisfying and there are often multiple ways to complete objectives. The levels also didn’t seem overly large while still feeling large (it felt like the space was meaningful and just wasn’t big for the sake of it). Very enjoyable game.



    Based on the brief description of being a “sandbox” game and the simple character designs, I was expecting a silly physics game like Human: Fall Flat. I was very wrong about this, and Supraland was so much more than I expected. 

    The game is not a “sandbox game” in the sense that you can do whatever you want in a playground - it’s literally set in a child’s sandbox. You play as a plasticine figure, son of the red king. The blue plasticine people cut off the water supply to your village and it’s your job to save it. Supraland’s inspiration from other games is clear. I was concerned to start with as the title screen is a clear rip-off of the Zelda theme, but thankfully other inspirations are handled much more subtle. There's a device that looks similar to a Portal gun (instrumental to puzzles) but it has its own unique uses, and you can find hidden dead bodies of characters dressed up as people from popular franchises.

    Supraland is a puzzle-platformer-metroidvania. As you progress through the areas, you’ll unlock new abilities and items in order to solve new puzzles, and you will backtrack to previous areas to progress. By the end of the game, it’s immensely satisfying just how easy traversal across the map is. One problem is that there are a lot of abilities, so much that it can be easy to forget some of the combinations you can do - there’s even an NPC that starts off by saying “Are you part of the 90% club” and when you’re struggling his message will change to “At this point, 90% of players forgot you could to [ability]”. 

    Even with this, I immensely enjoyed this game and even carried on after the main story to get 100% completion because the exploration, movement and puzzles were so much fun.

    Kraken Academy


    Another 2D game where you have to complete lots of quests. This has almost no combat in it, mostly just going from point to point with a couple of minigames and quick time events, but is also still fun to play. You’re a new student at a school called Kraken Academy, and you get told that the school will be destroyed in three days and you have to free four spirits (representing the different departments of Music, Art, Sports and Drama). You get given an amulet that allows you to return to the first day.

    There are a lot of fun characters that you have to befriend, and a lot of fun scenes. It’s quite a relaxing game - although I think there could have been some more fun time travel shenanigans and paradoxes.

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  9. 23 minutes ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    I think it's a shame they don't have an EU branch. The cost of their handling and shipping to the UK is almost as much as buying a game.

    Their customer support for damaged stuff is pretty much "too bad" when you're in the UK, too. I got a board game from them and the quality was shockingly bad, with ripped cards and duplicate parts with other stuff missing (the board game itself is also absolutely terrible).

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  10. Manged three days last week, carried on today, still pretty tough. I do think I will need a new bike, there's a charity near me that I'm trying to contact that is selling some upcycled ones that have been fully serviced, or possibly look into the cycle to work scheme (my workplace is part of it).

    When the weather is nice, it's a lovely route



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  11. I just kept thinking "why is the Star Trek reboot music playing?", just seemed odd that a recurring theme sounded so much like one of his earlier ones - which is a brilliant theme. That said, even John Williams was guilty of reusing music, with the Episode 2 hover car chase music being used for Quidditch. 

  12. I'd rather composers re-work sections of known themes or create entirely new music rather than trying to create new music trying to evoke the previous music. The Rogue One soundtrack was just distracting to me because it kept sounding like it was going to burst out into a known theme but didn't (Other soundtracks I found distracting include The Hobbit, Spider-man Homecoming and Doctor Strange).



    Reva mentions that she figured out where the tunnels led, so probably left and went a more direct route to the destination. I suspect she remembers from being smuggled through the route herself.


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