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  1. Finished the main story last night.  What a game to be had, a great story and some interesting side missions.  Finished up with 95% completed, planning on taking a break to play something else before tackling the rest (maybe when the DLC hits i'll return).  The 3rd act did sort of take the flow away from the game a little, but none the less it was a good experience.

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  2. Price sounds steep, i'm waiting to see the full line-up before considering a purchase.  Never owned an original PlayStation, however the classics like Crash and Spyro probably won't make the list due to the fact they are remasted on PS4.  Perhaps we'll see Metal Gear Solid appear, who knows, maybe even the original Tomb Raider.

  3. So....moved into a 2 bed flat with my partner before the August bank holiday weekend.  From the initial look of the place, it looked great.  Couldn't see any issues, all the documents were available.  Signed and got the keys, and the fun began.  Didn't need decorating as it looked like it was done recently, so for budget reasons we'll be holding off for a bit.

    In the last month, trying to deal with British Gas and Utility Warehouse (pain in the backside trying to find out who supplied the property last, had to wait a week to find out, luckily Welsh Water were kind enough to supply us a letter before we moved in so we knew they did the water).  With Utility Warehouse, there is one of them token meters installed, which i wasn't keen on.  So part of the set-up with them, i asked about swapping it out for a standard one.  They would do it for a cost as the last people in the place got into debt, and they said it's because of that.  Said i'm not paying for someone elses debt, but after pursueing it, they've changed their stance and said it's in their Terms to charge £100.  Tried a few suppliers, who said they won't change it as it's the property of Utility Warehouse and they need to change it.  We'd get the money back after a year, but quite frankly i don't want to be tied to a company i can't choose.

    British Gas have tried to offload a massive debt of the last people onto us, with massive fail.  But then, all utility companies try it once.

    However, the joy came from deep cleaning the property.  Quite literally had to pull out the oven, fridge and washing machine to clean them all properly (the gunk in the washing machine was something similar to gunge).  Had to get the toilet in the ensuite replaced as the mechanism to refil the tank was bust, and replace the shower door as the sliding part fell out as i was using the shower.  Place looks tidy now, just fitting the curtains this week as the blinds are useless.

  4. It's an interesting topic, and one a lot of us (including me) can relate to.

    For me, like a few others here, i have fallen into a gaming rut at times.  Sometimes it can last a few hours, or a few months.  Sort of where i don't want to play anything at all.  The last rut as such, was when i moved from my parents into a place with my partner (actually, i can't really call it a rut as i was busy working then assembling flat-pack furniture and unpacking, coupled with deep cleaning everything (more of that in the appropriate thread).  For about a week afterwards, even on my commute to work i never touched a single game.  I had the PlayStation packed away, and the Switch was the only machine i had at easy reach.  DIdn't really get back to gaming until Spider-Man came out.

    Adult life is busy, but somehow i can manage working (if i can call what i do work) 40 hours a week, travelling another 10-11 hours a week (the Switch is perfect for part of this to kill the time).  Usually i'm nackered most evenings, so can manage an hour or two on a weeknight.  Most of my gaming however goes onto the weekend.  And like many, i have TV to watch as well.  Which fits in after my partner goes to bed (gotta stop gaming when she does, the gaming room is next to the bedroom so can keep her awake).  Usually watch an hour before i hit the hay myself.  Technology itself has grown advanced, i'm normally checking my phone or browsing the internet as a time killer when i just can't be bothered doing anything.

    But then, some weekends i like to see friends.  Meet a group of friends at least once a month, either in Cardiff or Swansea.  I have a friend or two who pop up for a few drinks each month, and then i like to go for a walk and meet the local Pokemon Go group as well.  Then there are the family visiting us, and us visiting them as well, and spending time with my partner (most of which falls on the weekend).  Certainly busy (and expensive) being an adult that is for sure.  I don't drink as much as i used to, so my alcohol budget doesn't go over £20 a week, that can be buying a crate for the house or going to the pub where i'll have 4 or 5 pints.  Go back to when i was in my late teens/early 20's, i was spending up to £100 a week on alcohol.  And going to work most days either still drunk or with a hang-over, and not much sleep.  I'm 32 now, and i'm usually feeling it after 2 or 3 cans.

    Which falls nicely into cost.  After the bills, i have a bit of disposible income left over.  That's mine for socialising, gaming etc.  Whatever i want to buy, i can (within the law).  Games these days are £40-£50 just for a standard edition.  Then, we have the season passes and any DLC packs, which cranks the cost up.  Some versions of games come with the season passes, for a cheaper cost than buying separatly.  That' for games like (for example) Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Assassins' Creed Origins etc.  With Origins, the season pass costs nearly as much as the base game.  But luckily, there are sales which bring those costs down.  Waiting can be ideal for the wallet.

    But then, we have Nintendo.  Where games don't go on sale often, most games remain at near full price for years at a time.  But the games are quality, so sometimes it's not bad seeing as you'll get your money's worth out of them (Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey spring to mind).  I have no problem with buying Nintendo games, but the line does get close when it comes to ports.  Buying a port of a game (e.g. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze) where the cost is the same as the WiiU version was at launch, some of them sting a bit.  However, shopping around can get you a deal or two.  Which is where the indie games come in.  The cost or getting 2 of these equates to 1 big game, and if i get 5, 6, 7+ hours out of the smaller title then i'm happy.  Plus, the indie games (Hollow Knight springs to mind) sometimes the developer give you the extra content for no extra cost just for having purchased the game.

    I'm much more selective on what games i buy these days, as normally i want value for my buck.  But with adult life, it doesn't matter as much.

    And @Hero-of-Time, i'm more than convinced you've either cloned yourself or have a working time machine to do everything.

  5. I'm going for the 7 day trial thing, and i'll decide at the end of that if i'll invest in the online.  For £17.99, it's not a bad price. But honestly, Nintendo should offer more for what you're paying for.  Voice chat via an app on mobile isn't what people want, they want it on the Switch itself (and as Fortnite proved, it's possible).  People want cloud saves for all games as standard, not a selection.

  6. Wasn't it rumoured/sort of confirmed that the free to play titles like Fortnite would remain as such, and not locked behind the online paywall.

    Overall, Nintendo did a Nintendo with the online info.  Didn't learn anything else we didn't already know, the NES Switch controllers though do look nice.  I'll pick up the online service, as i like a few games of Rocket League and Splatoon from time to time.  Hopefully they provide more enticement to get the online service.  I know Microsoft put codes in each console box for Xbox Live month trial, so maybe Nintendo could do similar.  Would be no harm in doing so, heck as a long shot could even included a years sub in the box for new customers.

    The NES titles though, can get a few hours out of them at least.

  7. Unless something major is announced in regards to the online service, i can honestly see many people not getting the online sub as an individual, but most likely some will get it as a family sub.  Some of my gaming group are in between at present, some will get it where others won't.  I'm sort of eying towards getting it if not only for cloud storage, but even then that sounds ropey.  Hopefully tonights Direct clears the air on the online confusion.

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  8. I'm so so regarding my mental health.  Finally moving into a place with my partner has certainly lifted my mood, and i feel so much better once again having the freedom to do what i want (within legal reasons) instead of being restricted within the confines of my parents house and rules.

    The side that still dragging me down is the work side, which is probably the worst.  From 2015 right through to February 2018, i've been sitting on the edge, not being able to do much.  Basically, i've been on the receiving end of the disciplinary action of my place, and it's not the most ideal situation to be in.  No matter what evidence you provide to defend yourself, the panel just dismiss it and go ahead with their decision and the route they want to take.  The only time they back down is when you have provided evidence to prove you have done nothing wrong, then (with the union rep with you to back you up) go down the route of taking things to a tribunal, which results in most cases being dropped.  Which you shouldn't have to do, but it does feel the only way at times.  Because of the action being taken on me, it hits you hard and impacts your performance in the office.  Because the disciplinary action is right on the front of your mind, and due to reasons you can't discuss with anyone bar an official rep or the panel about the case.  So you can imagine how that feels, it brings you right into a deep pit of negativitiy and you do feel worthless.

    Then, you have certain managers who feel they need to target you and make you feel worthless, sort of big themselves up to progress themselves.  Which resulted in a 2nd course of disciplinary action hitting me due to a manager not liking me, and using it as a chance to attempt to get rid of the waste to get themselves promoted.  And because of how you feel, you can't challenge it because of the 1st instance still on file.  And yet, other members of staff can literally shout and stuff at managers and get away with it, even getting a new job out of it (where-as me being quiet and focusing on getting a new job get's it taken from me)

    It took me a year (2017 to 2018) to finally have the courage to stand up for myself, and proceed to filing complaints against the individuals who made me feel like crap.  But, it's not all positive.  I've gone from a job where i had responsibility to a job where all i do is upload emails all day every day.  And job rejections left right and centre isn't helping me, and making me feel worse than i need to.  I'm in serious consideration on going on long-term sick just to get out of here because i can't take much more.

  9. Absolutly loving this game.  Must have done only 4 story missions, but have easily put in about 4-5 hours exploring the city.  Cleared the towers and backpacks, and a few other collectables.  I find if the game is going to be littered with them to make sure i do them when i see them appear.  Just by doing this, i'm powering up my skills and gadgets, which in turn makes the combat a bit easier and manageable when you're fighting a few numbers.

  10. Had an email through from PayPal saying a refund was issued for £15.99 from Sony Computer Entertainment (i purchased the Spider-Man DLC content on Friday).  Had a check on PayPal, and a refund was issued to me.  So, have just got off the phone from PlayStation support who said it's weird why this has happened, they never ruled out it's their issue or PayPal's issue.  But i might get a banned account, which will be lifted as this isn't a fault of my own.

  11. PS+ games for September

    • Destiny 2 (PS4)
    • God of War III: Remastered (PS4)
    • Knowledge is Power (PS Plus Bonus – PlayLink)
    • Here They Lie (PS Plus Bonus – PS VR required)
    • Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition (PS3 + PS4/PS Vita)
    • QUBE Director’s Cut (PS3 + PS4)
    • Foul Play (PS Vita + PS4)
    • Sparkle 2 (PS Vita)