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  1. 1 hour ago, nightwolf said:

    We've got our honeymoon for NYC in November. 

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on that destination choice. The US is not handling anything well right now, and it’s hard to guess what sort of condition it may be in a few months down the road. 

  2. I’ll poke through the thread later, but yeah I got a random email mentioning all this so.....


    Here I be still trudging along. 

    Read through the thread while on break, I was still semi active until a certain user got on my nerves too much and I walked away. Popped in occasionally but not too often. Shared a Nioh 2 beta code with @drahkon

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  3. Received an email today from Sony informing me that I’ve been invited to the closed Alpha. Came with a code, anyone interested in my code? I don’t plan to use it. 


    Crossposting in PS4 discussion. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Ronnie said:

    Read what I wrote again, there's a good lad. The first two cutscenes, including the one from two years ago (or was it three)

    Fuck off, don’t talk to me like I’m a goddamned child. I’m talking this fucking show, which fuck me for being silly enough to think you were talking this show also in the 2018 thread LITERALLY DURING THE SHOW. Fuck. 

  5. 4 minutes ago, Ronnie said:

    The first two TLOU2 trailers, every Death Stranding trailer thus far, the first Ghosts of Tsuchima trailer, COD and Destiny.

    The last of us had gameplay bookended by a cutscene don’t know what CG you’re bitching about there. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Ronnie said:

    I reckon, what, another 10-15 years before devs/publishers have the balls to show two blokes kissing like that in a AAA game?

    My reaction will be the same. 

    Wow now they’re showing call of duty. Boooooooring. Blight town > e3

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  7. Iunno. I like it but the tempo almost feels wrong. Ideally it should match how the gameplay feels, and in the trailer it definitely did. Hearing it outside of that I’m not as warm to it. 

    Furthering the echo chamber though (carrying over from the other thread with this) I’m not loving the redesign. I don’t mind the short hair that isn’t it at all but his face/head is so square now. Didn’t it use to be a bit more angular?


    Also not loving the Southern Drawling stereotype of a sidekick. I bet she’s the type to order a Coke and get pissed when they don’t hand her a orange crush. It’s just too damn Deep South strong. I’ve got family in the south I’ve talked with people from Tennessee and Texas a southern accent can be kinda hot. This girl just goes full country singer and it’s awful though. 

  8. 26 minutes ago, Agent Gibbs said:

    Has anyone been on Resetera? not sure if it extends to the net but people are freaking out over how this game isn't Cyberpunk.......because it has a bright day time in the game

    Yes you read that right, because it has a day and night cycle and because smog/a grey wash/ an orange wash isn't making it seem cloudy and over cast during the day its not true cyberpunk etc


    Every single year i am just as surprised by the random fallouts over announcements as i am by the games

    No, and frankly I’d appreciate it if you didn’t bring happenings of that cesspool here and make me read it with my own eyes. 

    That shit is just depressing. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, Agent Gibbs said:

    I don't know why they didn't go a more Destiny route and allow you to team up and have very specific PVP modes, right now taking people from Destiny is ripe for the taking.

    Having been playing Dark Souls Remastered a lot lately, I think a model similar to that would be awesome in a Fallout game. 

    Just lift the whole system, see ghosts of people running around doing things, people can invade but only 1-2 at a time and obviously it’s random so the same guy can’t keep greifing hopefully. And summon people into your world and run around to do whatever. 

    I think it could work well. Better than this Shared World nonsense where other players actively make it unfun. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Glen-i said:

    Uhhh... Did you visit the page? It literally claims you'd have to be insane to actually buy it.

    It's also a physical item. It's pretty upfront that it's a joke.

    Well now I feel like an ass. And good on them in that case. I did visit the page but only long enough to see the picture be drunkenly disgusted. Eh even sober I’d likely be the same though. 

  11. 1 hour ago, Glen-i said:

    My god, You can actually buy Lootboxcoin.

    And it's price is constantly changing every minute or so.

    Nooo, bad devolver! Don’t lend credibility to bullshit crypto!

    I’m slightly crypto biased anyways but(!) no harm no fouls except the fact a ton of them are literally made up cash grabs that get “investors” and then disappear into the ether. I’m not saying Devolver will do that, but it happens fairly often with these joke crypto coins. 

    So yeah. I don’t like them condoning this. Making fun of this sure, but making fun of it by possible defraudment, no bueno. 

  12. Nine Inch Nails 3rd Row seats Fox Theater Detroit!

    Well one seat. A friend text me today asking if I was interested since her brother got 4 tickets and was going to sell 2. So for a cool 150 I can be really awkward come October. (One still up for grabs for any fans that’ll be in the US in 4 months....unlikely I know) 

    It’ll be my first concert. Excluding a hole in the wall college dive bar in Ann Arbor (but not so hole in the wall that MC Chris hasn’t played there). 

    I’m trepidatious I haven’t really enjoyed their music since pre Hesitation Marks in 2013. And the supporting band I’ve never heard of at all. Jesus and the Mary Chain?


    On the plus side the Fox Theater is fucking beautiful inside. I mean, gorgeous. https://www.historicdetroit.org/galleries/fox-theatre-photos/

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