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  1. You FTing or not then?

  2. Do you see what your cuntery has brung? You were a cunt and now everybody thinks it's ok to be a cunt.



  3. Please man, don't be a cunt.

  4. Forum Telephone is upon ye! I made a post in the thread, but shall still request, that you forward it onto Sinistar, he's having in on the end :)

  5. Dan Dare, think fast! You forum telephoning this round? Tbh, it's late for me to ask now, you've already got the message...

  6. Yep, then I put them all together in order and stick them in the thread!

  7. Mundiiii, just so you know, you're up for the telephony of the forum, it's only you and then the game is done!

  8. No worries, I'll just forward it along for you.

  9. Forum Telephone, you've only got a few hours left!

  10. Burt is a very strange fellow from a very foreign land, or so I hear...

  11. Did you just present our penises in the possesive? I know they're pretty fucking huge but I didn't realised they were entitled to own anything! That's awesome, what does he win!?

  12. Completely dead then? Ah, tis shame, sorry I've been a bit shit with it, though really I blame the sheffieldians for jacking your thread! We shall do something awesome next time indeed. Maybe each other.

  13. A slight success, in that I didn't break anything and the Wii works once more, but it has not fixed my problem. I conclude the problem must be with my discs, but I notice a most curious of things now...

  14. Check the playground for my latest thread, I know you'd be on board.

  15. Moogle! Stop being a penis and get on the phone!

  16. Seen the thread, contemplating at the moment. Feel the need to share with you this most excellent gem I found earlier. People have to turn a mspaint of a penis into not a penis. It makes sense, trust me.



  17. I know you were there just for your picture, you fuckin irc traitor!

  18. I broke my Wii and lost my LKS save, my face is sad :( On the plus side, I get to play it all over again!

  19. I love you so much.

  20. Maybe it's fate or some sort of craziness, the blasted wii's internet broke again after I finished brawling you :(

  21. I wasn't kinging, no! I had just left myself as that and I wasn't really there. Did some kinging this morning though, basically extended all my kingdom it seems I can without taking the Jolly Kingdom, so I guess that's my next stop! I've got my wii set up in my room atm, so I'm more inclined for long term bouts of playing but more importantly....my online presently works!


    My point? Well, I understand you're a brawler...:D

  22. You appear to have dutched at me in IRC when I wasn't there! The Little King and his story did eventually arrive today, but no sooner than I had it, a friend rang me and I've been out all day, so it's a story to be played tomorrow!

  23. Got one for you man.


    HALOL, jokes for muslims. I know you know I know you love it. Stop laughing so hard.

  24. You fiend! I just missed you in the IR of C :( If you're there and see me, just give my name a shout, I'll appear if I'm at the computer...hows Little King's btw? I'm sure you saw the thread anyhow, but hopefully I'll have it this time tomorrow!