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  1. When is Gamestation next getting Wii stock?

    My local woolworths has loads. try them.
  2. Game, Overpriced Nunchucks

    lol you think thats bad? CEX are selling wii's for £350
  3. One last Wii delivery!

    o0o0o0o0o thanks for the heads up. Il check HMV and Virgin on the way home : peace:
  4. CEX have loads of wii's in at the moment. Pity they are being bastards and selling them for £340 each... As much as I want one, thats just silly! Other than that... roll on january! Lol! I dont envy anyone that has to stand outside for 14 hours in ipswich at the moment. hopefully your not into prostitution!
  5. Your GameCube collections

    The wii version = wii exclusive Gamecube version = gamecube exclusive Different controls/mirrored worlds = different game apparently!
  6. I too would be interested, So just incase you havent got rid of it by now then send me a PM. Id be quite happy to pay +£20 for your troubles. Il probably go for another trip round the stores of southampton later. just incase they got any in today. *sigh* buying a console shouldnt be this tedious! damn you nintendo!
  7. Im in southampton. I phoned my local gamestation and they said that they would have none until january at the earlyest. Although I have heard that my local asda are getting some in at some point today. Il go and investigate when I finish work... Heres hoping!
  8. *see title* If so.... where?! cheers in advance! : peace:
  9. if you havn't pre-oredered

    Is this just for launch? Or are they not stocking wii's ever? If its the latter, tescos suck. Well I know they already do, I used to work there. Just looked on the tesco web site, there is a small wii advert on it. So must mean they are stocking them at some time in the future, if not tomorrow.
  10. if you havn't pre-oredered

    Im over in christchurch. So pretty damn near to you. I have tried PC World in christchurch and they have said that all their wii's have been taken for . I went into woolworths and the stupid chavvy girl behind the counter didnt seem to have a clue what a wii was, even though they had a wii poster and boxes in the store. Other than that I reccomend trying john lewis, Il be trying the one in southampton, cant remember if theres one in bournemouth or not. As last resorts you could always try places such as argos, littlewoods, smiths as well as tesco and other supermarkets. If all else fails your pretty much guaranteed to get one in the next week or so, So dont be too grumpy if you dont get one. My friend preordered so il just play on his for a week
  11. Hi I used to post on n64/cube europe forums a couple of years ago, but as I really didnt enjoy the gamecube as much as I expected I stopped posting. I thought id come crawling back as the Wii looks amazingly fun. Anyway, I have not preordered a wii, does anyone know if there would be any chance of me getting on on friday/saturday without preordering? I went into toys'r'us and game (in southampton) and they said that all the units are taken. Do you reckon supermarkets are worth a shot? Or should I just give up and wait until the second batch? I neeeed a wii!