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  1. XBL has been a pain all weekend. My xbox has been hit and miss wether it connected and the lounge box was stuck on the '' Your password / email are incorrect '' screen but sometimes it would connect with the incorrect password / email and sometimes it wouldn't. Least with the 360 you can still play games offline. Would you be able to with the nextbox?
  2. Oh dear!! This kind of attitude ain't gonna sell consoles. Especially when Sony are going all out to please developers and customers with the PS4.
  3. 2000AD Documentary announced http://uk.ign.com/articles/2013/04/03/2000ad-documentary-announced?abthid=515c2923f8432dae5d000006 No date announced but i'll defenitely keep an eye out for this. Loved my 2000AD comics when i was a kid. What are the current 2000AD comics like ??
  4. You won't be dissapointed., i got them all the last time they had a simillar deal. Yes it doe's tell you when an episode ends.
  5. I've enjoyed the demo. Will the game have a horde mode or is overrun the new horde mode?
  6. If Microsoft has lots of money to throw around on the next console & Sony are struggling financially why don't Microsoft start by making online free on their nextbox?
  7. I feel it would complicate things especially for £10 on a £400 console. There will be all kinds of console and game bundles around when it's released anyway where you could save a little if you shop around. I'd rather they leave it as a bluray player without having it as an add on.
  8. I myself have a Wii gathering dust, a ps3 which i use mainly for blurays and ps3 exclusives ie:- Heavy Rain, Uncharted's and i'm looking forward to the last of us. I'm not keen on the Killzones or Infamous. My 360 is the one i use mostly for their exclusives and multi platform games. I also prefer the 360 controller to the ps3's. Next gen i'm afraid that even if only 10% of the rumours are true regarding the nextbox i won't be buying it. Not even at a later date with a price cut. I don't like the idea of always on kinect spying in my home, checking that the person in my home playing a game i bought is actually the person who bought / registered the game. No 2nd hand games or even if you have to buy a pass to play them i'm not interested. ( need more clarification from sony regarding this too ) Xbox live gold. Yes i pay at the moment. Would i jump ship next gen if ps4 is free, damn right i would. WiiU mmm!! wierd, so far it's only ZombiiU which i piqued my interest but that's about it, May pick a WiiU up in a couple of years when it's cheaper and when it's got a better library of games. All in all it's early days yet but the PS4 is defenitely on my radar if the price is right and if they don't go down the same greedy, intruding road as microsoft.
  9. Maybe you can buy an app for 1200 msp to enable you to type the infinity symbol on your windows 8 device / computer? That's 1200 msp per device / gamertag and a micro transaction of 40msp every time you use the app after your kinect has verified that it is you using the app otherwise an app pass is required.
  10. Took a gamble pre-ordering this game with all the rumours etc but i'm glad i did. Loving it so far, the gameplay, pacing, weapon crafting and the single player campaign. I can see myself replaying this quite a bit too when i complete it. The co-op looks good too and is completely seperate from the single player campaign though anything you pick up in co-op carries over to your single player campaign. Micro transactions are a bug bear of mine ( though you could say i participated in the micro transactions by buying the limited edition which included 2 suits and 2 weapons ) but you really don't need to participate in these micro transactions at all. You also get extra suits and weapons if you already have DS2 or ME3 saves. All in all a great game that i think a lot of people may have passed up. There doesn't seem to be anybody on here with the game as i had to clear the tumbleweed before i could post.
  11. Not looking good for my copy. Game emailed monday to say it had been dispatched. The mail today (friday) has arrived and still no copy :0(
  12. It's not just second hand games it's also lending your games out to friends to try before buying or going round to your mates with a game. I know you can download your Gamertag to another xbox but........!!!!!!! If true it's not for me especially if you are also reliant on an internet connection to use the thing!
  13. Would the next Xbox benefit launching in the Europe & America late 2013 whilst Europe wait for the PS3 launch ??
  14. Totally agree. The original Dead Space was the only game to give me that old Resi feeling.
  15. 3'rd Lego game i buy right here! Have Star Wars the complete saga and Lego Batman 2. On a side note somebody told me there was a Marvel game on the way, ala:- Skylanders and the new Disney infinity where you would collect the superhero figures to make them playable in the game but i've not seen anything online about it. Hope Lego games don't go this way as currently in the games ( least the ones i own ) they have a huge roster of characters that you unlock the old fashioned way ie:- you unlock them as rewards in the game and not by spending more money after buying the game.
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