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  1. Got 632 Opening my gates shortly(edit: gate's open). You got until 11 am uk time.
    Also Deena is crafting a hedge standee, it's Angus' birthday so bring a present or buy at the shop(he doesn't accept money, I tried) and if you like watering flowers I placed arrows to point to which I liked watered.
    [mention=2608]Mike1988uk[/mention] [mention=16]Shorty[/mention] [mention=294]Katie[/mention]
    Are you gates still open? Its telling me it can't find any islands to fly too!?

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  2. Got 632 Opening my gates shortly(edit: gate's open). You got until 11 am uk time.
    Also Deena is crafting a hedge standee, it's Angus' birthday so bring a present or buy at the shop(he doesn't accept money, I tried) and if you like watering flowers I placed arrows to point to which I liked watered.
    [mention=2608]Mike1988uk[/mention] [mention=16]Shorty[/mention] [mention=294]Katie[/mention]
    So excited! I've just sent you a friend request and can be on your island shortly.

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  3. So this is my first week in the world of turnip trading... I bought quite a lot on Sunday for 93 bells a turnip (thanks to @Aneres11 for giving me some bells) but my prices to sell so far this week have been awful.

    If anyone has any great prices going could they let me know please? I will try and keep an eye on here as well and if possible sell mine on said island if my prices stay rubbish? As long as I make a good profit on my first week at this I am not too bothered.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    The combo of their games being arcade style, market saturation and the devaluing of games has killed their desire to make these types of games. It's sad when developers are making top tier games, games that they are passionate about, but aren't getting the sales they need to continue. I'm wondering that if maybe they branched out from Sony platforms earlier than they did that they could have found success elsewhere? Looking at how many indie developers are thriving on the Switch, it may have been a good idea to take a punt at putting their games on that. I mean, they got Resogun up and running on the Vita, so I assume they could get things running on a Switch.

    Yeah, clearly a decision they haven't taken lightly. 

    With digital games in general I think it is harder to advertise unless they shove it down your throat on the console. I wasn't aware of Nex coming out till quite close to release, but then I don't spend as much time on gaming websites reading news etc as I used to because of time. I missed out on alienation even after I loved Resogun and had I realised would have defo bought it at the time.

    Part of it is probably because I still love a good retro game at heart, give me a new pac-man game for example and you have lost me for hours. 

  5. 19 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    No idea where else to put this news but figured this would be the best place.


    Very upsetting that, despite being rated very highly, the games did not sell. The part about how many simply wait for the games to be free is a problem other indie developers have expressed when releasing their games on the PS4. Sadly, PS+ seems to have created a way of thinking that if you wait long enough then the indie game will be on the service. A lot of the time it's not wrong to think that as it does happen a lot but this just shows it clearly has an effect on the developer.

    I felt that strongly about this it actually made me login the first time on here in like forever!!

    Really saddened by this, can't say I played every game they release but may end up getting some more, but certainly super stardust HD, Resogun and Nex Machina were excellent. Just such good arcade games, it's a pitty more people just didn't seem interested enough to buy them.

    The feeling of relieve/sense of achievement of getting the platinum on Nex was a particular highlight 😂.

  6. On 20/10/2017 at 12:32 AM, Goafer said:

    As Ashley said, we've been discussing things in the group, but I've not had time or money to organise anything. I assume the others have been the same.

    It's a shame not to do something, but I don't think we would be able to top last year. The previous Extra Life events we did were getting less and less interest and I'd hate to see the MadDog Marathon do the same. Even at the time, we thought it might be one last event to end on a high.

    That said, what an amazing high to end on (if it is indeed the last one I take part in). The support was phenomenal, the venue was perfect and I honestly couldn't imagine how it could have gone better. It would have been nice to have a few more familiar faces show up, but the support we received online more than made up for it. The Extra Life events started with just @flameboy, @Mike1988uk and I just having a laugh in Flameboy's house, never did I think it would end up a full blown charity event in the best gaming venue in the UK.



    @Goafer I remember it being like a pipe dream. I'm sure it was you that suggested It, 'a event in a village hall or something similar'. 

    I would say we topped That!!

  7. I also would love something similar.


    @Aneres11 and I have discussed this many times over Starbucks coffee. I like having challenges that leave a total scoring mark so when I look at say my Xbox profile I can remember what I 'achieved' and sometimes it's just dam right fun! Some games use them much better than others.


    They could just something like 'stamps' which wii sports resort had.

  8. Arcade Club looks utterly sublime! :o We watched the video on his website and were blown away. Desperate to go there now!


    @Goafer has suggested he might look at seeing if their is interest in having a meet there sometime?


    It's well worth the trip for anyone that loved arcade games back in the day! Because of the free play aspect of the machines I have been able to complete games I had never done (time crisis, silent scope etc).




    The team, after 24 hours...

  9. I know I don't really visit the forum anymore due to life n stuff...


    But thanks for the support and donations members have given for a great cause. Cheers for all the organisational support Ashley and Goafer did leading up and during the event.


    My play list -

    1200 - Forza Horizon 3

    1700 - Gears of War 4

    1800 - sonic 1

    1840 - Sonic 2

    1930 - s3 and sonic and knuckles

    2255 - sonic cd

    0010 -* sonic 4 episode 1

    0245 - sonic 4 episode 2

    0600 - forza horizon 3

    0730 - occulus demos

    0830 - 'mount ur friends'

    0930 - cloudberry Kingdom co-op

  10. For anyone worrying about travelling all that distance for a crappy Arcade...it's really not. I found out about it via a local friend and when Goafer Mike and me went we were spellbound by everything there. Came out feeling like a kid and that the real world was boring by comparison.


    When we went back for the meeting there was some new arcade machines as well! One in particular (I forget the name) was very addictive. You draw a gun out of a holster type thing and shoot some targets. The last one is a 'cup' awesome.


    The owner mentioned he is looking at getting space downstairs to open up something further. Also wasn't as hot as the first time we went as he has got some big fans around the place.


    @Ashley it isn't letting me join the group on your link above... Saying I don't have permission.