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  1. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    OK, so Metroid Prime 2 is a great game in all... but does it have Ridley in it? No? OK, so that's something that Prime 3 has in it's favour. Ridley is here in the new part of Let's Play Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. Meanwhile I've also been playing Magic The Gathering Arena as always. Core 2021 bot draft has just started but unfortunately my deck bombed hard at 1-3... it was an Izzet spells deck but I found the balance between creatures and spells difficult to manage and either flooded with creatures or flooded with spells so I only won one game in the end thanks to Transmogrifying into a Hellkite Punisher. I did get a fourth Vito of the Dusk Rose form my prize pack though. Also been playing Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected. I don't know how many people have played this campaign yet so I will put it in spoilers.
  2. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    There are official WRC games on the Switch? Never knew. So, got two games on the go now after starting Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected. I think Torna is the easiest thing to compare it to since both are short side stories that supplement the main game. I have no idea what's going on with the main story right now and how any of this fits together following the original game's ending which I won't spoil here.... While that is ploughing on, I am editing and contuining to upload the Metroid Prime 3 LP. My plan btw is to release a new episode every day at 9pm and I've got a good amount recorded so far. Here's the obligatory Halo reference in the title... All technical issues resolved now btw, things should go smoothly from here.
  3. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    You ever had that sort of day? You're just being told by your boss what you need to do when suddenly Space Pirates attack and you're forced into the offensive out of nowhere? No? Well, this is what that is like in the new episode of Let's Play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption which I am continuing here today: I realise my recaps can cause episodes to start a bit later than they need to... so there are now handy times to jump to listed in the opening card. Also, this has the hardest Energy Tank in the entire trilogy to obtain...
  4. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Following up on the Prime 2 LP I did earlier this year... it's time for the Prime 3 LP. Here is Part 1 of the new journey... Trying to make this one a bit more entertaining with more room for additional inserts and jokes. Also really wanted to make this part as good as it could be, though general recording improvements will be implemented in future parts.
  5. Formula 1 2020 Season

    I guess that's what happens when you win 4 world titles in your early 20s... you still have a lot of career ahead of you so how do you make the most of it?
  6. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Not really sure Renault are going to be competitive any time soon but you never know, would be quite something if Alonso managed to win a title after his comeback but I see him slotting back into the midfield role he had at McLaren. The Austrian Grand Prix basically said to me that Vettel is finished as a top driver. He looks really bad now and I think for his own sake he should get out of F1 and maybe look into a different category of motorsport. It's saying something considering the guy is still in his early 30s but he really looks a shadow of the driver he used to be and he looks like a guy who really doesn't want to be in F1 anymore.
  7. Formula 1 2020 Season

    Well, after what was a fairly pedestrian start it's fair to say that turned into an absolute thriller. Really thought Alex Albon was going to pull off that impressive overtake and as the other Red Bull driver they really need him to be performing so that Max isn't scoring all of the team's points. And he completely blew it. Horrible race for Red Bull as a whole, but as a McLaren fan I'm really glad Lando Norris was able to get them back on the podium.
  8. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Finished the DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield recently. Here's my fight against Dojo Master Mustard on Youtube. Also started playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption again and recording it for an LP. It appears I may have to do multiple playthroughs to go over any missed stuff in case my capture software starts glitching up. The first part is recorded so I should be starting to upload this LP very soon.
  9. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    As a follow up to my last post... I have started work on a Prime 3 LP. The first episode is rendering. Will probably hold off on uploading it until I have recorded multiple episodes. I also don't feel that maybe the first episode of the Prime 2 LP gave the best impression to hook people so I'm trying to make the Prime 3 LP's first episode more interesting. In fact, the first episode already contains a bumbling incident as well as a self inserted joke at another Metroid game's expense... and there are already a few Easter Eggs shown in the first episode itself! Reminding myself that the first episode makes a big difference to the whole thing as it's always the episode that gets the most views has encouraged me to try and tweak this one even in light on any potential misstep made in the actual recording itself. I had to re-record many times though because the initial settings for Elgato did not co-operate with the Wii U HDMI cable and the opening cutscene was incredibly glitchy. Meanwhile on Magic Arena I'm still trying to make my Vampire deck work and the Dog deck is starting to show it's flaws somewhat. There's a surprising lack of cards from the new set that I'm interested in crafting save for Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose, Glorious Anthem, Rin & Seri and Basri Ket.
  10. Screenshot Thread

    Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC: Magic Arena:
  11. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Put a bit of a blooper video of sorts on my Youtube channel. During my Prime 2 LP, the Nunchuck came loose from the Wii Remote on mulitple occasions, this is a video that basically put every time that happened in one video... Now working on a Prime 3 LP and gathering data for that... it will probably be the game I play next.
  12. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    I have a treat for anyone who watched my Prime 2 LP earlier this year... a bonus episode! Looking at Concept Art and Multiplayer in particular. Also working on another video based on this series. Meanwhile on Magic The Gathering Arena the new set, M21, has been released. This is a set that's designed to be something of a new player friendly set but also has plenty of it's own powerful cards. One of the big things they introduced in this set is Dog Tribal. You can now have an entire deck full of Dogs and play it in the Standard format. So, here is my Dog Deck: Actually plays surprisingly well, though I have only played it in play queue and not in ranked so I'm sure there are some problems. A lot of the dogs are quite basic in terms of abilities but Pack Leader is amazing, Bolt Hound is pretty good and Kunoros is a nice boon for the deck. Alpine Houndmaster is also great, it's basically "draw two cards that are dogs". Also updated my Vampire deck with some new cards but still need to change things for when I get the main new Rare Vampire in the set.
  13. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    So it has occurred to me I haven't posted in here since last month... My gaming has relaxed somewhat this month. Partly as a return to some form of normality but also because I've been spending a lot more time on Magic Arena trying to finish some of my decks. There's a new set coming out on Thursday after all. Aside from Magic Arena I decided I would dust off my Youtube channel again and as such here's a Channel Update: I'm subsequently working on the Bonus Video for Metroid Prime 2 Echoes but that's a slow going process as my capture software has developed a habit of breaking up footage after a few moments of recording which is going to make for an interesting video. Thankfully this video is one that naturally has a lot of jump cuts so it isn't too badly affected. I also started the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC. I have to say, this explorable area is a lot better than the areas you could explore in the main game which is kind of embarassing for the main game. Hopefully this kind of world design can be used going forward... also I'm massively overlevelled for this and thinking about drafting in the "Children" of my Sun and Moon team to battle alongside Kubfu while training it up. I also have intentions to start the Future Connected campaign for Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition but haven't got around to that yet.
  14. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    On a roll with clearing my backlog now. Added Super Metroid (Wii Virtual Console) to the pile of cleared games as it turns out that there was an Energy Tank near the Save Station I was at and I was able to address my really low health by getting that Energy Tank. That gave me enough health to survive the plated pirates and the room afterwards allowed me to recharge my health and missiles for the big Ridley fight. It took three attempts but I managed to beat Ridley. I then went around the entire map trying to collect all the power-ups, literally went to every room in the game. Naturally I eventually found all the power-ups and then proceeded to beat the game, though the escape sequence took two tries. For the record, I saved the animals. Also playing NES Remix (Wii U) and trying to beat the Remix challenges on there as that's another outstanding game on my backlog. However, the NES Golf challenge in Remix II, number 16, is proving to be quite problematic. Cannot get the ball to go anywhere. EDIT: After figuring that part out I have now beaten NES Remix. That was never going to take very long but that's still another game on the beaten pile. Not sure what I'm going to do next, might do Future Connected on the Xenoblade remake or go back to Dark Souls.
  15. Your 2020 Gaming Diary

    Finally finished Hollow Knight, about 11 months since I got it last year! That took a lot longer than I hoped for, I don't think I would have beaten the game without looking up some things on the internet especially in regards to getting the best ending. After progressing to the final boss a couple of days ago I died, over and over again. I was making some progress however and understanding how to dodge my opponents' attacks and I could see definite improvement in how I was playing... but something seemed like it could be better in terms of charms... i took off Quick Slash for Dreamshield and it worked a treat. Still took a few more attempts but the game is finally finished!