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  1. eye of judgement

    yeah but you cannot complain when its 5 quid even if it aint the best
  2. eye of judgement

    hey everyone just thought people might like to know that i found the eye of judgement for 29.99 on the GAME website and seen as the pseye costs 25 on its own u are getting the game for 5 pounds
  3. i need help!! ps3 help

    does anyone have any idea when street fighter 2 hd will be coming out in the uk as i really want this game
  4. i need help!! ps3 help

    hey have added you is anyone else wants to add me its badboyace84 like my username on here yeah im loving my ps3 but there is so much i want and havent got the funds yet
  5. i need help!! ps3 help

    after having a look resistance looks like the sort of game im looking for, just a quick question if i complete the co op mode is that like completeing the single player game. thanx for all the quick replies
  6. i need help!! ps3 help

    yeah that looks like a good game but im really looking for a co op game i love shooting my mates to bits and id like a game that they can enjoy the story mode aswell rather than always have someone sitting watching
  7. i need help!! ps3 help

    i just bought a ps3 and am in need of a few games. so far i have heavenly sword and ratchet and clank ,wanting uncharted next, but i want to get a good fps game thats got a good 2 player mode and maybe even a good co-op story mode. war games arn't really my thing but a good fps or something similar would be good or even a horror so does anybody have any idea's thanks adam
  8. Sengoku Basara 2\Devil Kings 2 for wii

    ah ive never played a devil kings game but it doesnt look to hard to figure out
  9. Sengoku Basara 2\Devil Kings 2 for wii

    2 quick questions. does anyone have this game or have played it as i was wondering if it was easy for non jap speakers to be able to play this game. does it have english menues like some japanese games. will i get confused and not know what im doing also wondered what people think to ordering through play asia as its the only place i can find it.
  10. Sengoku Basara 2\Devil Kings 2 for wii

    thought i would give this page an update as i can now buy this game cos of the freeloader yay
  11. Wii Freeloader Thread - FAQ & Info in First Post

    horray this is great news once this is out i shall be getting no more heroes, the good version and i can order manhunt 2 aswell i shall probably wait to get smash when it comes out over here depending on how long the wait will be
  12. Sengoku Basara 2\Devil Kings 2 for wii

    id never seen this game but it looks wicked my sort of game hope it comes out here
  13. i think it would depend on how it was used in game and that would depend on the company making it. if they saw a way to use it so tomake the game become a series in the way that guitar heroes and singstar did then they could do that. but then another company could use it a different way. it all depends on what the games companies are looking for in it
  14. going back to what dck said about peripherals not doing well. i cant believe that i dont have facts or figures but thinking about games like singstar, guitar heroes and dance mat games when people were making them. they were very popular especialy with dance mats when they were out i didn't know anyone who didnt have one so i think it can depend on the peripheral itself and the games they make that can determin how well a peripheral does and if they do do it and the games are good then it would probably do very well
  15. Can someone convince me....

    im on the same problem 360 or ps3 i like the idea of live dont like the idea of paying for it but i like that it can be used for downloading movies and things. but i like the ps3 for things like singstar and god of war but i aint played any of the others so i would want backwards compatibility.home looks to be a good idea aswell i was wondering if they would keep updating it with new aplications like streaming tv and things like that. the other thing is that the 360 has been out 2 years so with the way consoles usually go its only gonna be around another 3 years ish but the ps3 they said would be a 10 year console. i dont want to buy both cos its too expensive its such a difficult decision