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  1. 349 bells a turnip for me. My gates are currently open.
  2. If anyone gets a small spike tonight or in the morning could they let me know please? Stupidly spent all my bells on turnips and now after paying for other stuff I'm practically all out [emoji1787]
  3. 53 this afternoon?
  4. 63 for me this morning, get in.........
  5. Not that I can think off at the moment!
  6. I'm open again.
  7. I'm online. I just need to get off taraforming. Give me a few minutes and I will open. Send me a friend request if I'm not already on your list please.
  8. I'm just going online now, give me a few minutes and gates will be open. @Shorty I'm not no massive rush to time travel so I'm still available whenever.
  9. Anytime from now would be better for me, I might be online tonight but I will probably be knee deep in tereforming and I may use some time travelling but I've been holding off as I'm not sure if it could effect my turnip prices. @Mr-Paul send me a friend request if you haven't already and when I know if shorty can get on the other account earlier i will come online.
  10. Please don't. Ha!
  11. Ok you twisted my arm in stopping me from carrying on painting my outside fence so I will be on in a few minutes [emoji1787]
  12. No probs. I've just gone offline now, yeah that would be fine. Is there a particular time she would be online? Thanks, my current big project is getting my house moved onto the incline I'm building to the left of the entrance and I've got everything I think I need for an outdoor gym/play area as I will put that together next. I can't really think of anything I need as I don't know what I will do next [emoji1787] so don't worry.
  13. I'm 549 bells a turnip this afternoon and currently online with gates open. I won't be online for much longer I don't think but will make sure gates are open later if anyone else has been holding out.
  14. Thanks for that! Didn't want to risk waiting to see what my price ended up at tomorrow! If I do go good I will post in here if anyone is holding out.