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  1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3DS

    My 3DS is crying for this! Not long now!
  2. Would like to know some more details personally...a release date being the main thing, haha.
  3. Project Cafe: HD Remakes?

    Personally, i don't want any rehashes (as much as i would probably buy Sunshine or Wind Waker again) I want originality and freshness now!
  4. I'm going for Nintendo: Beam Stream Wave or Frequency
  5. Wonder if my predictions from 2010 will be correct...will Link fly a plane or is your sword your means of transport? Will you be able to fly around a huge world and land where-ever you wish? Hopefully find out tomorrow!
  6. This game (or should I say novel) is absolutely superb! Already becoming a cult classic in America...this is vastly becoming one of the best DS games I've played! It's like 'Saw'...rather twisted too but the actual story and writing keeps you reading on and on! Haven't come across many puzzles yet but they are very clever and quite difficult..when you do! Superb so far!
  7. Donkey Kong Country Returns

    I've gotta wait till Christmas Day! Think I can do it...just about! Haha Haven't received any post yet! Thing is DK will come with a t-shirt making the package bigger...might come by van cause of snow? Not sure!
  8. FlingSmash

    I've cancelled my pre order. I've gone a bit Kinect mad and technically I would be buying this just for the motion plus controller at £35. However I've spent so much money making sure all my wii motes have motion plus already that It seems daft buying this at the moment....I'll get it eventually.
  9. Kirby's Epic Yarn

    Wow..the game absolutely rocks! The minute you start listening to the opening scene you can tell how much love has gone into this...graphically outstanding too! Feels like 'old' Nintendo platforming, which i haven't felt many times on the Wii just yet. Any negatives? Well...it is a little too easy..if the difficulty doesn't notch up, you'll probably fly through it, with 100% collectable items on 'every' level... Still..whats the rush? A game like this doesn't come on Wii too often..sit back and just enjoy! Hell of ashame Europeans have to wait till 2011 for this...i believe alot of people on this forum needed this game...RIGHT NOW! Does make you think what is America going to get when Europe get this in 2011...bit of a worry..but hey ho!
  10. The Conduit 2

    Apparently this is coming out in Feb 2011...a month which is already 'crammed' with high quality games....including a certain Killzone 3! Really shouldn't have been delayed for it's own sake.
  11. Wii General Discussion

    So am i...but i can't...wish it had come out sooner (although it wouldn't have been an anniversary) but still i'm only interested in about 3 more DS games now and getting ready for the 3DS next year!
  12. LEGO Wii Remote!!!!

    Haha love it!
  13. GoldenEye 007

    Chrimbo for me! Really hoping it lives up to expectations and has that re-playability factor like the original Goldeneye!
  14. Super Mario All-Stars

    Brilliant! Just posted about this in the Wii thread..so pleased it's confirmed here! Great xmas prezzie!
  15. Wii General Discussion

    25th Anniversary Super Mario All-Stars Collection coming to Europe December 3rd..it's been posted on Nintendo Sweden..so hopefuly we'll get official confirmation soon!