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  1. No. Just play on Normal. Anything above normal is an exercise in fatiguing yourself on the game. I mean if you really want to persevere  go ahead but it may tarnish your view of what is an outstanding game.

    Alternatively just change the difficulty after the prologue. I believe that is possible, and you won’t get booted to the title. But you will continually get killed in about 2 hits which is easy to do. You can spec to be more resilient but it takes time. Don’t play on very hard. Even fully spewing yourself to be a tank the best you can manage is about 1.5 hits until death. There are no trophies or achievements related to difficulty. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Agent Gibbs said:

    Well i loved it, in fact i preferred it to the Last Jedi, it flelt like the Ant-man of the Star Wars universe, its just a shame its not doing so well, a lot of people seem to be giving it a miss out of dislike for TLJ when they should judge it on its own merit


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    FUCKING MAUL! nobody can deny Cannon now as it being just the cartoons, its mainline movie cannon baby



    Sideline movie canon.

    Frankly I don’t particularly care for this reveal or even Mauls character. He was cool in Phantom Menace as a powerful villain, but ultimately he was completely flat and barely even plot relevant.

    And really, him being bisected and falling an untold distance down, then surviving. Whatever.


  3. 5 hours ago, Charlie said:

    I quite enjoyed this. I wasn't really expecting to as I'd heard (from my hairdresser who's a huge fan) that if you prefer R1 then you probably wouldn't like Solo as much.

    There were a few points that seemed to be totally glossed over though...


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    1. Han and Chewie making friends instantly seemed a bit odd.

    2. Woody Harrellsons wife dying just happened and that was it. He didn't seem to care after the first 2 minutes.




    Also when Han and Chewie are “slaves” and in chains. Chewie wanted to tear Luke’s arms off when he tried to but chains on him in the original trilogy, Han had to do it.

    I really doubt there wasn’t a fight to make it happen for this scene, Chewie never wanted to be chained again.


  4. We’ve been posting leaks for months (years) and this just now comes up? Such drama. 

    Me I just take all leaks with a grain of salt. It isn’t true until the publisher says it’s true. Usually at E3. 

  5. I’m just guessing at what hero shooter refers to but if it’s what I’m thinking....Well, Team Fortress 2 is still a high bar to top. 

    Basically no buy from me. It takes a lot of talent and balance for me to enjoy that type of game. Most devs do not have that talent, nor the inclination to make classes and weapons balanced.

    fascinating that they have 100,000 watching a damn bobble head though. Good on them. 

  6. Oblivion was 06, Skyrim 11. It’s been quite some time really which why I could Elder Scrolls coming. Though they have still been working on Elder Scrolls Online, Morrowind was released just last year after all.

    I’d be okay with a New Vegas release on Switch. I didn’t get far into it unfortunately. Fallout 3 was enjoyable but ultimately I don’t care to go back to it. I’d be surprised if it was FO3 multiplatform though unless they really put a lot of work into it. Xbox One X and PCs can already play an enhanced version. 


    Hell maybe it’ll be remakes of the originals. That could be interesting.

  7. Bethesda/Fallout instagram stories are both the TV broadcast signal saying please stand by. With #pleasestandby. 

    So I guess that’s minor confirmation of Fallout news incoming. Now the question is, Fallout 5 or Fallout 4 Switch. Personally I’m thinking switch seems more likely, but it has been a handful of years since Fallout 4....you’d think they’d leapfrog with ElderScrolls though. 

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  8. Ew. Not sure if I like the changing some parts of the game to reflect moral/social changes of the times. 

    If it’s small little things I suppose it’s fine but if it’s changing the story simply to be more PC I dislike that. 



    Of course having not played the original I won’t know the difference anyway. So change away I suppose. 

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  9. 6 month bump. Anyone still playing occasionally?

    Jumped back into it last week. Raced through Osiris (not very good. Infinite forest is tedious).

    Warmind is ultimately short on campaign missions but felt more varied and has a larger area and collectibles to seek out. Warmind is honestly fun and likely worth the time and investment. It reminds me of a mini-TTK expansion in how it adds in world items to find and riddles to track things down. 


    I think the grind has gotten worse though. 335 (I’m not to 336) is the first soft cap on blues and all my legendaries are 340 unless powerful rewards. 340 is a long way from 370 or 380 whichever is the hardcap. 

    Bungie also still has no concept of how to balance combat for a single player. At 346 it should not be a struggle to do a recommended 300 power level heroic adventure, and yet it is. 


    Edit: Oh and Iron Banner is going on right now. And either I lost a lot of skill or Bungie is outright lying that level advantages are disabled. The entire team I was on got absolutely slaughtered 

  10. Too lazy to do the picture thing so a generic list incoming for you @dwarf

    • Nier Automata
    • Persona 5
    • God of War
    • Horizon Zero Dawn
    • Bloodborne
    • Dark Souls
    • Destiny 2
    • MGS:V
    • Hellblade
    • The Witcher 3
    • Resident Evil 7

    Just a small random selection of some of what I had the most enjoyment with. Oh, Titanfall 2 also!

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  11. 3 hours ago, Hero-of-Time said:

    Yeah, it feels the game came out of nowhere.

    I've done my best to block it from my mind and avoid anything about the game, as I want to go in knowing as little as possible. I adore Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, so I have high hopes for this. The first time through those games was something very special and i'm hoping it's the same with Detroit. Can't wait. :bouncy:

    Well there goes the validity of your opinion. 

    I typically enjoy these games despite whatever issues they may have. I did play the demo and enjoyed that as well. I actually look forward to multiple playthroughs of this. 

  12. Brutal. 

    What’s truly funny is how well Microsoft topped $599, Giant Enemy Crab hit the weak spot Ridge Racer. It wasn’t as quotable or comical maybe but boy were they successful in becoming reviled after than conference. Sony recovered mid generation at least. 

    Theres always the following consoles at least. I can’t see MS truly salvaging this with E3 announcements. Their catalog doesn’t have depth to bring out something new in an old IP to generate a lot of buzz and their developers haven’t exactly been hitting it with new IPs.

    Paying Konami for something out of their catalog is definitely a possibility but I don’t know. They’re greedy as shit, but also seem content to just let most of their IPs rot in disuse so I don’t know. Especially since at this point any exclusivity automatically means cutting potential consumers by millions unless it’s truly a system seller. 

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  13. I enjoyed it quite a bit when I watched today. It had some atrocious CGI here and there but was overall I think a stronger film. The cold open is no where near as memorable though. 

  14. Looks okay I suppose. Not so sure we need a “huge” open world though. A small but still large and packed world would allow for a tightly controlled story and various events. God of War  style. But we’ll see...

    I do enjoy the rather large amounts of enemies on screen though. iDtech 6 doing swell. 

  15. Watched the trailer. It was utterly stupid and pointless. Which I’m a fan of....except it’s a poor way to garner actual interest in a title that’s namesake will be an uphill battle.