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  1. I agree completely with your sentiment in the Winehouse thead. :)

  2. Hi! Your Ace Attorney signature picture is adorable! I presume you're a fan of the series? :) Welcome to the forums, by the way! It's not so often we have newcomers who get so involved in the community so quickly - it's great to see. :)

  3. Ooh, you haven't played that yet? In that case you're in for a treat! :D

  4. Bastard. :heh: You just had to tell me about the Theros set being based on Ancient Greece, didn't you? Now I'm completely hooked on it! :p How could I possibly resist the holy union of two my favourite things? :heh:

  5. I haven't seen any Theros cards in the Magic 2014 game yet, but I can't rule out their existence; I recall the 2013 game having decks from the Ravnica set, which was the first one after the 2013 Core Set. I'm collecting Theros decks and boosters in real life, though unfortunately I don't play with anyone at the moment. There's a comic book store in Aarhus which has both official tournaments and free play, but all the players there seem pretty pro, so I feel rather intimidated. :heh:


    The Colossus of Rhodes ... in Aarhus?! :p Haha! That's cool, though. :heh: Aarhus is often called the capital of Jutland - we Danes have a friendly rivalry going between the larger landmasses. :heh:

  6. All right, all right! Hold your horses! :heh:

  7. Nice avatar and sig combo, man! :D

  8. Ha! Nice. :D I guess I just need to be more confident. :heh:


    Tropic jungles and deserts in little Denmark? XD That's such a hilarious thought. :heh: Yeah, we're very much an island nation.

  9. Holy shit, you were right! That is amazing! Playing mafia with that in the background makes everything epic! :D

  10. Never tried it, so I wouldn't know. :heh: It strikes that I've always mistaken marmite for marmalade/jam, but now I see they're definitely not the same thing.

  11. Yeah, I've seen it, but I haven't been into Minecraft for a while now. Thanks for the offer, though. :)

  12. Nice! :D Keep me updated! :)

  13. A small Nordic meet-up would be awesome! :D I'd love to meet you someday. :)

  14. Your turn in Mock The Thread. :)

  15. Oh, I wasn't even aware that there was an N-E group on Steam! I haven't even ventured out into actual online play yet for fear of being owned, though I am slowly developing my skills. :heh: My account name is DannyboyTheDane. :)

  16. Oh, man, I haven't got around to it yet! Money's a little tight this month. I've heard nothing but great things!

  17. Cool avatar! :D I actually made the exact same one for myself once, but I never got around to using it.

  18. Hm, I can neither find you nor the group. In fact, I can't find anyone! I wonder what's wrong ... probably some setting somewhere.


    Yeah, I just don't want to perform embarrasingly bad and be a hindrance to my team's success. :heh:

  19. I'm subscribed to him, so I've already seen it. ;) I wasn't bothered that he burned the books (book burning only bothers me when it's due to censorship and ignorance), but I just utterly hate that particular character of his. :p

  20. Heh, at the moment I fear we'd confuse people. :heh: Plus I'm very happy with my Sherlock Holmes combo. ;)

  21. Ah, guess it's just a bug in the system, then.


    Well, I'll try jumping out into the big, bad, real world soon, then! ;) It could be nice to find a group of friends to play with. :) Though unfortunately I don't know many people who play TF2. :heh:

  22. Heh, I think it's safe to call me obsessed with both the film and Sherlock Holmes in general. :p

  23. Guh, I can't stand her type, and he just plays the character too well. :heh:


    Anyway, I'm good. :) I'm all settled in, I've been accepted into uni, I've just completed the final Phoenix Wright game - everything's just great. ;)

  24. I find it hard to pinpoint exactly why I love the film so much, but it's become one of my favourites. :D


    OH, OH, OH! You want a complete collection of the original Sherlock Holmes stories?! I have the perfect book for you! :idea:




    Epic book is frakkin' epic! :D I bought it myself and am currently reading through it and enjoying it immensely. :)