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  1. The Best Gaming Music Ever.

    Actually, I've come to like all the Team Yell related music in this game.
  2. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    5th gym battle. As always, may contain Pokemon spoilers so don't watch unless you have already passed this point: I also need a bit of advice. I have two Pokemon with Gigantamax forms but I tried one of them out in a Max Raid battle and they were simply Dynamaxed. How do I obtain the Gigantamax forms for Corviknight and...
  3. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    Hop does develop during the game. A later event does change his outlook, you'll see. Currently done with the 7th gym. Need to catch up on Youtube uploads but my entire team of 6 is now fully evolved and are all in a position now where they all feel useful. Needed the internet to help though because dang I chose two team members with obscure evolution requirements...
  4. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    Ladies and gentelemen, I present to you... the most epic gym battle I've had in the entire game so far. All because I thought her second to last Pokemon was the last one... Just a minor warning, if anyone picked Sobble and has not yet seen what he evolves into (as in, full evolution line) I advise against watching the video just now. Hoping to do the 5th gym leader sometime soon. I expect to struggle because the Pokemon who I hoped would be able to take on this gym has not actually evolved to be able to learn the moves it needs to be able to win which should create a fascinating match because the only Pokemon that I have left that has a super effective move against this gym is weak to said type as it is on there as a counter move... I have also been doing a few Max Raid Battles to stock up on TRs seeing as the best moves are locked behind those. Obtained Ice Beam which my evolved Sobble then couldn't learn... however after the events of the video above it could finally learn it. I also managed to snag a TR for Dazzling Gleam which is useful as the Pokemon that was meant to cover that particular type of move hasn't learned a single one of those moves.
  5. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    Made a considerable amount of progress today and reached the 5th gym leader. The 4th gym battle was pretty epic but I haven't uploaded it yet so you'll have to wait for the upload there. For now here's the third gym battle in the game. I finally had a full team of 6 for this third gym leader which is pretty quick... but I made a change to the team after the 3rd gym because I wanted something that could evolve and potentially look cool, plus if I'm getting a Corviknight then there would be a second Steel type on the team. So yeah, Deep Thought was dropped from the team after being around for only one gym battle. Unfortunately it looks like it's replacement has a rather obscure evolution requirement.:/ This Pokemon better be stronger in stats than Deep Thought.
  6. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    I feel like what we have here is basically Pokemon X/Y 2. An instance where the developers made a technical jump but were time constrained when doing so and the technical jump was something that compromised every other aspect of the game. They also seemingly tried to correct the problems people had with Sun/Moon without replicating the parts that those things actually did well. They focused too much on the wrong things rather than something that actually makes a good game. And let's be honest, even if Sun/Moon had "too many cutscenes" its story was a lot better written than what we have in Sword/Shield so far. I feel like if they had included some of the stuff that they put in Sword/Shield and not spoiled too many Pokemon then people would have had a lot higher opinion about Pokemon Sun and Moon. As it happens, on the third gym I find that a lot of this stuff feels like a big step back in terms of characterisation from Sun/Moon. They are leaning heavily into the idea of Pokemon Battling being a competitive sport in this region along the lines of football and going ahead with that being the motivation of your character, your character is essentially a professional sports player and the Gym Challenge is essentially a season of competitive Pokemon battling. If you compare it to something like football, people follow football on a match by match basis looking to see what happens next. The thing about that though is that every so often something really big happens in those games, so major incident that gets everyone talking. Obviously I'm not far enough in the game yet but given the gym battles, such as this one that I played earlier in the game (includes Pokemon spoiler): Since they are being played out by you there's not really much room for artificial drama in said battles unless they were to specifically script said battles. Personally I feel like Pokemon and football do have similar parallels in that they both involve building a unique team so I feel like the comparison by the developers was inspired. I want to address the complains about the lack of voice acting. I completely agree, it feels a bit strange to be playing a game on the Switch that doesn't have voice acting when the likes of Zelda and Xenoblade have included fully voiced scripts. However, I have a different take on the whole thing because I know that if the games did have voice acting it would be incredibly cringey. How do I know this? Who would be in charge of doing the in-game voice acting for a Pokemon game? The Pokemon Company of course. So, what kind of endevours for voice acting have the Pokemon Company been involved in... oh... So you've got a choice between no voice acting or in my opinion bad voice acting. It may turn out alright on the Japanese side but TPCi are not great on the English voice acting side of things. I suppose having voice acting is better than having no voice acting though. I'll reserve my full thoughts for after I finish the game but I can't see these games being the best in the series by any means.
  7. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    Booted up the game this morning with the intention of renaming my new team member having finally decided on the perfect nickname for it... then I unexpectedly encountered the last Pokemon I was looking for a lot earlier than I anticipated and was able to complete my team of 6. Having deposited everyone in the box to help the new team member catch up I found something pretty unexpected... a Shiny Minccino! Now about to take on the Firey Gym but due to how today is going to go and the fact that I have yet to upload the second gym to Youtube, that will have to wait. I can however post my team going into the third gym. I tried not to level up too much this time around so hopefully won't be too overpowered but I think his ace is 4x weak to both Water and Ground which is bad news for him since those are the two Pokemon I'm planning on using.
  8. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    OK. Hopefully there's another brand new Ground type in this game that I can run on the team. For now it's on the team because I have two Pokemon that are weak to Electric and need to cover my weaknesses. Currently my team are all Level 27 and I'm just out of the second Galar Mine. Yamper evolved and thankfully I like it's evolution. I have two badges and I must admit even playing under a no healing rule these gym fights haven't been too challenging so far. Hopefully the next one is a bit more challenging but given it's Fire and I chose Sobble as my starter then I suspect not.
  9. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    Yes. You don't need to level it up, just achieve a certain criteria in one battle. On another note, I need to know for team planning:
  10. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    Quoth? It's meant to be the name of a Raven from Discworld. My team is British fiction names, which is why I also have James Bond, K9 and now Lancelot on the team. Oh yeah, speaking of which, I have a Sirfetch'd on my team now. Unfortuantely I had the evolution method spoilt by reading the comments of a tweet from @Serebii but in more surprising news K9 the Yamper has evolved. Interestingly it's the exact same level Rockruff evolves.
  11. Pokémon Trading

    That is correct, I remember you getting confused three years on Sun and Moon.
  12. Pokémon Trading

    OK, I'll set up the Link Code. 6729 if you want to trade. EDIT: We don't seem to be picking each other up. Am I doing something wrong here?
  13. Pokémon Trading

    I don't know what I can give you yet Glen, might catch some spare Pokemon which I can trade for the Eggs, I'm currently on Route 5 training up my new Sirfetch'd. I don't have the Ditto I need to breed Sobbles yet.
  14. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    Following video contains a Pokemon spoiler for anyone who hasn't played the game yet. But yeah, I'm posting all the gym fights as videos on Youtube.
  15. Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield (2019, Switch)

    I still need a Grookey and a Scorbunny but I don't have anything I want to trade right now as I only have one of each Pokemon out of not wanting to gain too much experience during the game.