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  1. Ine Investigates

    dinner - d - r
  2. User Image Gallery

    It are! And it is indeed the world famous Jh de plong + I also live next to your band's drummer It be a small world!
  3. User Image Gallery

    This be me dressed up for new years eve and this be my girlfriend looking at me opening a coke
  4. Do you have; Indesign; Illustrator; Photoshop? In that case => flip (canvas) horizontally I just saw you can also do this in preview (so with images/pdffiles) => tools => flip horizontally
  5. 80's 3D logo

    I made a logo for a band; but now its just a plain black and white logo; I want to make some variations to give the band an idea of whats possible etc. I was wondering; which is the best way to make a good 3d logo; the illustrator extrude/bevel doesn't work, photoshop? and how (if the logo is in vectors) or are there other programs more suited for this job? I'm aiming at the logo's like those in justice's DVNO and the logo is somewhat like this one http://www.pcusa.org/pw/images/graphics/pw-logo-bw.jpg Thx in advance
  6. Rate the last film you saw

    Getting bored near the end proves ncfom right
  7. Rate the last film you saw

    a History of Violence 9/10 Wow, that was, graphic, my kind of film really, superb effects and great acting. Than again, I have to stop watching these great films, makes me feel like I'll never be a good filmmaker, that's if I'll ever be one
  8. Dirty in Photoshop

    its much faster and easyer my way (plus also better result) print it, with low fill, trace the lines and fill in the colours, scan, adjust levels/curves/... you can even ad your original layer to the foreground, and set transparancy
  9. Dirty in Photoshop

    Print it; paint it, scan it
  10. Post Your Purchases

    Il Decameron Canterbury Tales Arabian Nights 2.90 euro's a piece now only to find the time to watch
  11. Rate the last film you saw

    Fahrenheit 451 10/10 This one makes my top 10 ever list, brilliant adaptation of the book, I really have to start watching some other Truffauts (any suggestions?)
  12. Rate the last film you saw

    Burn After Reading Amazing story Amazing Amazing acting by Clooney, Malkovich and the two dames. Had no expectations and was really impressed. ps. malkovich for joker
  13. The Dark Knight Discussion (Spoilers)

    John Malkovich would make a great Joker!
  14. Rate the last film you saw

    I can't wait 'till saturday; BURN AFTER READING!