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  1. NieR: Automata (2017)

    I don't consider Route B to be a second playthrough, rather it's the continuation of the first playthrough. The game is only really finished once you do Ending E imo.
  2. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Fair enough. I did notice some parts that needed Reveal but when I reached Air's Rock I was a bit confused as to how to enter, only through use of the internet did I find out what I was missing. I've been trying to use the internet and save states minimally though, only when I've really gotten stuck have I looked stuff up and then it's only been for small prompts. Anyway, despite getting the boat it seems I can't actually get to Jupiter Lighthouse yet and I'm only restricted to the ocean area above. So I did some exploring and eventually found myself tackling Gaia Rock and taking on the serpent boss. So far Lost Age has been very easy. I had yet to get a game over and had only ever lost one party member, most enemies and bosses were going down very easily to my basic attacks, Synergies and Djinn. Then this guy shows up and he's tough as nails. I eventually beat him by de-equipping all my Djinn first turn so that I could use Summons and do massive damage to the boss to get around the fact that he can heal 30 HP every turn AND cast Cure Well so his health is constantly going up. He also hits for massive damage so I had to heal a few times and only after I used a party potion to heal everyone's health back to max and then summoning Thor did I manage to beat him. That guy was tough as nails and I died multiple times. Need more Mercury Djinn to be able to revive my party going forward if I'm going to be facing boss battles this hard from this point onwards. I'm quite surprised at how quickly I'm getting through this game but it does feel like I've passed the halfway point or am getting close to it already. The boat has made traversal infinitely better than the original Golden Sun. Trying to go back for the Djinn in that game is a lot of hassle as you have no fast travel or airship to allow you to quickly skip over to where you need. In most Final Fantasy games they give you an airship towards the end of the game that can fly over the entire map and that makes it significantly easier to go back for anything you might of missed or do the game's optional sidequests. In Golden Sun,you missed a Djinn? Tough, you have to walk all the way through the entire map and put up with random encounters to get to the actual place you want to go. Anyway, I beat that monster and got the Sand Psynergy.
  3. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Got the Reveal Psynergy and gone back to Madra. Encountered Menardi's sister, Karst, who seems pretty upset to learn that her sister died and warns us that we will need to make our own way if we want to light the Jupiter Lighthouse which it sounds like we need the ship for. All my wondering around after the drawbridge was for nothing as it seems like a lot of that stuff is optional but I suppose having Reveal will help with getting all the Djinn so there is that. I broke my pattern of collecting only certain types of Djinn after visiting Garoh but since you can trade Djinn I'm sure that will be alright if I can find others like it. LOL, Jenna's sprite starts glowing red if asked whether she likes Isaac... EDIT: Just got the ship. I see what @Jonnas means.
  4. The Google Console

    Google are missing a big trick by not launching it in Japan and getting that market involved too, unless they tried and failed. Getting the likes of Capcom, Bandai Namco and Square Enix invovled (Konami don't really count anymore) would bolster the appeal of the service tremendously beyond the traditional triple A games. I feel like Google's knowledge of gaming is only really the mainstream western stuff that comes out of big third party publishers.
  5. The Google Console

    @Julius The caps was meant to be with enthusiasm, sorry if it came across as codescending. Also:
  6. The Google Console

    That's because WE ALREADY OWN THE HARDWARE The "console" is the TV, the computers and phones.
  7. The Google Console

    It's called Stadia.
  8. The Google Console

    I did laugh at his comment about cricket... but yes it's not exactly huge endorsment from a CEO. Let's not forget that these conferences are usually aimed at a developer audience though.
  9. N-Europe's Top 10: NES (2nd week Final Voting now on)

    I have only ever played 5 NES games, only through inclusions on other games or Virtual Console and never finished any... so this might be a bit unfair in voting but oh well. 1. Super Mario Bros. 2. The Legend of Zelda 3. Super Mario Bros. 3 4. Metroid 5. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Never finished any of these games but Zelda I was the one I got furthest in. Deleted my save file for Memory Card space though...
  10. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    After a rather large marathon session (and the game is still on now, it's been a while since my main game was in the same room as my computer!) I have made substantial progress in Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Wii U VC). In total I have had just one party death so far and, from lessons learned from the previous game I have tried to make sure everyone is optimised in their element by leaving certain Djinn for later until the correct rotation comes around... not that it matters since you can rotate them between party members! Oh well. Everyone is Level 19 apart from Piers who is Level 20. Currently setting out to return to the ship although it seems like I missed the Reveal Psynergy, so going after that. I must admit the story for both these games imo isn't that great, it's more of a gameplay focused RPG imo which isn't so bad because I like how it incorporates Zelda like puzzle gameplay into the overworld and actually gives you a bit more freedom to explore than other RPGs even if the way forward is still ultimately linear. Still, I seem to be rather involved in the second game so far so I'm clearly enjoying it.
  11. Marvel's Phase Three

    The cat was the best character in Captain Marvel. I can't really say the film did enough to get me to care for Captain Marvel herself though...
  12. The Google Console

    They've already got the support of Ubisoft, so I can see the Assasin's Creed games being primarily advertised on this new Google machine in the future along with any other major Ubisoft game.
  13. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    No, I only started playing the original Golden Sun back in 2016 and finished it two years later. Then I was focused on finishing all the older games I owned that I hadn't finished and then a lot of new games came out that I was interested in so this is my first time playing Lost Age and I'm finally getting around to it.
  14. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Well, I tried to get Rayman 3 working but it just refused to boot up properly. I uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and tried running as an administrator but to no avail and now it's saying that it doesn't like the version of DirectX that is on my computer. I decided that I wasted too much time on getting this to work when I could have done something more productive and changed my mind on the game I wanted to play. So it's back to more RPGs as I play Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Wii U VC). Even then, a lot of time was spent typing the password from my Golden Sun 1 file and I went for the Golden password so that meant I had to record a full 260 character password. Then I got it wrong and had to go over the whole thing to try and find the mistakes that were made... but eventually imported my characters across. Not that it seems to matter originally because this game starts out with an entirely new party, the "villain" group of the first game and the plot looks like a direct continuation seeing as you start in the Venus Lighthouse. I hear these games were supposed to be one game but Camelot were a bit too ambitious for the GBA and had to split them into two. This strikes me as a bit strange considering that Square managed to fit the whole of Final Fantasy VI on one GBA cartridge and Game Freak made the rather expansive Hoenn region in Pokemon Ruby unless those games were built on more expansive cartridges or that Camelot just ran out of time. Anyway, my new party have just drifted onto the eastern continent through the most unexpected of routes... the land breaking off! I did wonder what that cave was for in the first game...
  15. Your 2019 Gaming Diary

    Finished NieR: Automata (PS4) last night and I have to agree, this game is one of the best games made this generation and the best game Square Enix have made in years. The only real problems with it are that the game does give you the tools to make things extremely easy without too much effort by yourself and it's a bit too easy to dodge the opponent's attacks as the evade button can just be spammed and you avoid something like 90% of your enemies attacks. I also wasn't too keen on hacking at first but I came around to it, especially after I found out you can lock on to enemies so by the end of the game I was using hacking as my main method of attack when playing as 9S. And it also became apparent that every design decision in this game was deliberate in order for the game to reveal it's true message. If you haven't played this game yet, please play it, it's VERY very good. I wouldn't say it dislodges my top 5 games of all time because of reasons stated below but it's definitely in my top 10. I didn't get endings K or Y but I guess I was quite keen to finish the game. Next I'm thinking of taking a break from RPGs as I've now played at least 5 in a row and the immediate game selection I've got planned includes at least 2 more as I was going to play Golden Sun: The Lost Age (Wii U VC) next but instead I think I'm going to give Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc (PC) a good go. I played this game years ago but struggled to keep my attention on it because I was playing it on a study PC. Now that I have my own laptop and my own controller I think I will be able to play through the entire game on my own terms. And I know, playing a disc based PC game in 2019...